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  1. Yeah. If Dailey could have just hit a couple of his 3’s... but, no, he didn’t have a very good game. The newbie I was quite unimpressed with was Bryan Trimble. I hope that was simply a one-off.
  2. Zero minutes for Taylor Currie, Garvin Clarke, and Tre Edwards.
  3. DJ Irons' dad says he's the program changing QB we've all been longing for. Told y'all. 🤫 But in all seriousness, I really hope he is. He has a chance to start next season.
  4. Sloppy. It’s gonna take a month for them to gel. Lots of talent though.
  5. Respect the way St. Bonnie is crashing the boards. We’ve got some PF’s but it does feel like we’re missing a true big.
  6. Enrique Freeman & Ali Ali looking good. Smooth stroke from Dawson
  7. He was a class act. Great player and earned his degree! Forever a Zip! Good luck, Nate!
  8. Right now GoZips.com only lists the January 1st game -v- Buffalo as having any tv coverage.
  9. I must have misread the article. No surprise. Lol. How do divisions work in PA? I got this impression: OH D1 ~ PA A OH D2 ~ PA AA OH D3 ~ PA AAA OH D4 ~ PA AAAA and so on...
  10. You're probably right. I had to google PA athletic divisions to learn what the A system signified. I thought they were a bigger school that D-4, but Mckeesport definitely has a good reputation in athletics.
  11. Colin plays for Mckeesport. Mckeesport is Pennsylvania class AAAA, so yeah, those schools are getting pretty small. Pennsylvania Class A is the largest, Class AAAAAA (6A) the smallest. PA Class AAAA would, obviously, be the equivalent of our D-IV. IMHO, Ohio's D-1 through D-3 are all tough. but go smaller than that and there seems to be quite a drop off. Those players are definitely the diamonds in the rough. So you're probably right, @bigjim.
  12. Agree 100%. I would have rotated a couple other QB’s in as well during the blowouts. I do, however, think Gibson was on the sideline during the 4th quarter yesterday because he hurt his shoulder while getting sacked? However, I really don’t think Gibson is the answer at QB. I’m crossing my fingers the JUCO we’re bringing in has an immediate impact.
  13. Our pass plays take too long to develop. Are our receivers slow? We never just throw it deep down the sideline.
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