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  1. Awesome. And what's really crazy, I thought they'd played just okay at times. Good work, boys!!
  2. Another fantastic article. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I'm stunned at this group's turnaround. I was at that infamous WVU home game and wrongly assumed 2018 was just a rare down year....it happens to the best, after all. From that moment to now feels like a lifetime. Incredible fight in these Zips!
  4. After finally watching the full reply, I was most impressed by the team's defensive fight. Ritaccio had a couple clutch and skillful tackles that probably saved a goal or two. Wake is/was a very good side. On another note, I was perplexed at the commentators frequent use of "kids" to describe the players. A kid is a child - children don't play soccer nearly that well. It just felt disrespectful. Ok, I'm getting off my high horse now.
  5. I thought they looked solid yesterday. Nice to see Akron soccer back in Akron. I agree that Kahsay had a fantastic game. I also thought Biros looked very comfortable out there, maybe his best performance this year. Friday should be a good one.
  6. Is Marcel Zajac injured? I don't think I saw his name pop up in the preseason matches.
  7. It will be interesting to see that back line evolve! I'm especially interested to see who ends up at right & left back - those players are always so damn fun to watch in the Akron system.
  8. Wow. The coaches will have their work cut out trying to narrow that list down. Or are there normally 32 players on the final roster?
  9. Nice win. The fact that they held the NCAA stat leaders in shots per contest to just 4 (and 2 SOG) is very impressive. All 3 goals were superb.
  10. My weak constitution prevented me from watching this live What an effort from the boys today!!
  11. Agreed. The Pitt announcers got all the details right...can't really say the same for our announcers. However, this has been a massive upgrade over the web stream days of old....it always seemed like the camera person would forget what he/she was doing and you'd be staring at an empty field for 10-15 seconds at a time.
  12. I wonder if the change at the back line was due to injury or a tactical move? Either way, the back four held up well to a lot of pressure. It was nice to see them get a gritty win over a good opponent on the road!
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