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  1. All I am saying is that this would be the perfect time for the college soccer world to adopt the two part season. Get things rolling in the spring, summer break, and then finish everything up in the fall.
  2. Ahhh just like the American media. Cheers! I hope you follow the "science" and never do anything semi-risky ever again. I heard that 100% of the people who drink water die. What a stat!
  3. Perhaps you are just a keyboard warrior and do not get out much... Open your eyes in public. The amount of people not covering their nose with a mask is at the very least 1/3. And don't even get me started on the number of people that take their mask off just to check their phone because faceID and similar methods do not work with partial face covering. Its not political? The George Floyd protests were portrayed by the media as one of the greatest civil acts in america in the last 20 years. A bunch of people grouped together in close proximity, yet no one dared to mention the implications due to the virus. Yet 4th of July celebrations, churches, struggling retailers are seen as irresponsible and selfish. Precautions and safety should be impartial, you can't pick and choose. Lets be honest, the silent majority agrees with a lot of what I am saying. Medical professionals included. PERIOD.
  4. I think the skepticism is fully justified on both sides. Let's be honest, the medical community proves over and over and over again that they are pretty much as much in the dark as the rest of us. At this point, I think mask wearing is just an attempt to do something that MAY reduce spread. You can produce a study that proves it either way. If Joe Biden gets elected, watch the coronavirus magically disappear from headlines.......
  5. Why would they ever tell us that they were cutting a major to fund athletics. They are totally related, a budget is allocated to what is deemed most important. I am pretty sure that we can both agree that if 2 majors that definitely do not cost 25 million a year are cut, the university is allocating those funds elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that athletics were chosen as priority over those 2 majors. If a university is going to cut majors, they should at least be granfathered out. The 2 people I mentioned are crap out of luck. Not many universities accept transfer credits from akron because of how poor of a reputation we have. If we have 2 things that are causing a deficit at a university, and we choose to eliminate 1 of them, clearly we see funding bias and priority. Don't tell me those 2 things don't hold any relation to one another.
  6. As a current student at the university, I see both sides of the argument. Losing money every single year is not fiscally responsible or survivable. I fear that I may not have a university to graduate from if drastic changes are not made. I love sports, and I even used to play on one of the university sponsored teams. BUT, the reality is, I would have sacrificed sports for my degree had it come to that. I think a good plan needs to be established. I don't know if DII is that plan, as it literally destroys every program Akron has. The reality is that Akron is a University, and students like me shouldn't have to fear our major getting cut so that sports can lose more money. I personally know of 2 students that have had their majors ELIMINATED a year before they were set to graduate. How is this acceptable?
  7. The road to upsetting Clemson has begun.
  8. Cross country getting cut is 100% a title 9 issue. Prove me wrong
  9. @72 Roo I don't know of a single Big Ten sport that has non Big Ten members
  10. Akron, West Virginia, and Western Michigan all have respectable programs. With no conference tournament and 5 teams left, I think everyone is going to be running to the exit as fast as possible. If one more member exits prematurely, I think we can expect the rest to follow suit nearly immediately.
  11. This administration is so incompetent it isn't even funny. The planning and logical thought process just is not there. What we need to demand as fans is a roadmap to success. We need a list of things we need to accomplish (one of which is a balanced budged), and a plan to accomplish those said things. Let's get uncomfortable, talk about things that are working, things that are not. Let's build on what is working for us, and come up with a plan to either fix or eliminate what is not working for us. Enough closed door meetings. Admin needs to put their thoughts on paper and be held accountable.
  12. I think the administration has done an embarrassing job handling funds. Why on earth did we add a baseball team and a girls lacrosse team last year? At this point, we should eliminate baseball, softball, and lacrosse. I am a student still and nobody cares at all about any of those teams. People would rather read text books than go to any of those games. Students are passionate about soccer and basketball, sometimes football. Mediocrity is bred in the football program. I know the football players and the vast majority of them are lazy and undisciplined.
  13. https://www.wtol.com/article/sports/major-changes-coming-to-mid-american-conference/512-0e4f0d45-546b-432f-89a1-67a5a6d8fe3c Mac tournament canceled...
  14. There have been rumors of college sports getting canceled in the fall. Whatever happened to the big vote on whether to make college soccer a year round season? What will happen if there is no college soccer in fall 2020?
  15. Really have some talented players coming in this fall. I am excited to see what this team can bring. I know the players have been hard at work on their own during the coronavirus.
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