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  1. If you want data on last Saturday's closed scrimmage see: Scrimmage
  2. Eric wears a size SEVENTEEN shoe, He has 2 or 3 more inches to grow, Very nice young man. Met him at Sunday practice. We are collecting a lot of Texas' best talent.
  3. Akron is wearing dark blue. Taivan is number ELEVEN. Josh Williams is number ONE
  4. Tuesday, Oct. 4, was Walk-on Try Out Day. Nine young men gave it a go. Two or three will be offered a manager's position. None of them is the next Micheal Jordan. Made for a long day for the staff as the Try Out was followed by the second three hour practice in two days. Thankful for a day off Wednesday. The team composition changes a good bit. Most notably will be on the wing. Several players are vying for that starting role. I think I have a good idea who will get the nod. Best candidate is Danny Utomi; however. Dan maybe called on to back up Kwan Cheatham at the power forward. "BIG MIKE" Hughes is Isaiah Johnson's understudy at Center. Big Mike is one sweet player. You are going to rave about his performance. Our three experienced guards get more depth with the addition of Craig Eubanks, Jimond Ivey and true Freshman Taivan Dunn-Martin. While the sports rags are tabbing the Zips to repeat as East Champs none of them call out Zips for their all conference teams. Mind you, eight or nine Zips will be second team selection. Akron is that well balanced.
  5. Today was the first day of the remainder of Summer Individuals. Most every one is healthy. And, out of shape as a three minute run showed. Coach is in high spirits. He was yelling at everyone including the old, out of shape clock operator.
  6. Kapernick is a narcissistic excuse of a man. Other than commit a selfish, self aggrandizing display what has he done for the minority community? LeBron James on occasion speaks out against issues that offend him. He is entitled to. LeBron pours his heart into his community. LeBron EARNED the love and respect he is given. What has Kapernick contributed? I have a suggestion for Mister Kapernick. Give several million of your hardly earned dollars to the community center of Harris County, Mississippi. The center that lost its two angels of mercy, white nuns murdered by a black man. That they would be the first forgive and aid. Pour your spirit into that poorest of poor community to aid and assist the thousands of mostly black souls who were robbed of their health lifeline. Do something positive you cretin.
  7. Live Stats reporting the Zips win 1-0
  8. I have not seen a game summary either. From observation I would say the game plan was developing perimeter shooting. The Knights had a thin bench and were badly over matched. Note, to, that the game was played with a 24 second shot clock. The Zips used a 24 second shot clock in most of their ten practices. Daniel Utomi is the likely the starting small forward. Danny is an excellent outside shooter who possess the body of a power forward and can play the four spot. The Zips have a lot of depth and need to find minutes for an entire gaggle of three/four position players. Emmanuel Olojakpoke has been an outstanding rim protector and put back artist throughout the practice period. Kwan Cheatham missed some practice time due to his brother's wedding. KC showed no ill effects in the game. Mercifully Akron did little pounding the ball inside where Big Dog and Big Mike would have make mince meat of the Knights. I wonder if CTG was depleted to the point that they could not give a tough game. Should be more competitive Monday as the opponent has much more size.
  9. I hope you are referring to the Zips new number twenty-one. Big Mike Hughes will wear that number. Emmanuel Olojakpoke wears number twenty two. Big Dog still has number twenty-three. A number change of note: Aaron Jackson now wears number ten. Tavian Dunn-Martin has claimed number eleven.. Look for impressive outings from Mike Hughes and Emmanuel Olojakpoke as both have looked good in practice; as has Daniel Utomi.
  10. The 2016-17 schedule due out soon. Word is that is it is complete and ready for publication. Only one MEAC/SWAC team on Akron's home schedule. Coppin State comes to the JAR. Two excellent mid-majors are new to the home schedule; American University and Georgia Southern. . Purportedly two mid-majors come as part of the Savanna Tournament. However, I did read that Georgia Southern is one of those two schools. The team is in its ten practice schedule for the Bahamas trip. A lot of playing time will go to the red shirt Freshmen and the two Freshmen newbies. I believe that you are going to love "Big Mike" Hughes. At six-nine and ample girth he tends to dominate the low post. Big Mike is a player. Just one player, Aaron Jackson, is still recovering from off season surgery. Aaron is nearly finished with his rehab. Just as George gushed over Josh Williams growth spurt up to a solid six-two so too did Danny Utomi add at least two inches as Danny is now slightly taller and bulkier than Aaron Jackson. Josh and Danny are expected to provide the fire power to replace Reggie and Jake. Most of the players are spending extra time in the gym and the weight room. They look good. <Insert disclaimer here> and, Go Zips
  11. KiKi (Hawai'ian; pronounced key-key) means small child or young person. U of A Summer basketball camps are in full swing. They are kind of fun to watch. The talent is often better than expected. The camp schedules are well thought out. They give the young ones tastes of competing; team work; fundamental skills. Mainly student managers running it. They themselves enjoy working with the young ones. It is a teaching/learning experience for them as well.. The sessions end with spirited short games, full court, that try to utilize what the KiKi have just learned,
  12. Two weeks into Summer training and thus far everyone is healthy. Aaron "Ace" Jackson will still be in rehab until August. Overall the kids are in better physical condition than at this time last year. Mike Hughes AND Tavian Dunn-Martin both shoot the lights out. All our guards look fit and "got it". The Zips have great depth at all positions. Real dog fight developing at the wing position. Five qualified people for two places on the depth chart. Big Dog has lost weight and is getting closer to a great playing weight. Big Mike has his back. Emmanuel Olojakpoke known as "E" learning the power forward position. "E" can jump thru the rafters. IMO... this year the early training is far more intense and focused than in previous years. I hear good words from the players about the necomers including our preferred walk-on Tyler Dalton. No update on Isaiah Williams or Jordan Davis.
  13. Tavain did his Zips proud. Co-MVP knocking in 26 points and performing a spectacular attack to the basket. Read on: http://www.register-herald.com/sports/high_school_sports/raleigh_county/knapper-dunn-martin-turn-it-on-in-n-s-hoops/article_6ac932e7-271b-5a9c-9547-a36caefe02c7.html
  14. The West Virginia Athletic Directors Association released the rosters for the 2016 North-South Boys Basketball Classic. The annual game is set for Friday, June 17 from the South Charleston Community Center. Our own Tavain Dunn-Martin will play for the South squad.
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