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  1. We have ZERO chance at him. Not even on the radar at all.
  2. A person is considered contagious in the 48 hours before they develop symptoms. A contact of a contact is not a contact. So, if someone on the team was EXPOSED to someone in the last few days, that should not affect us. OTOH if someone on the team became symptomatic yesterday or today, our entire team could be in 10 day quarantine.
  3. Buffalo is sloppy and out of control. Too many unforced errors.
  4. Toledo may be in trouble. Down 4 with 6 fouls vs 2 for Buffalo.
  5. You are only as good as your next mistake. Maybe he would have dropped 6 more and grabbed 8 more in another 17 minutes
  6. The Walk On got 8 boards, 2 blocks and a steal in only 17 minutes, Not sure what coach is thinking.
  7. Toledo may be without Jackson the rest of the game.
  8. Looks like he might have blown out his knee.
  9. If you can believe it, ESPN is mostly down
  10. Any word on the weather and this game?
  11. Not so sure it is a "tie" if they play and win more games. Uncharted territory.
  12. The Walk On was third leading scorer, and leading rebounder and shot blocker. He might be pretty good when he grows up.
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