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  1. Big East new TV and Streaming deal Looks like some sort of new service is coming for men’s soccer
  2. Wait is that confirmed Cleveland is a first and second round site?
  3. It’d be impossible to get in but a game at St V would be very neat. Might even get lebron to show up if it’s like a “Dambrot Night” honoring him
  4. I would LOVE Zeke Mayo. You could tell Groce loved him when we faced him both years. I just wonder if he liked us as well when he came to Akron last year
  5. Give Bass some help!!! That should be the main goal to get her to a tournament in her senior year. She deserves the love and support that the men get but she can’t win by herself (most people can’t). Especially if the men are focused on developing a younger core it’d be a great opportunity for the women’s team to go all in and capitalize on the success of women’s college basketball the last few years!
  6. Freeman’s childhood dream is to be on the Cavs. If the Cavs give him a g league deal I think it’d be a great opportunity for him. Especially cause they are willing to develop players and call them up to the league. Freeman needs to continue to work on his shooting and playing as a wing or power forward. If he doesn’t get any good offers then i hope he does what makes him happy
  7. Waiting til the transfer portal to calm to judge. It’ll be a new era in Akron we will see if this current one got enough attention for Groce to run it back with new players
  8. Damn he’s one double double away from the NCAA record… if he would’ve gotten one more rebound last game 😮‍💨. Would be standing alone
  9. (Taking a social media break for lent but had to make one post today) I just bawled my eyes out singing we are the champs. I've watched every eff'n game. All the struggles and down games and I believed and prayed. My biggest regret was not going to the game in 2022. WE ARE CHAMPS AGAIN. WINNING IS EVEN BETTER THE SECOND TIME
  10. It 100% is. The g league ignite caused a lot of prospects to skip college completely. The gap between the top 25 and the rest of the field is way smaller than the past. It’ll create a lot of upsets but overall the talent pool has shrunk
  11. Hello everybody! Since were in a "bye week" in basketball I decided to get everyone excited about the baseball season. Your Akron Zips finished 21-34 last season despite the coaching disaster to start the year. Now am I expecting us to win the MAC? Hell no. However I think .500 should be a goal for this season to continue to improve off of the best season the baseball program has had since they returned. A new era begins with Bryan Faulds taken over as head coach so I am curious how the zips will come out this year. They start out the year with Illinois in a neutral site and will return home on March 8th for a game against Toledo. The softball team is coming off of a 28-23 season and received a first place vote in the MAC preseason poll and were listed at 4th I believe. They start out on February 16th and will be back home on March 15th. Wanted to include them in case they make some noise in the MAC. I am not an expert though. Happy for baseball to be back this week and I am very excited to see Akron and other College Baseball games (gotta find out who the guardians will draft at number 1 this year) this spring!
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