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  1. I just watched the replay -- what a fantastic start!!! The midfield was much quicker, much more assertive, much more AKRON than recent midfields...and the finishing up top was a sight for sore eyes.
  2. Reminds me of Sam Gainford with all those cut backs!
  3. Was it Portman and Strachan at CB? No Ritaccio? Who looks to be the starting keeper?
  4. I started watching midway through the 2nd half and didn't know we were a man down for a while because we seemed to be mostly controlling the ball. Definitely a good win.
  5. What a goal! That was some patient ball movement that really paid off. Well done!
  6. Totally. During the 2nd half it seemed like they settled on a few too many long balls. But they returned their short game in OT. The short passing game is why I started following this team a few years (well, that and I'm from Akron lol) Agreed. Also Clapier looked great on the right side and was impressed with Combe's ability to lockdown attackers and pass out of the back. And how about Sohby? Strong, gritty, physical and worked his tail off -- I wouldn't want to face him in the midfield. I agree that the coaches have tough choices in the midfield -- lots of quality... hopefully they'll find continuity.
  7. I was impressed with their performance after a long layoff. They looked good most of the time. That Kentucky goal seemed like a lucky break...
  8. Looks like the stats weren't cleared from a previous UK game. They haven't played yet 👊
  9. Great assessments TennZip and Zip_ME87. I definitely agree with the apparent lack of speed last year. I'll also add that it took a while (maybe 5 or 6 games?) for the coaches to settle on a lineup. Left and right backs, in particular, were a bit of rotating cast and that impacted midfield possession and quality chances up top. There were key injuries as well, right? And then there was the lack of good finishing - - that was a bit hard to watch at times. Looks like there's some great attacking talent on this year's squad along with many important returners. Hopefully the coaches can figure out the attacking pieces of the puzzle soon.
  10. Does anyone know if they plan to stream home games? That would be some consolation.
  11. I'm already looking forward to next year - we should see a very motivated group. We already know the talent is there. Regarding this year, nearly every opposing goal keeper seemed to have the game of his life against our Akron Zips. That was extremely annoying.
  12. I missed the game but just saw the stat line. 10-5 shot advantage. What the heck happened?
  13. Couldn't agree more with everyone's assessment of Hernandez and Lue Young. With their contributions to the attack, Akron now looks like Akron. I would also like to add Strachan and Biros to the praise party -- their play have helped Akron control the midfield, something that was sorely lacking before.
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