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  1. Louisville? Somehow I don't think this is the year we want to play Louisville.
  2. I recall Bardo had a pretty darn good senior year. Helped us to win a lot.
  3. According to the latest stats, he is listed at 6'0" and 160. That is not bad for an incoming freshman PG. With a lot of luck maybe he will grow another inch or two.
  4. His stats are here: http://www.wissports.net/roster_players/9185976 Has good size, better get a haircut.
  5. I am getting very very down on the whole redshirt thing. We give them a free year of school and never get a minute out of them.
  6. Since he declared pro in football, can he come back and play for Groce?
  7. He never played a minute for us, so no real loss at this point.
  8. OK, well I don't see that as poaching. The player does not have to sit out a year, and can join a team that at least has realistic NCAA chances. That would probably be a big deal for a MAC player who never got a whiff of The Dance.
  9. Agreed, I think. But how many athletes are really successful at this? The P5 schools are loaded with great players. No one we have had recently would necessarily be a standout on a ranked team. And don't say Big Dog, his recognition stopped at the MAC level.
  10. Is it poaching, or is it the athletes feeling that a degree from a Big 10 or other major conference school will be better for their career than a degree from a MAC or Horizon school? Back in the day many students transferred from UA to tOSU after freshman year because it was a "better" school.
  11. Starting to look like everyone on the team either loved KD and went with him or hated him and had already decided to leave.
  12. I wonder if Utomi is in play too?
  13. I would kill to get Bibbins, he is a real stud.
  14. I REALLY do not understand why a bunch of programs were not after this guy. He is BIG, and that counts in hoops. A lot. A whole lot.
  15. KD scored some excellent players - Zeke, Big Dog, Pat to name just a few. But he never seemed to grab a bunch of them bang bang bang all in a row.