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  1. The Adrian Barbeaus come to the JAR Wednesday night fresh off of consecutive losses to powerhouses Siena Heights and North Park. Their tallest player are 6-6 187 pound forward Michael Gold and 6-6 210 pound forward Isiah Crofford. Guard Devonte Harris averages 22.3 ppg. On the Clarky Dynamic pricing scale based upon ticket demand and competition level, UA will again owe me after this one.
  2. At $60 for a GA ticket for all games, that's $4 a ticket. With American and Radford, I think I've overpaid thus far!
  3. The $5 is a permanent thing. They told me about it when I picked up my season tickets last week. Fortunately, they also give the season ticket holders a parking pass for each game, even the cheapo general admission guys like me. The attendants were there Thursday night when we parked. Frenchie mentioned how our opponents' play by play guys are going to love those uniforms last night, referencing how he couldn't call the game if he didn't know our players by sight. Who knows what they were thinking. Poke's certainly not going top be a regular 5, but it's nice to see his versatility. Heck, I could have played the 5 for a couple of minutes last night given the way that one went!
  4. Utomi had unbelievable offensive numbers in high school. I suspect his problem in getting on the floor has been his commitment to defense, which is always KD's priority. Defense can be a tough sell to a kid who scored 27 points a game in high school. Poke even played the 5 tonight, with Big Dog and Big Mike out. I'd like to see more of both of them, but I can't think of whose time I think they should take.
  5. Tough to assess much from that one as Radford is just plain awful. Very encouraged by Utomi and Olojakpoke.
  6. Not a big fan of the DJ. I suspect they moved the band away from our bench due to the volume and the difficulty of hearing in the huddle when they're playing. That then relegated the Rowdies to the other end of the floor.
  7. Much to work on. I thought we were going to see Kwan with his back to the basket more often, but that's apparently no the case. Glad to see Ivey's development. He's finally finding his stride and confidence. I get the idea of putting our three best guards on the floor with Noah, Antino and Josh, but I'm not sure it's working, at least yet. Keith will find the effective rotations before long. JT3 has to be happy. His Georgetown offense is no longer the most plodding offense in DC.
  8. Yes, he was a Pitt recruit, to play WIDE RECEIVER as I recall.
  9. Grand Rapids definitely plans to use him in a "better role" than Akron. They plan to not make him the focus of the offense or give him more credit than he is due for his level of effort.
  10. No, not at all. That's what I expected of the game.
  11. Lil Cray looked good in the scrimmage which had all of the defense and intensity of the NBA All-Star game.
  12. That was pretty awful. I bailed early, after the men's scrimmage. The sound system was the system of the DJ and anyone speaking to the crowd was unintelligible, especially the shrill young lady attempting to emcee the event. The events were poorly planned and disjointed with delays and confused participants. The music of the DJ was deafeningly loud. There wasn't a ticket rep in the building. Just...awful.
  13. Chapman's dad was a KSU coach and he spent a lot of time there as a kid. As such, he was probably pressing waaaaaay too hard.
  14. I wonder if Nick Harney pouts during summer league games.
  15. I sure hope Bethune-Cookman and Lipscomb are back. I can pay for my season tickets just by scalping my tickets for those two highlight games.
  16. I get it, his actions hurt a promising season. I think you miss my point that he was not even a borderline NBA talent. Also, it has been 2 years, I think it's time for us all to get over it.
  17. Tree was a fantastic MAC player. He was not, nor will he ever be, an NBA talent.
  18. If he wouldn't adapt, there's no way NBA players expend the effort his defense requires.
  19. I wouldn't give up a good college job for a non-premier NBA job and certainly not for that group of toolbags known as the Houston Rockets.
  20. Well now you've done it. You know this is going on your permanent record, right?
  21. Sure, I'd love the Zips to be in a P5 conference, but it's a two way street. If I was single, I'd like to date Kate Upton, but she probably would not return my call. Those conferences have to want you, and that's not happening without a sustained period of success against teams of that level. I would opt for smaller advances, to a conference like the AAC. As for critical posters, this is an online discussion forum, People taking a contrary position or asking questions is part of a discussion, not a cause for excessive whining.
  22. He's not an NBA player, well, maybe the Nepal Basketball Association. He can dream, but he's not even a solid NDBL level talent at this point.
  23. The only goof on here that I recall wanting changes was some guy with a name like Old Man Crowe, after the tournament. Making suggestions to improve the schedule isn't an indictment of the program's leadership. GoZips was corrected for essentially defaming the Courage Award winner by completely misidentfying and mischaracterizing her.
  24. I think some of us understand that UA is trying to improve the schedule, but at the same time, I can't understand the pi$$y attitude towards fans wanting that stronger schedule or challenging the credibility of statements about things like UA joining the ACC or questioning UA turning down $60K to play. It's a DISCUSSION based forum, not an "I'll take my keyboard and go home now" forum because you're somehow offended by the other side of the discussion.
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