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  1. Like I always say: SIZE DOES NOT MATTER Of course, it does. We could be one big away from another spectacular season. We look to be fairly long, but REALLY need that GOOD 6'11 guy in the middle. It would make a huge difference.
  2. I used to bowl with Harvey in the Student Center. Pretty sure I can confirm he was from NJ.
  3. Is he someone we should look at?
  4. All I had to hear was "16 team tournament for the chosen few". It is all nonsense, nothing will happen. The year is over and that's it. Hang the MAC CHAMPS banner in the JAR and move on.
  5. Apparently German had the fix in and KNEW that NIU was going to run the table and get the bid.
  6. My suggestion: Give every school the earned an auto bid (by winning their tournament or as in the case of Akron and other others winning the regular season and not playing a tournament) an auto at large next year. Won't be many of the same players, but at least the school gets to Dance. And expanding the format to accommodate those teams would generate more revenue.
  7. And now I really wonder if LCJ will be back. He is already a free agent. But just lost his best chance to go dancing with Akron. Some P5 perennial madness school just might want to pick up the POY of the MAC. If I was him and I got that offer I would take it to play in the NCAA's at least once in my career. Next year at Akron is hardly any guarantee of anything. This was our best team in years.
  8. That is a great point. Groce is probably owed a bonus for winning the MAC, and might have been in line for another bonus for winning the tournament. Meanwhile the school gets ZERO revenue after the regular season. These are all issues to be resolved.
  9. Do they have that kind of money, especially after losing all the post season revenue? Because we have 4 senior starters. That is a lot of shekels.
  10. Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride. Signing off. See you in September for football.
  11. I was also thinking they could do Selection Sunday so the kids would officially be in the Dance. They can't put it off for too long because April gets close to the end of the school year and other commitments.
  12. Wait. WHAT? We win the game by default and play tomorrow? WTF?
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