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  1. 2019 Commit: Mikal Dawson (6-4 2G)

    Now wait. This guy grad HS in 2018 but he won't be playing for us this year?
  2. 2018-2019

    We are redshirting a seven footer?
  3. Torrey Patton - Transferring

    Wasn't he already gone?
  4. 2018 Schedule Released

    ESPN+ is the new paid service? f ESPN. Looks like I just became an ex fan.
  5. Scott Walter

    Those are famous last words. In fact, we have a bunch of guys who have never set foot on a D1 court, much less played for us.
  6. Scott Walter

    Didn't a walk on end up starting last year?
  7. ESPN Deal

    Mobdro for Android. Just about all TV worldwide is there for free. Meanwhile with what I pay Optimum/FIOS I am not paying another dime to watch anything. If the Zips are on pay TV they can all rot in hell for all I care.
  8. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Put that one in the LOSS column.
  9. 2017 Commit: SF Eric Parrish

    So a true D1 player goes to JUCO so he won't need to sit out a year. Dumb, just dumb.
  10. 2017 Commit: SF Eric Parrish

    Long gone
  11. Nyles Evans drops a bomb

    Better be careful, could be sued for defamation for those comments. Truth is an absolute defense of course. But if taken seriously, could affect KD's current employment.
  12. 2018-2019

    2019, with a 6-11 junior and a 7-1 junior, we might be really really good.
  13. Khadim Gueye transferring in

    So did he not play because he really sucks, or did he not play because they are a high quality program and they had better big men he could not unseat?
  14. Xeyrius Williams transferring in

    Nice pickup but has to sit a year.