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  1. Kehres is currently the Defensive Coordinator for Toledo.
  2. Kipp is a great player but here is some perspective about winning award over Marousek: For most of his career, Kipp played behind a line that featured 3 Big 10 recruits and was throwing to Floriea who turned down BC for Kent, plus multiple other college players on Mentor, a perennial power. Marousek started at North Royalton (never a football power) as a freshmen and played for four years behind an offensive line that had I believe, zero (0) linemen who have played in college, anywhere, including D3. In fact, I believe there are only two kids from Marousek’s HS years that are currently playing in college, one at a D2 Tiffin and Akron’s Kyle Baumann , long snapper. When Kipp missed the semi final game this year due to COVID, they started a sophomore in his first game, who put up over thirty points and almost won the game. Marousek missed the final 4 games of his senior year due to injury so he wasn’t going to be up for any awards as compared to his Junior year, yet his team was 4-2 and looking for only their 4th playoff appearance ever. After he was hurt, they lost their final 4 games and 10 in a row including this year. I know a number of NR coaches and have followed them for years. Marousek was recruited D1 for both football and baseball. If Marousek is healthy, he will compete for the starting job. My prediction is Kipp is holding out maybe til the February signing date to see if any other offers come, otherwise he will join Floriea at Kent, with Crum leaving after next year.
  3. Nate Williams, Freshmen OT. Are the Zips that tight on money they couldn’t sew his name patch on the new number jersey?
  4. I don’t believe either were dressed for the game or available.
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