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  1. I'm already looking forward to next year - we should see a very motivated group. We already know the talent is there. Regarding this year, nearly every opposing goal keeper seemed to have the game of his life against our Akron Zips. That was extremely annoying.
  2. I missed the game but just saw the stat line. 10-5 shot advantage. What the heck happened?
  3. Couldn't agree more with everyone's assessment of Hernandez and Lue Young. With their contributions to the attack, Akron now looks like Akron. I would also like to add Strachan and Biros to the praise party -- their play have helped Akron control the midfield, something that was sorely lacking before.
  4. Sadly, I won't be in attendance - I'll have to watch on my screen. Hopefully this game brings new beginnings. They just need to eek out a win by any means necessary. I believe they can do it.
  5. This was well done - I enjoyed learning more about these guys. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I wouldn't have thought the backline would be part of the problem...
  7. Outstanding crowd! I was impressed with their response to an unfortunate PK. They created several quality chances which is a positive sign. And how about some love for Will Jackson? Kid was a beast out there and played with a ton of heart. Also impressed with Cruz - nice skill with the ball at his feet. Pacheco also looked dangerous all night. 0-2 (ugh) but this group is damn good and is going to start winning soon. That was just a heart breaker -- I really felt for the boys.
  8. They took one on the chin - it's all good, they'll be fine.
  9. It seems like there's a ton of depth on this year's squad, especially on the back line -- maybe Tom Smart at LB, but you also have Hernandez and Sohn. Strachan can play either CB position, RB and holding mid (didn't he play there a bit last year?), and judging by TennZip's quote above, Chick at RB? It looks like Lue has had time at RB this preseason. Strachan is such a quality player, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I didn't see any preseason matches so this going by memory from last year and looking over this year's roster. I guess this is why Embick gets the big bucks - putting together the pieces of a talented team!
  10. Just dropping by to say that I'm excited, as ever, about the start to the season. There's some excellent continuity from last year's squad and some exciting new additions as well. Go Zips!
  11. Awesome. And what's really crazy, I thought they'd played just okay at times. Good work, boys!!
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