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  1. The roo itself has to be incorporated somewhere. It's a great mascot! lol
  2. I never realized how bad the Script Akron was until basketball season. When someone is up for a foul shot on TV, the camera shows the player wearing a script Akron on the jersey, their stat line below has the script Akron, then below that on the left is the script Akron logo, then immediately to the right it says "AKRON" next to the score. Holy overload of script Akron!! We have such a unique mascot, why that isn't displayed much at all is beyond me. I'm beating a dead horse, and it looks like change is upon us, but I wanted to mention this as it dawned on me watching basketball games.
  3. First of all Captain Kangaroo, great posts from you!! I share the same excitement! Dr Z, I quoted your post. I'm curious to hear what you feel it would take, besides winning, to fill the stadium? And I apologize if this comes off as me challenging you. No, I'm just curious to hear what other things it may take as I sometimes have too much of my eyes set on winning changing all things which I realize isn't the full story 😁
  4. Great read, thank you for posting!! One thing that excites me is I feel confident Joe is here for the long haul and not leave after a first winning season. Family being close seems really important to him so I could see him being really content with staying in Akron and building success here and not really giving into the temptation of a big school coming after him, especially if it is further away from home. That is very good news for us Zips fans!
  5. I find that acceptable for sealing a recruit. For anything else though....please no.
  6. Love seeing all the updates. Each commit feels like Christmas morning! I'm already convinced we have a much better team already than we did the past 3 seasons. I know it's on paper, and maybe it's optimism that is blinding me, but still though. I'm stoked!!
  7. Everyone trying to catch that Sean McVay magic the Rams did!
  8. Update: He's off to Southern Miss it appears
  9. Guthrie is so on top of things! And awesome, a spring game is scheduled!!
  10. Good deal! Offered Tuesday and committed today. Had interest and offer from EKU, but no others. Go Zips!
  11. Love all the action in this thread. Thanks for the updates fellas!!
  12. I thought on that too. He gets an offer on the 3rd from Akron and commits today, after having other school offers for a while. Awesome! I wonder what sealed the deal for him? Sooo excited for this Moorhead era!!
  13. Onward and upward for Coach Joe as he settles into Akron! I'm so excited for this coming season!!
  14. Man oh man are these commits getting me EXCITED!
  15. Haha yeah I'm just having fun with everyone getting these calls. I was not an athlete and I donate a decent amount yearly. Buuuttt I'm certainly not high on the pecking order, I can assure 😂
  16. Where is my call?!?! What, does automated Joe Moorhead just hate me and not want my money? GEEZ!! 😂😋
  17. Akron is about to become a Hell of a team here! With the coaching staff coming about, and with the talent I assume Coach Moorhead can recruit, we are going to be seeing some exciting times sooner rather than later in the win column!
  18. Huh? I was asking if attendance was usually that low or not? I feel like it's typically not...but I figured I'd ask.
  19. I watched the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but attendance usually isn't that low, correct? I swear not but maybe I'm wrong? Seemed like a VERY LOW attendance. Granted, it was on a Sunday afternoon during NFL season in NE Ohio, but still.
  20. I'm out of "Likes" for the day, so just wanted to say thank you for this recap!!
  21. This just feels *different*. I swear, good days are upon us!! I cannot wait until next season!!
  22. This is not a sarcastic question, but is the bolded technically possible for a MAC school? I've always wanted to ask as a possibility, but I felt I would look really dumb asking LOL. So, here is my opportunity!
  23. Ya know, Tennessee could be a very close win. It's early, but I got a feeling.... (Hiring of Moorhead and press conference today has been feeling good lol)
  24. Dumb question, but what is the best bowl game a MAC school can get? Like, what is the crown jewel of a bowl game for a MAC school to be granted currently?
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