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  1. Use code “RIZZO” and the tickets get a good discount
  2. Win this game, chances at the #1 seed in CLE are very good. Knock on wood
  3. I like Sammy playing more as a center this game
  4. Imagine saying 3 years ago the only person to make a three in a half is Greg Tribble
  5. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2024/02/23/akron-zips-mens-college-basketball-3-point-streak-reggie-mcadams-steve-mcnees-ali-ali-sammy-hunter/72674516007/ I cannot believe this became a real article. I also can't believe that it is cool as it is. Didn't seem like it at the time, but Trendon Hankerson had a much better 3PT% than Xeyrius Williams for the one season each were here.
  6. Seems like Fraud Freeman hasn't played a whole lot recently either
  7. Odds boost: both players jump and freeze mid air as they play "Walking on Sunshine" 🙏
  8. No player props so far on any book 👎
  9. The circumstances are better for this year's 3 game slide rather than 2022. Going 1-2 with one of the losses being non-conference on the road, I would much rather take that than losing to NIU at home
  10. Wow will anyone ever come close to Joe Jakubick? Enrique averaged double digits for 4 seasons and isn't even close lol. A redshirt freshman would need to stay all 4 years and be the main scorer from day one
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