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  1. The year we think RPI is unimportant the committee will decide it is important. That's the problem with the committee- any member is free to use whatever measure they want, whether it's RPI, Kenpom, pompom, coin flip or magic 8 ball.
  2. This tournament again shows that the story EVERY YEAR is about the small school underdogs, the Arkansas Little Rocks, Steven F, Austins, Middle Tennessees and the like. That's what draws the interest of the common fans. Maybe, just maybe, the NCAA will wake up some day and realize that mid-majors spur interest and extend the reach of the game.
  3. People seem to forget or not realize that scheduling a game requires more than one team wanting it.
  4. As long as JT3 is coaching Georgetown, the Hoyas will be beatable!
  5. Anyone who hasn't suffered through seasons of Coleman Crawford and Dan Hipsher doesn't get a vote on Dambrot. I am shocked at the lack of perspective of some of the posters and their inability to fathom the fact that a change has two probable outcomes- a young coach who does well and leaves you in two years putting you back at ground zero or a mediocre one that stays too long (see Rob Senderoff).
  6. I'll miss all three of the seniors. Reggie and Jake always played hard and their shooting will be hard to replace. Pat looked disinterested and occasionally confused this season. When he showed up at UA I thought we really had something as his footwork for a big man was outstanding, but there just never seemed to be any improvement.
  7. I was screaming at the TV and wanted the Zips to win as much as anybody, but holy smokes, the area law enforcement agencies better start watching bridges for jumpers today given the tone on here. It was a damn NIT game, a game in a tournament to determine 69th place in NCAA basketball. There's a reason some kids get recruited to UA and some kids get recruited to OSU, and that came through last night in crunch time when "bigger, faster, stronger" prevails. It's time to thank the seniors for their four years and move on with hopes that the program hasn't plateaued and can get more of the "bigger, stronger, faster" kids.
  8. Hmmmmmmm, the guys calling the game who make their living watching college basketball think KD's a pretty good coach.
  9. I It means they played their last game in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.
  10. KD's comments were essentially that he likes to run the offense through Big Dog, not unlike he did through LBJ. I was an analogy to one aspect of the offense, not a comparison of the players. Also, one thing this forum lacks is the a setting to put obnoxious posters on ignore.
  11. Kwan seems like a great kid, but I wish he would have the revelation that we have enough three point shooters but not enough big men and adjust his game accordingly. If he'd direct his energies to rebounding and defense, he could really make a difference in a game like this where we are at a size and athleticism disadvantage.
  12. I'd like to see traditionally good mid-majors on the schedule- Creighton, Butler, Wichita State and the like. Throw in some traditional area powers like a UC, Dayton or Xavier. You can get some of the bigger schools out of early season tournaments.
  13. Check out John Feinstein's CBS Minute on the plight of the mid-majors. Pretty succinct and insightful. http://www1.play.it/audio/cbs-sports-minute/5-21-jim-rome-cbs-sports-minute-on-jr-smith/
  14. Gotta love a forum where KD's auditioning for the OSU job while others suggest he should be fired. Unbelievable. The amusing thing is that both of those positions are wildly wrong. KD's going nowhere until he retires from Ohio Polytechnic.
  15. The release of the leaked bracket makes the committee even less credible.
  16. dirtyoltroll- would you prefer a Stan Heath or a Dan Hispsher? That would be the result of your position. Time to move on.
  17. As for KD, that was not a greatly coached game, but let's get some perspective. We have the good fortune of being able to keep him because of an unfortunate ghost in his past. As a result, we've been able to retain a top notch coach over the long term, something schools other than places like Duke and North Carolina are unable to do. The alternative for a mid-major is try to hire the strong up and comer and if he's good you lose him in two years to a bigger program. Thanks, but no thanks, I don't want to be that Portage County school or that place in Athens where uncertainty comes every two or three years or I end up with Kelvin Sampson's phone boy. I'll take 20 wins every damn year, stability and consistency.
  18. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we could run a decent inbounds play from under our basket? I'm so sick of seeing 4 guys not move and a high toss to our big guy out by the wing. We lost one of those tonight in the clutch because Buffalo knew we run it 99.8 % of the time and jumped it. Nice job by the Buffalo coaching staff tonight. Not such a great job by us in making adjustments. Buffalo certainly looked like the more athletic squad.
  19. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddgggge. Can we please just just once get our a$$e$ on someone when the ball goes up. I realize that without Pat we're undersized, but damn, we could box out. Oh, and I hate that I was right on Kwan. Here we come NIT. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddgggge.
  20. Kwan needs to show up tonight focused on defense and boards, and not force shots. We need his length and defense, not his long range shooting in this one.
  21. Lillard is a real player. I saw him play at Cleveland Central Catholic. Late in the state championship game last year he threw down a huge dunk but was called for a technical for hanging on the rim, which ended up in a tie which they lost in OT.
  22. Let's hope that subjectivity does not include notoriety from a team being on Sportscenter because of the antics of their bench.
  23. I get that Monmouth had some nice wins. I won't include ND or Georgetown in that description. My gut feeling is that the MAAC was just not a very good league this year and we took it to their league champ, the same team that beat Monmouth in their league championship. As such , the Zips belong in any at large discussion as much as Monmouth. If they lose this week, I don't think the Zips will get an at large bid, but they deserve to be in the discussion as much as Monmouth.
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