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  1. Ohio is a good team. They were clearly fired up and ready to go after being shut down for so long and we... well, we just stunk today.
  2. Well, it wasn't pretty but at least we won. Go Zips!
  3. I think it must have been a Holiday Inn Express.
  4. The Redhawks made 17 of 19 Freethrows but missed when it counted and Mekhi Lairy is a dangerous guard. I still can't believe Jackson made that three point heave. We are lucky to escape Millett with the win.
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. They certainly executed better tonight, but how they have only one conference loss thus far is a head scratcher to me. I don't think they'd crack the top 3 in the MAC east in a typical year (yes, I realize they're in the MAC west lol).
  6. We beat ourselves tonight. That game was there for the taking and just like the NIU and EMU games, we let a less talented team just have it. Maybe all the early whistles got in our heads and hampered any defensive intensity, but we have to find a way to overcome and deal with adversity on the road. This team really does not like playing away from the JAR. Better get it figured out before Kent State.
  7. Idk what that site is, but because it has been such a strange season, we've only played one ooc game that factors into any type of rankings. Let's just focus on Ball Stare. Then, if we get past Toledo, Kent, Ohio, and the Fightin' Pennos on the road, fans can start to stare at rankings.
  8. 'Twas an enjoyable MAC basketball game on a cold January night. Glad the Cats pulled off the W. I have some good friends that went to Ohio (and were good sports when Zeke got the best of DJ in 2012-13). But no decent person ever went to Buffalo. Haha! ?
  9. Western has been switching it up by throwing some 1-2-2 zone at us. They definitely watched film from our game against EMU ?
  10. Just finished watching the replay since I couldn't catch this one live. I had a good feeling we'd bounce back today. It's cute when toledo starts to think it's an elite mac basketball program again. This one was worth the price of admission, or at least my espn+ subscription ? 1. Outside of Jackson, the bulk of our scoring is probably going to come from Trimble and Dailey. Without them, we'd have been sunk today. They really stepped up and it was fun to watch! 2. Clarke and Tribble: Clarke looked great in his 6 minutes with 7 points and a lot of effort. I believe Tribble has been nursing an ankle sprain, but once he's 100%, it will give us a lot with his ability to penetrate and knock down runners. 3. Reece is an athletic power forward reminiscent of Tree Treadwell. The only problem is that he doesn't have a Zeke Marshall to play with. Rebounding and defending the rim will be our issues this season, so everybody had better put a body on somebody when a shot goes up. Again, that's not a knock on Freeman. He's a 6'7" walk on that had 7 boards today, alters or blocks numerous shots, and leaves it all on the floor. 4. If you hang around long enough, you give yourself a chance to win. There were times we could have packed it in today but didn't. 5. Jackie Windon is a very good color commentator. If I were coaching a team of younger players, I'd have them watch Zips games because of her. She explains the game well and provides valuable insight. With Frenchie gone, she's now our favorite Zips Basketball commentator!
  11. Ugh. When you combine this team's inability to stop the ball and lack of rebounding with an off shooting night from three, this is the kind of result you get. The offense is one dimensional right now. It looks great when the three ball is falling, but unfortunately the three ball doesn't always travel with the team. I think having such a good PG has masked a lot of this team's inexperience. If they can't find a way to diversify this offense, it could be a long year. We are thin in the post this year without Riak and it shows, especially on defense. There is a toughness/confidence that this team seems to be lacking. Maybe Currie will progress as the season goes on or they'll find something with Bandaogo, but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully these are just growing pains and they can start to get it figured out before it's too late. If losing to a one win team that just fired its head coach doesn't provide a sense of urgency, I'm not sure what will.
  12. The prescience is strong in this one. Normally we'd be warming up against a directional Carolina and not a directional Michigan six games into the season, so I'm not trying to read too much into this one. It's always a grind against Murphy and EMU. It looks like the 2-3 zone took away our 3 ball. It worked quite well for them, their length bothered our guards, took away passing lanes, and it exposed our lack of size in the post. I suspect that's why we saw Currie somewhat early on. No offense to Freeman, he works really hard out there. Early on, I thought it looked like Dailey was starting to find his rhythm but they took him out of the game too. Sometimes you just don't have it and credit has to go to the EMU defense too, regardless, stinkers like this happen sometimes. I think this team has the potential to make noise in the MAC Tournament, it's just a matter of getting all 5 cylinders to fire together. It has been a very strange start to the season, as it has been for a lot of programs. I'm looking forward to the BG and Rockettes' games. If we get hammered in both of those games, then I'll be concerned. But I don't think that we will (especially not against toledo, because that "school" is a community college compared to Bowling Green).
  13. I'd remind Buffalo's Blew Roo of Akron's 42-21 cake walk over them in 2015, but honestly, we've basically been a horrifying dumpster fire since beating Northwestern in 2018. We beat them once during the Ianello apocalypse, so I suppose there's always a chance?
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