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  1. This administration is so incompetent it isn't even funny. The planning and logical thought process just is not there. What we need to demand as fans is a roadmap to success. We need a list of things we need to accomplish (one of which is a balanced budged), and a plan to accomplish those said things. Let's get uncomfortable, talk about things that are working, things that are not. Let's build on what is working for us, and come up with a plan to either fix or eliminate what is not working for us. Enough closed door meetings. Admin needs to put their thoughts on paper and be held accountable.
  2. I think the administration has done an embarrassing job handling funds. Why on earth did we add a baseball team and a girls lacrosse team last year? At this point, we should eliminate baseball, softball, and lacrosse. I am a student still and nobody cares at all about any of those teams. People would rather read text books than go to any of those games. Students are passionate about soccer and basketball, sometimes football. Mediocrity is bred in the football program. I know the football players and the vast majority of them are lazy and undisciplined.
  3. https://www.wtol.com/article/sports/major-changes-coming-to-mid-american-conference/512-0e4f0d45-546b-432f-89a1-67a5a6d8fe3c Mac tournament canceled...
  4. There have been rumors of college sports getting canceled in the fall. Whatever happened to the big vote on whether to make college soccer a year round season? What will happen if there is no college soccer in fall 2020?
  5. Really have some talented players coming in this fall. I am excited to see what this team can bring. I know the players have been hard at work on their own during the coronavirus.
  6. Hoping this spring turns out better for the zips. If they produce like they did in the fall I will NOT be buying season tickets again !!
  7. I have heard from an inside source that Jim Tressel is reportedly considering taking the Akron job. He views it as a potential football reviving move for his life. We have a great stadium and top notch facilities and he can recruit as well as anyone in the nation. The future is looking bright for akron.
  8. Where did you get this rule from? The NCAA website says conference champions get an auto birth
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