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  1. I am not bad mouthing them. Just speaking truth. They both play hard and are probably good people.
  2. Sayles has terrible hands. He can not make a rebound or do anything with the pill underneath unless he is not defended. Riak is improved, but still a turnover machine.
  3. First of all, they shot the lights out. We scored 86 points and lost! Second, they exposed our one glaring weekness - CENTER. Neither of them can rebound or shoot worth a darn. If we had Knapke we would probably be dancing for sure. That being said, they not only had a height advantage but damn! those guys are athletic. Their record does not reflect their talent. We lost. Move on.
  4. From SB Nation Mid-Majors Five-tournament NCAA at-large bid trend: 6–3–3–3–4 Current NET-ranked teams: 4 (top 30), 13 (31–75), 11 (76–100) Top 75 mid-majors either without a Quad 1 or 2 non-conference win (3): Akron, Furman, Santa Clara Top 75 mid-majors without a Quad 1 non-conference win only (4): Duquesne, Louisiana Tech, Saint Louis, Yale
  5. RPI no longer counts, but for the record we are now #34. UWV is #1, and we are ahead of Gonzaga, which has a 212 SOS compared to our 114 (courtesy of games vs UWV and Louisville) http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_Men.html
  6. Wishful thinking, but #50 could have a shot at an at large.
  7. His deep shot looks a lot like LCJ. But he is the next Pistol Pete. I don't see the P5 schools letting him get away.
  8. And what makes anyone think we can get a guy with this type of resume?
  9. We are the only undefeated team in the MAC. Been a while since we could say that. Makes up for football a little?
  10. Cheese better not be hurt. That would be a disaster.
  11. He was excellent but LCJ should have gotten it again.
  12. And Kent is #13. That is the big showdown this season.
  13. https://www.summitmemory.org/digital/collection/ABJarchives/id/755/
  14. That makes sense. No TV antennas! I think we used to march there on Thursdays for ROTC. It was parade day or something. But I do not recall the bleachers. Must have been torn down before the mid 1960's
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