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  1. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    So Kreads, will you be happy if next years team finishes with 22 wins & 2nd best record in MAC & loses in MAC championship game? I hope not, because we became spoiled by Dambrot success & has considered that result a failure by not going to NCAA tourney. so we must judge Groce same way. He had 5yrs to show at Illinois & his teams got progressively worse. Now we have Groce for 3 more years & overpaid at $600k +
  2. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Cannot believe you are comparing & accepting Groce to Dambrot!! dambrot inherited the bad teams a from Hipsher that never got beyond 1at round in MAC. his 1st rebuilding year was 19-11 2nd year was 22 wins followed by 11 more 22+ wins in a row with 9 MAC Championship games. As Thad Matta stated to me why he would not recommend Groce, his long time asst: Dambrot’s conf record was over .700 Groce’ combined conf record in MAC & Big 10 combined is below .500. Remember, Akron was only school that would offer him a job after his debacle at Illinois. So don’t expect more than mediocrity.
  3. 2018-2019

    You don’t give up on a talent like Cotton, especially with his ability to want & make a game winning shot as a Freshman. Those are hard to find. Remember What Ivey was like as a Frosh/Soph. Does that mean Groce would have given up on him too. His transfer is a big loss.
  4. 2018-2019

    You don’t give up on a talent like Cotton, especially with his ability to want & make a game winning shot as a Freshman. Those are hard to find. Remember What Ivey was like as a Frosh/Soph. Does that mean Groce would have given up on him too. His transfer is a big loss.
  5. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    Dambrot takes Akron to the MAC Championship game 7 years in a row, 9 of 11 years. wins championship 3 times. 2007 loses to Miami on 2 missed foul shots & a prayer 45’ of the board buzzer beater 2016 loses to Buffalo on 25 footer Remember Abreu would have been reinststed ,but got busted again, Treadwell was kicked off team & Forsight tapped out at end of year. Big Dog got over worked. Still in position to win. that team w/ all the firepower in tact was a sweet sixteen team or better 2017 best record in Akron history - lose to Kent because Walker was unstoppable. This year he is a bust. 9 championship games out of 11 3 tourney champs. Without some bad look could have been 6. you really believe anyone can duplicate that? He brought in some great players, made us proud to be a Zip, gave us great excitement & he loved Akron. He was & still is one of us. Give him his due credit, quit bad mouthing him & move on.
  6. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    You are so right. Let’s talk a bigger issue: A few years ago UA had a real chance at bigger conference. The UA board had a chance to hire Jim Tressel. They balked because he wanted 5 yr contract & they only offered 3. He wanted the job. He believed Akron belonged in bigger conf for our athletic survival & he would have taken us there. He would have brought instant credibility & reached out to the Community & raised the required funding & support. As evidence look at what he raised for Youngstown State a D2 school. Look at the meeting & school visits he has made to raise funding & enrollment. With Tressel as president, Dambrot stays & we get the funding & the JAR would have been renovated, eventually even a new arena, bigger conference, better talent & multiple NCAA at large bids. Sadly our past & current board & 2 Presidents did not & do not really believe strongly enough in the importance of athletics. The President & AD want to leave this ship. The big donors have seen all this & have pulled their funding. Why do you think the JAR’s major renovation has not yet started. We got a facelift paint job & a badly needed scoreboard. Don’t expect any major renovations this off season. No funding. Can’t build a consistent winner when the successful coaches leave & we have to strike gold each time to continue that success. Look at UA past: Webb, Huggins, Dambrot. After their departure- immediate drop off & insignificance. The leadership- board & President - have to change their ways & realize the importance that athletics bring to the success of the entire school. Sad to say, until then, we are stuck in mediocrity.
  7. Antino

    Antino is a nice kid, respectful, has positive attitude. I am happy for him & wish him well.
  8. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    To NWAkron: everyone has a right to their opinion. Show some respect & quit displaying your bullying tendencies.
  9. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    Groce will have to get past Buffalo in next few years. Oats is now best coach in MAC & his program is one to beat until he advances to bigger stage. Can Groce do it?? Combined history record in MAC/Big Ten: sub.500. 5Yrs in Big Ten: 1st: NCAA 2nd: NIT 3rd: no bid 4th: last place 5th: 10place Nagging Questions: Why could Groce not convince last years players to stay in program? Can Groce keep Ivey from transferring? Are current Frosh really going to get a lot better over the years & are his transfers & incomig recruits difference makers? Can he now convince top HS talent & transfers to come to Akron after finishing last in MAC? Can he beat Buffalo head to head in THE BIG GAME? A lot of big questions marks! Improvement is not good enough next year. Remember, anything short of MAC Tourney champ & a WIN in NCAA Tourney will fall short of his promise & AD/UA fans expectations. He has a streep road ahead of him - next year will tell a lot.
  10. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Toledo is the dirtiest program in the MAC Fact: Willie Jackson former Cleve Hts &Missouri transfer commits last Dec to Akron, expecting KD to pay off $18k car payment (present fr Missouri). KD says no way, goes to Kent & Senderoff also passes. Kowalczyk quickly agrees. Also look up article fr Toledo Blade about Athletic Dept holding money from parking & having lose cash available not on the books. Yes Toledo is a dirty program!! Every coach in MAC knows it. NCAA & FBI just have bigger fish to catch.
  11. 2018-2019

    Can’t start Riak & E-man together. E-man is a 5 & can’t play the 4-spot. His play will be limited his entire career at Akron. Also, just because 1 scholarship is officially open, don’t be surprised if another transfer or 5th year man is offered scholarship as well. Groce can easily let a player (Patton) know he will not have opportunity to play & suggest transfer elsewhere to play. No scholarship is a guarantee.
  12. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Don’t hold yr breath on further JAR renovations. All the big money pledges have been taken off the board. Donors frustrated with lack of leadership & development. Do not have a clue how to present & sell a plan.
  13. Akron's First Road Win?

    Nobody won the 1st win on the road for 2017. How about this question: will the Zips win a game on the road for the remaining season?