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  1. It is not funny to talk about transgenders in a negative way.
  2. Hmm. That must make me a democrat voter then.
  3. I wish I was middle aged. I graduated in 1971. That makes me.....
  4. The best players have their eyes on an NBA or professional future. That has not been in the cards for Ivy League players since the days of Bill Bradley. Players who count on the scholarship for an education look to places like the Ivy League.
  5. Akron is not the capital of the world. It is only the capital of West Virginia. And yes, I graduated in 1971.
  6. I have a degree from Akron. I don't know what this has to do with New Jersey, but the institution on the degree does matter in future endeavors
  7. It's a reality check. Of course we need to make the effort. That is what got Zeke, who certainly could have gone higher. But don't get your hopes up. With offers like that we have little chance.
  8. You have to be kidding. A degree from most all of those schools is way better than from Akron. And most of them are "name" schools that compete at a good level. Boston U, Bucknell, St. Joes or Akron? Good luck with that.
  9. The chances of getting him are below zero. He has offers from schools that go to the Dance.
  10. OK, so lets stop trying and just concede. As long as we beat Kent State the season does not matter.
  11. He has nice size. Too bad.
  12. Canada has embraced common core math it seems.
  13. ME LIKE HIM! That's what I'm talking about Probably have no chance to get him, he has a lot of interest.
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