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  1. His stats are poor, but SJU is a big time program so he could be a very good player in the MAC
  2. How does this relate to us? He is not on our chart.
  3. Thank you. That makes sense. And of course there are no roster spots left. Someone gotta go.
  4. It just does not make sense that a heavily recruited guy would give up a year.
  5. Too much thinking going on. If he committed outside the normal signing period, there must have been a reason. Maybe Canadian rules apply.
  6. OK, someone has to go. IMHO, Sayles. Toles. or Roscoe are the odd man out. Sayles and Toles always hurt, but coach may want to keep Sayles for his height and the lack of forwards. Of course, we are early and someone may just transfer out or get arrested or whatever. I am totally against redshirting anyone. Coming off two horrible years, we look like we have some frosh that can really help. Sitting them would be an awful mistake, another bad year and more people will transfer out, probably including a redshirt. Coach needs these dunk monsters to save his job.
  7. Looks like the last two guys we got are MONSTER dunk machines, we may have a fun season after all.
  8. BUT Tre is 3/4 of TREE. And he can not get arrested for assaulting the 6'11" guy, because we don't have one.
  9. Wait! The HUDL video shows him at 6'4", Big Shots says 6'0" That is a pretty big difference.
  10. I think he is going to get some major major offers. Seems to be a pure shooter. The one thing that concerns me is that he seems to shoot two handed. Don't know if that will be successful in D1 with tall opponents. But at 6'4" (and maybe a little more by the time he makes it to college) it may not be an issue.
  11. If Groce had not insisted on moving screens, he might not have fouled out.
  12. I was thinking the same thing too. Cooper type player, and we have not had someone with hops like that since ever. Can not only help win games, can also generate some real interest in the team. Meanwhile, as I have stated before, we only ended the season with two D1 players, LCJ and Cheese. Anyone else can be on the chopping block to free up a scholarship, starting with Sayles, who never plays anyway.
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