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  1. In the past I would watch ESPN games on the computer, or use my cell phone to put the game on the TV. A few weeks ago I got Roku to watch hoops this season. It is the model that does 4K UHD, my Samsung TV does that. Today was my first time watching the Zips on it. As bad as the game was, the stream was AWESOME. No stuttering, totally smooth, the definition was unreal. Once hoops starts I will take the monthly ESPN+ to be able to watch the games. Hope this helps someone, the device is incredible. I do have a smart TV, but it does not have ESPN (some of the newer ones do). BUT, the stream on the smart TV was just OK, with Amazon prime moves always having lip synch issues. This Roku is just insane. Everything works the way it should and in 4K UHD. Yes, you can actually see the difference.
  2. Honest question: Would we be 0-6 right now with Bowden at the helm? The other honest question: Is our defense actually this bad or is the defensive coordinator a big part of the problem?
  3. I thought 6'10" was the threshold by which everyone should be judged by and given a scholarship offer if that requirement is met? 😉 ONLY FOR POINT GUARDS
  4. That explains why he is 19. But he had all conference honors in High School. How does no one offer him a scholarship? At his size there has to be a program that takes a chance on him, the world is not full of athletes that size who also happened to be all conference in High School.
  5. https://gozips.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6654 He is also listed as being 19, so there may have been some academic issues in his past?
  6. How is this guy a walk on? He has skills for sure, and a very aggressive defensive style. We better start paying him before someone else notices.
  7. On the roster as a 6'7" 205# REDSHIRT freshman. Enough with the redshirt crap. If he is good PLAY HIM. The future is NOW
  8. I LIKE this kid! How tall is he and why didn't he get any offers?????????
  9. Sorry, I do not get all this redshirt stuff. Players are transferring out. Players get jammed up (AA and Tree are perfect examples). We have been blown out in every game and we are saving people for the future?
  10. Well there you go. 0-12 is better than 11-0 if you are Akron.
  11. I was never on board with Bowden being fired. Yes, he had a bad end of season. To replace a coach with a national championship on his resume with an unknown is just dumb. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it.
  12. It is not gloom and doom. It is a reality check. People are fawning over players who we have never seen step onto the Court.
  13. I think we should see them play before making predictions like this. OR, If you can truly see the future do you have the winning Lotto numbers for next week?
  14. I do respect what you are saying, but at this point people need to vent. The negative energy on this team does not come from this board. Far from it. It comes from whatever is going on in the coaches office. And we all appreciate your good work here.
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