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  1. AyYo


    Youngstown State announced their schedule last month and they start the season on February 14, so we'll see when the Zips schedule is announced. Should be announced in the next few weeks!
  2. AyYo


    Isn't that a week or so earlier than the season usually starts? I feel like in the past, the season usually started around the 10th. I'm not mad about it though!
  3. Great breakout season for the women's volleyball team!
  4. It's a regular season game for Akron and an exhibition for Malone.
  5. Well. that's good to hear then. Thanks!
  6. According to the Zips schedule on the ESPN app, the following additional games are also on ESPN platforms: Nov. 15 vs NC Central (ESPN3) Nov. 18 vs SC Upstate (ESPN+) Nov. 21 vs YSU (ESPN+) Nov. 24 at Louisville (ACC Network) Dec. 30 vs UMASS (ESPN3) Jan. 4 at EMU (ESPN+) Jan. 7 vs WMU (ESPN+) Jan. 18 vs Toledo (ESPN3) Jan. 28 vs Buffalo (ESPN+) Mar. 3 vs Ohio (ESPN+) I'm sure others will be added as we get closer to those games.
  7. They aren't injured or they aren't ready? And if they aren't ready, how long does it look like they'll be out?
  8. A Zips win and a WVU win tonight would put the Zips up by 3 points over WMU with one match left.
  9. I thought I read somewhere (probably on here) that Cheese and LCJ are injured? Will they be ready for this game?
  10. Coach Embick said on the recap video from the Twitter account that Carlo suffered an injury in training yesterday but should be back on Friday.
  11. With Akron and WMU being probably the best two teams in the MAC and both being 1-0-1 with three games left, does anyone know what the tiebreaker would be if these two teams finished tied for 1st?
  12. Going to a 2nd OT with Akron looking good for being down a man. Let's find a goal!
  13. 22 minutes left and we're looking much more the likely team to score, if there's a goal left in this match. Let's get the goal!!
  14. 6-0 against UAB, but I think that's the only time.
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