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Game 11- Maine


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3 hours ago, NWAkron said:

Yes, a general early season malaise that will quickly turn around with more games like last night.   Better being let down in December (See John Groce page 32) than in March (see Keith Dambrot page 20, 21, 23 and Footnote 8).

Well said. 


And “let down” is perfectly fair. It doesn’t mean Zips fans are disappointed or disgruntled. It’s just been a bit of a pain to see so many growing pains thus far. It’s understandable, but still a bit frustrating. The Zips should have beaten Nevada, and probably Marshall too. And they shot so poorly against the two SEC teams, who they both led in the 2nd half. If they beat NV and Marshall and keep those other two in control, they’re talked and rated just as highly as the team they beat by 20 in the MAC title game. However, they’ve showed up in big games (though haven’t really beaten anyone) and they Zips have 3 double digit losses to great teams, and a choke job against a comparable team. This home stand has been good medicine though, and I have a much better feeling going into Peioria on Thursday. That would be a signature win for the MAC this year. 

And yeah, UA’s marketing strategy is so whack. Like I said of the SDSU game, if you weren’t a die-hard fan, how would you know the game is happening? Sure, the opponents as a whole should be better. But this team was in the NCAA tournament 9 months ago, and even the home opening crowd was abysmal. 

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