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  1. Governor just said fall sports are a go in Ohio
  2. Makes momentum changing plays. Exactly what is needed.
  3. Isn't Wynn a transfer who has to sit 20-21?
  4. Puerto Rico IS the United States.
  5. 6'7" is not exactly little from where I have to look up. Not a "big", but he has good moves for a guy that size.
  6. Has some nice moves for a big guy. How many years would he be eligible?
  7. If he left now that would put hoops into the same trash bin as football.
  8. Do we have to go back to discussing why size matters?
  9. I said POTENTIALLY Did you read the rest, where I said some people stay 4 years.
  10. So tell me where I am wrong: We have 13 scholarships. A player gets 4 years. (Redshirts can change the number). So every 4 years we POTENTIALLY turn over 52 players. Now some stay and play 4 years, many do not. So if someone does the math, we may have lost and recruited, what, 25 players in the past 4 years? Again, I don't have the number but in the last few years we had a lot of turnover and we had guys who only played one or two years. So, my point is this: MOST recruits, at least to Akron, do not work out. In the sense they leave before the 4 years, they never get any minutes, they get "convinced" to leave. So missing out on any particular recruit is not a big deal, unless it happens to be LBJ, or maybe Zeke I guess. No one ever knows how a high school standout will do in D1, and we actually played a pretty high level of hoops last year. AND, when a sought after recruit commits, that might dislodge a transfer from that school! So I don't lament the loss of a potential recruit, we have a good coach who finds good players.
  11. Hello fellow Long Islander! Sayles had some good minutes at the end of the season. He is not generally a good rebounder, tends to slap at the ball rather than pull it down. He also can be unreliable underneath, missing some bunnies. But like I said, he did play well at the end of the year, and might be a good player for you. He finished on a positive note for sure. Might fit in better in a different system.
  12. You guys crack me up. If Kareem was 19 and wanted to play for the Zips you would says he does not fit Groce's play book.
  13. Freeman played for us this year. Why is he listed for four more years?
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