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  1. Oops... correct! Even more impressive. I know Art. And thanks for noticing. 😉
  2. I still can't believe Groce has taken us from utter rubble to MAC Champions in 4 years. When Groce took over the program he only had 5 scholarship players, only one of whom, Jimmond Ivey, was an every-game starter the previous season. #Basketballschool
  3. Where's this bracket everyone's referencing?
  4. ...Kent State still sucks! KSUcks, Senior Night, AND... Romeo Travis Jersey Ceremony!!! 🤯🤯🤯
  5. This is good and I concur. I enjoy our rivalries with OU and UB. I respect both schools. Kent, on the other hand... I simply wish that school didn't exist.
  6. Amen. You just perfectly articulated what impresses me most about LCJ.
  7. Jeez. Both a typo and an autocorrect error in a single post. Lol. Obviously, that should have read, "I LOVED Derrick TARVER." And I did. He's one of my all-time favorites. Mikal Dawson's unique (slightly strange-looking) 3-point stroke kinda reminds me of Derrick's.
  8. Yes! I lived Derrick Target! He’d be my #11. Lol. i never saw Joe Jakubick play.
  9. I'm going to have to just go ahead and admit that LCJ is the best Zip I've ever seen play. I'm still biased against him due to his size, and, because of that, I still don't think he'll have a pro career anywhere. But I've got to admit that I think he's playing at a level even an notch above where others on my all-timers-list were playing when they wore the blue & gold. Comparing bigs with guards is apples and oranges. But, having said that, my list looks like this: 1. LCJ 2. Rome 3. Wood 4. Jimmal Ball 5. Zeke Marshall 6. Jamie Bosley 7. Tree 8. Quincy Diggs 9. Dru Joyce III 10. Tron Jenkins For reference, I began watching Zips basketball religiously during the last year of the Coleman Crawford era.
  10. Love our rivalries with Buffalo, Kent, and Ohio. It's pretty awesome having 3 sincere, bitter rivals.
  11. Congrats, Brandon! But I've got to admit I'm a little confused by this... he's that good? What's up? What's the thinking with all these programs? Maybe bring in a mature guy who they can plug right in to be an insurance policy/solid backup to give their younger linemen a year to develop?
  12. I haven’t read this entire thread, so forgive me if I’m repeating what most likely everyone else has already mentioned, but we’re not going anywhere if X’s stroke doesn’t come back around. He can’t throw it in the ocean right now. If he doesn’t find his stroke we could lose our last 3 games.
  13. Gotta give credit when it's due. I didn't see the game, but the final score indicates KD's Duquesne squad once again gave Dayton all they could handle last Saturday night. After losing to Dayton by only 4 points (73-69) on January 29th, the Dukes hung tough with the Flyers once again and only lost by 10 (80-70) on Saturday.
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