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  1. Potential new transfer rules

    There was a certain defensive football player DUH
  2. Potential new transfer rules

    That is exactly what NCAA wants. We are nothing but fillers at the Dance and revenue from ESPN.
  3. Potential new transfer rules

    Very very unlikely since they can transfer to another P5 team and play. This is a screwing for the mid majors. Where it WILL help is recruiting - you can get a top recruit who knows he will sit at tOSU for a year, but can play in the MAC, get noticed and get out. So we might get some good one year wonders, then lose them. With no sitting out a year, there is NOTHING to keep a major quality player at Akron, Buffalo, Toledo, Kent State et al.
  4. Potential new transfer rules

    Nope. It means that a real star mid-major can transfer to a P5 to have a better shot at the NBA. Killer for schools like us.
  5. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    K-Lac did a great job on Thompson. One bright spot. However, we suffer from PDD = Points Deficit Disorder.
  6. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    How the hell was that not a T???? Is one of these refs really Bo in disguise?
  7. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    And again K gets knocked to the floor and no whistle.
  8. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    How many times is Thompson going to knock K-Lac down before they call it?
  9. Game 16—Bowling Green

    I didn't think much of Cotton at the start of the season. I admit I was WRONG. He is a baller!! No, I would NOT trade him for TDM. Not for Antino either. He is the real deal.
  10. Game 16—Bowling Green

    It looked to me like he was knocked cold. K-Lac continues to draw cheap fouls, yet he made key play. Needs to learn better body control, he is athletic.
  11. E-man

    Open heart surgery at his age! How awful. Hope he fully recovers and lives a long and fruitful life. Back at the ranch, K-Lac has to grow up in a hurry.
  12. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    I agree with you. But what I am seeing now We don't play defense. At all. MAC opponents do what ever they want offensively. We have no offensive scheme. No plays. Nothing. Just stand around and take a shot once in a while. I blame all this on the coach. We can make a better showing than this.
  13. Game 13—@ Western Michigan

    I agree with everything you said. BUT we have to take a shot at teaching him to be a D1 center. You can teach basketball, you can't teach height. And who else do we have that can play center?
  14. Game 13—@ Western Michigan

    Getting the minutes has nothing to do with it. He is our best hope to salvage the season. BECAUSE 6'11". The only possible center we have.
  15. Game 13—@ Western Michigan

    He loves to score. He is big. He can run. He needs to post up and force the defense into coverage so we can get open looks outside. I say play him. At this point there is nothing to lose. We suck. There, I said it.