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  1. Looks like Bryan Williams is the next head coach of the Buchtel Griffs.
  2. According to Crains, "if Groce leaves for another job, Akron would be due buyouts that range from $400,000 (in 2021-22) to $250,000 (during the 2022-23, '23-24 and '24-25 seasons). The exception is 2025-26. If Groce leaves at that point, there is no buyout, since his contract would be expiring."
  3. CVCA to play Northwest in the tournament Friday.
  4. Zeke talking about his life after basketball and beginning a real estate agent career
  5. There are currently 126 quarterbacks in the 2021 transfer portal. Of the 299 Power Five players who have committed to a new school, 60% took a step down in level, their next destination a Group of Five or FCS school. One-third of Group of Five transfers stepped up to the Power 5.
  6. I would have loved to see LCJ throw it down at the end.
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