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  1. This is interesting. And look where Buffalo is rated! http://warrennolan.com/basketball/2020/schedule/Akron So far a huge change from last 2 years.
  2. I think this team is for real. So far they lost (barely) to #2 (and could have won) and WVU. Very strong OOC so far. Should be very competitive in the MAC.
  3. Do you have to sign up or log in?
  4. You sound like a guy who moved all his 401K money into penny stocks and lost everything. Claiming that's it's OK because you would have only made 2% had you stayed where you were.
  5. I just confused myself. That makes me the next football coach.
  6. According to this he has to sit out this year as a transfer. UNLESS he is graduating Dec 15. That would make him a graduate student and eligible. I think. https://gozips.com/news/2019/4/19/mens-basketball-iowas-maishe-daily-to-finish-collegiate-career-at-akron.aspx
  7. Gentlemen (ladies?): The truth is simple. We were 0-12, blown out in every game. The absolute WORST D1 program in the United States of America. It does not matter who or what you blame it on. It is what it is. We went from a coach who got two bowl games and a conference championship game to a program that is the absolute laughingstock of the Country. I don't know how to fix this. Recruits are not beating down our doors to play for a loser. Current team members are filling the transfer portal. Now we talk about what we can "afford". Really? Can we afford to go on like this? An empty team and an empty stadium. Change must happen, and it must happen NOW. At least give the next loser we hire the time to attempt to build a team.
  8. They have a nice schedule: https://merrimackathletics.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule
  9. I hope next year we are 12-0 BUT the real question is, how many games do we lose next year before someone finally dumps this guy?
  10. If they only play like this in the MAC, WINNING STREAK.
  11. If only X hit a few of those 3's we would beat #2
  12. My impressions, please add comments: 1. Very very athletic team. More so than any KD team I can recall. 2. Reece is a beast. 3. Williams is the real deal. Probably not a prolific scorer, but an all around star player. Great defense, assists, basketball sense. And amazing defense. He needs to be the team leader and make the team his. Lead by doing. 4. Reece is a beast. 5. Tribble will be a star. He has some moves. And a ton of confidence. Could be our best PG since - Dru Joyce? Help me out here. Good size, great moves, plays very smart for a freshman. 6. Reece is a beast. 7. Cheese is the real deal. Plays his A$$ off and is all over the Court. Wish we had him for a few more years. 8. Reece is a beast. 9. Most improved player - Riak! Very pleased with the way he is playing. I did not think he would ever be a factor, I was wrong. 10. Reece is a beast. 11. Banks had a great night. I hope this is the new normal. 12. Reece is a beast. 13. LCJ has great hands. He is a disruptor on defense. I wish he would not chuck up threes quite so much, it is still a team sport. Very happy to see we have his eventual replacement in Tribble. 14. Ali took a shot! Awesome. He has the size, hope to see him playing more aggressive. I think we can be very very good in the Mac this year. We seem to have all the pieces. This is not only the most athletic team I have seen, it is also pretty tall (although we don't have a 7 footer and we have to see how THAT plays when we come up against one). Did I mention: REECE IS A BEAST. I don't expect a ton of scoring unless we post him up a lot, but FINALLY we have a rebounder and a big body defender! He sort of reminds me more of Nik than of Tree, but way more athletic. I wonder how the major majors let him get away. He could for sure play anyplace. Fire away.
  13. Yes from the days of Jack Bedeilmann and Danny Ruff. And Len Paul. I can't tell how big he is on TV, only how active he is.
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