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  1. IPacers.com blog did a post for everyone's summer league debut and gave them a grade. Here is their grade & write up on Enrique. Link to full blog https://ipacers.com/2024/07/13/pacers-summer-league-grades-jarace-walker-shines-but-indiana-loses-sloppy-opener/ Enrique Freeman = A- Speaking of hard play, Enrique Freeman has a relentless motor. He played 17 minutes and I’m not sure he ever stopped running at full speed. He immediately made a huge play as soon as he entered the game with a phenomenal block even with the offensive player trying to his off arm to push off the Pacers rookie from making the play. Amazingly this wasn’t even his best block of the game as he erased a potential highlight dunk with a perfectly timed jump and clean swat of the ball that turned into a Pacers transition opportunity. Freeman doesn’t stop hustling and looks like a pure energy big. He wasn’t perfect on the perimeter on defense but moved his feet well and always made an effort to get back into the play when beat. He scored 7 points (3 of 4) with a strong tip dunk and a nice hook shot that may serve him well in the G-League even if he doesn’t get many opportunities to showcase his post game in the NBA. He added 5 rebounds, an assist, and a steal to go with those two emphatic blocks as well. I was really impressed with his relentless spirit and high energy during his time on the floor. In the first half, he had strongly outplayed Tshiebwe, who bounced back with a big second half performance.
  2. Indiana Pacers Summer League Schedule July 12 vs Brooklyn, 8:00pm = NBA TV / ESPN+ July 14 vs Minnesota, 5:30pm = NBA TV / ESPN+ July 16 vs Phoenix, 4:00pm = ESPNU / ESPN+ July 18 vs Denver, 4:30pm = ESPN2 / ESPN+ I believe the start times are based off Eastern Time Zone. If someone can confirm that, much appreciated.
  3. That's fair. With my work schedule, I primarily listen to podcasts on my 90 mile round trip drive for work every day. Occasionally, I'll listen to morning radio on my way home from work, but normally I'm putting a podcast on (like Diary of a CEO is one I frequently put on), or if I find a 20 minute or so video that I can listen to sports wise, I may put it on if I'm stopping halfway to or from work for gas or something. So my bad if I missed those then. I should clarify the media I've listened to, where there is nothing ultimate (the show is called ultimate cleveland sports show) about it (although because some people got on them yesterday about no mention of the local kid, including me so they'll probably do a segment on it today). I've listened to three different days of draft talk from them, and not one mention of Freeman, but 90% of the talk was Bronny.
  4. And underneath that tweet in the comments
  5. Plus, it's a team on the rise. My worry was he would go to a team that may have a full G League team but he may start in G League, but could be a 2 way contract player. He'll be on a decent summer league team with Jerace Walker, Ben Sheppard (not sure if he'll play summer league), Furphy, & Newton. July 12-22 will be the summer league in Vegas.
  6. Articles are different. I've said hours/minutes as in shows/podcasts.
  7. It is on one show in particular that is a youtube show.
  8. It's because Northeast Ohio media will spend hours talking about whether or not the Cavs should draft Bronny but won't even spend 10 seconds mentioning that a local kid is a draft prospect and could be drafted. That's why I believe AkronAlumnus wants Freeman drafted before Bronny, but at this point, I just want to see Enrique get drafted. I'm not even worried about the situation right now.
  9. Some outlets did a follow up mock draft for tomorrow's round 2 and here's where they got Freeman going: Sports Illustrated - #39 to Memphis CBS Sports - #50 to New Orleans
  10. This model has graded Enrique Freeman as the 4th best prospect in this draft. Here are the only eight prospects that graded out with an "A" using this model. I put their grade points from the model below. Zach Edey (Purdue) = 98.8 Donovan Clingan (UConn) = 97.7 Alexandre Sarr (France) = 92.4 Enrique Freeman (Akron) = 91.6 Ronald Holland (G-League) = 90.8 Jonathan Mogbo (San Francisco) = 90.7 Kel'el Ware (Indiana) = 90.4 Reed Sheppard (Kentucky) = 89.8 I have a good feeling he'll definitely be drafted either tonight or tomorrow. Hoping for tonight.
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