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  1. MAC Membership Requirements from the MAC Constitution old copy -- does anyone know if this still applies? "Participation Each full conference member shall participate in a minimum of six conference-sponsored sports, of which three must be football, basketball and baseball for men and three must be volleyball, basketball and softball for women. The conference shall sponsor 11 sports for men and 12 sports for women. A majority of member institutions must compete in a sport for it to be considered a MAC-sponsored sport and approved as a conference sport by a majority vote of the Council of Presidents. Note: Field Hockey and Men's Tennis are exceptions to the above
  2. Does anyone else remember when the basketball team was in the NEC for about 3 days?? Northeast Conference? Apparently, we are considering them again for football?? Saint Francis and now Bryant -- Both NEC members. NEC Conference Members
  3. Buffalo is the Class of the MAC - Elton Alexander "Comparing Buffalo now to programs like Gonzaga, Butler or Creighton is apples to oranges. Those are all private university, basketball-only programs. UB is more in line with a state school like Cincinnati, a football-playing school in a pro town without pro basketball that actually supports two high-end college hoops programs (UC and Xavier)."
  4. Kentucky Series moved to 2023 on
  5. And add that Power House Saint Francis to the 2022 schedule Play Michigan State and St Francis
  6. And at #14??? Infocision Stadium At Least We are Top 25 in Something I do get tired of the "the Worst" Lists and then just list the entire MAC. NIU, Ball State, Buffalo, Miami, CMU, EMU in there too.. Vandy is #1
  7. So we are starting a Women's Lacrosse team and joining the ASUN along with Kent, Coastal Carolina, Howard, Jacksonville, Kennesaw State, Liberty, and Stetson -- lots a travel in this conference.... so I was thinking... Why not add Field Hockey? The MAC already sponsors the sport.. Kent, Miami, Longwood, Ohio, Ball State, Appalachian State and Central Michigan all are already in MAC --- travel would be less and we can play Big Ten schools as well. My daughter played in high school -- its fun to watch and we already have conference to play in that is much less travel?? Just a thought.
  8. Arth to be Next Akron Coach - Football Scoop
  9. SB Nation Article - Bowl Eligibility Rules and Cancelled Games
  10. Zips can petition the NCAA for a waiver due to circumstances.... NCAA has approved for other programs in the past.. question is will we need the 12th game? The way we are playing now.. I doubt it.
  11. Chris Sabo to Coach Zips Baseball
  12. Cancer Awareness Helmets - Miami OH
  13. Hey -- did I miss something here??? There was a kickoff -- the game started.. contract fulfilled.. Show us the money...
  14. Pirate Flags for MAC Wins over Key Wins
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