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  1. The Cheese no longer stands alone.. But, Xeyriusly folks...
  2. Never mind that his child has cancer... But, you go right on with your "reasoning". And if you think that bond ratings don't matter to any business that is trying to financially correct itself (not even taking into account the lack of state funding ), then maybe it's time for you to take a basic level finance class. "Spend like there's no tomorrow" Proenza is exactly the reason the university is in this mess. Enjoy your beer, I'm going back to the relative sanity of the basketball threads.
  3. Not to be nit-picky, but it's "your". And I noticed how you selectively picked out 1 topic, the most irrelevant part. Let me know about the bond ratings after you get your financial facts in order.?
  4. I wonder how the actual financial analysts were duped into improving the university's credit rating? And, if having an "agenda" is defined as offering a rebuttal to an attacking opinion, then guilty as charged. And, please excuse my use of hyperbole to make a point.
  5. 1. That's great. 2. Sure. 3. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one. 4. See #3. 5. Maybe you should cut back on sugar and caffeine. Your heart will thank you.
  6. Your agenda is crystal clear. Your ongoing diatribe on the basketball board, as well as here, belies your supposed "support" that you claim. Oh, nice touch quoting yourself from the Ohio.com site. The man improved the financial position of the University, attracted more students and increased donations. But people like yourself, and the faculty who cry to the editorial board at the local rag when someone dares to tell them that we have to cut back until we can improve our position, can't handle that. Keep right on claiming that you support the university. It's fake news.
  7. Last thing the Beacon or the Board of Trustees wants is someone that is trying to better himself. Crazy talk. Nevermind that 22% raise he got still makes his salary less than his 2 predecessors, who got housing and country club membership on taxpayers.
  8. Dan Hurley going to UConn.. 1st domino??
  9. Heck, you don't even use your email
  10. Yes, a headline grabber that leads to an article that goes on to refute what the headline conveys. Beacon at its finest.
  11. This is the 3rd editorial by Michael Douglas, et al, that questions President Wilson. He must be drinking buddies with Matt Becker, who is still upset that U of A wasn't renamed Poly U.
  12. There's an emptiness inside, but it's tempered by the anticipation of what lies ahead. Must be like Barbra Streisand feels after one of her dogs died, but before the new cloned one has arrived.
  13. I'm guessing the Metamucil crowd won't be up for a 9 PM tip-off, so I may actually get a seat in the first 20 rows of Sec 108 107
  14. Good thing my phone has a battle-tested case on it. ....just sayin Oh, and thank God Cotton came back from that mystery suspension
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