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  1. I think it is closer to 99%, but you really don't want to be in that 1% Truth be told, I had this thing, and you can tell from my screen name I am no kid. It was pretty awful, and still suffering from some of the long term effects. I had it in March. We REALLY need the vaccine to be released. Enough politics, the vaccine is the answer.
  2. Isn't Freeman the kid they found playing in the gym last year? Now you have him as a starter? And the chart shows him as a freshman. Again?
  3. I hate to be Debbie Downer but what makes you think there is going to be a season? This COVID stuff is totally out of control again.
  4. Yup. He looks athletic and knows where the hoop is. AND has a reverse layup. I LIKE it.
  5. Looks like an athletic 6'10". Has a nice reverse layup. I like what I see. The highlights are almost all dunks, but he looks to have a nice stroke as well.
  6. Governor just said fall sports are a go in Ohio
  7. Makes momentum changing plays. Exactly what is needed.
  8. Isn't Wynn a transfer who has to sit 20-21?
  9. Puerto Rico IS the United States.
  10. 6'7" is not exactly little from where I have to look up. Not a "big", but he has good moves for a guy that size.
  11. Has some nice moves for a big guy. How many years would he be eligible?
  12. If he left now that would put hoops into the same trash bin as football.
  13. Do we have to go back to discussing why size matters?
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