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  1. "Or a Flash.." Lol, I don't get it. You just saying "Flash" is also unique?
  2. Sh*t, are we playing Auburn's 1st or 2nd-teamers? Irons is looking really good.
  3. So true. Zips, & the "Z", and and the Roo are awesome and unique logos/monikers. So much better than generic "Bulldogs" or "Tigers" or whatever. Though I also really like the script Akron, unlike some on here.
  4. Okay, Irons is looking much better than Kato. The only thing I saw was him sail a pass over an open Mattison's head in the flat, so maybe he's a bit inconsistent in that regard? Idk, but I'd say go w/ Irons from here on out. Kato will make a B+ backup.
  5. Reggie Corner w/ a nice tackle. Great player but he's even smaller than Bubba
  6. I'm gonna be regretting the epic cheat meal for the rest of the night, so make it worth my while, Zips!
  7. Irons seems to throw the ball much better than Kato. ...after watching him for one drive. Lol
  8. +1. Irons looked terrific on that drive. Wow.
  9. Irons looking good. Very good, really. But Auburn's taken the foot off the gas & Idk what string he's playing against.
  10. Jeesh, I posted all these in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  11. Should we get another QB playing time this half? Irons? Gibson?
  12. Well. First-half summary: 12 BBQ wings 1 large Romeo's pepperoni & mushroom pizza w/ extra sauce 6 Bell's Oberon's 2nd-half prediction: 2 more Bell's Oberon's. 1 Qt. Handel's Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie. I suppose grousng over poor Zips football is the very definition of First World Problems.
  13. Did they just say Auburn has 382 yards in the first half?! Their QB has more TD's than incompletions. 😐
  14. Ugh. Who is this Kevin Dever, Jr. #39 I keep seeing. A junior from Lakewood St. Ed's. Was he even on the team last year?
  15. True freshman Mumpfield definitely out there with the 1's. There he is- Mumpfield! Not enough time for passing plays to develop. Obviously. Have we thrown downfield yet? Ouch, 1st time we've crossed mid-field.
  16. First down Norrils! 17 yards. Don't worry about winning, find things that work. Find a little bread-n-butter we can hang out hat on.
  17. Let's go now, let's give us something to cheer now, offense.
  18. DONE!!! I can get used to Skyway.
  19. That's the problem I see. Once he pulls it it's 100% a run. He doesn't generally scramble to extend the play. Not gonna work against a top shelf SEC team. Bring on Temple!
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