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  1. It was a prerecorded clip lol. They do have some fans now
  2. There’s nobody there did something happen?
  3. I’m usually very optimistic with our games but we have just been ugly all weekend. Idk if it’s the jet lag or work effort or the weird gym or what. FIU isn’t very good or else we could be staring at a 2.5 skid of ugly basketball. Let’s turn this around and try and escape 5-1
  4. Good lord this tournament has broken any confidence we had coming in
  5. This court causes weird things lol. This whole weekend is bizarro world im convinced
  6. Ugh what a bleh finish. Need to adjust and get the ball to Dawson more
  7. Freeman single handily caught us up in the foul game. He’s drawing a portrait with all these drawed fouls
  8. Not happy with our fouls so far this tournament. I can’t see if it’s ticky tacky or if it’s on us
  9. I can hear Groce very vividly when they’re on the offensive side on the radio
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