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  1. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Call me a homer as I am a big St. V fan, but I believe Scott Walter will be able to play 6-8 min a game as a backup PG next year. He can come in, run the offense, not turn the ball over and defend. Not sure what else you need from a backup point
  2. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    Give his scholarship to Walter. Would like to see him stick around for four years.
  3. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Clemson fans are looking at our season and saying "They were only up 2 at half on Cedarville"
  4. Game 2- Youngstown State Penguins

    I saw GT at the Cedarville game... Cannot confirm that he was awake the whole time though
  5. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    I think it depends on your number of scrimmages. I know D-1 teams are allowed 2 and Akron has already used both of them so I believe they need to count this as an official game. Cedarville could be in a different position given that they may have used their scrimmages differently (and could have different rules considering they are D2). I am pretty sure that after this game, assuming Akron wins... Akron will list themselves as 1-0 and Cedarville will list themselves as 0-0. It seemed when KD was here, they played John Carroll every year and some years it counted as a game and some years it did not. I think that had everything to do with the number of scrimmages they played before Carroll (If they played 2 it was a game and if they played 1 it was an "exhibition").
  6. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    First time season ticket holder here. I ordered mine over the phone last week. I spent $80 for one set of GA, I was sold when they told me "parking pass"... Also the guy said something about when I bring someone, I can get them in for $10 which I thought was good
  7. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    Even though the game is at Akron... They do have a sweet court (and a beautiful campus)
  8. 2018-2019

    Does anybody have an updated roster/ depth chart now with Patton transferring?
  9. Summer Session(s)

    @goZips what time is practice tomorrow? What about Saturday?
  10. Ball State

    This sounds like a cable commercial and is very true. You should have ended with "Don't chuck bricks from 23 feet"
  11. Best KD-Era Player?

    My first reaction was to hit other and make my case for Cvetinovic... He was definitely my favorite Zip ever to watch. But to fairly and unbiasedly answer the question - I voted for Zeke
  12. First practice official practice tomorrow

    @GoZips - do you know when the Zippers practice this weekend?
  13. It's finally here! Wondering if GoZips or DIG can comment on what time they practice at or what time they practice over the weekend for those of us who wanted to watch?
  14. Keith Dambrot

    That list was ridiculous, I have a better chance at becoming the Cavs next coach then half those names... If I were a betting man, I would look at the first five names under former NBA coaches (Mo Cheeks, Skiles, Brown, Mcmillan and Saunders) Dambrot would be crazy but would not be any crazier of a hire than Mike Dunlap was with the Charlotte Bobcats. Dunlap had never been a head coach at the Division 1 or NBA level before being hired this year.
  15. Minnesota Fires Tubby Smith

    Yes him and Stevens both... If they passed on Illinois last year, no way they take Minnesota UCLA on the other hand...