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  1. Great start in the MAC. Not what I suspected though.
  2. Agree. The playoffs are for the very few. And we are in Ohio.
  3. If that does not work, Call the President office! And I mean it.
  4. Nice. Who would have th6by 28. I still thought BG looked like they had a athletic or talent edge.
  5. We need to pick a tailgate date
  6. I have three in my family that work in hospitals and none are overly concerned. Cautious yes. What is basis of 25x? I expect the number of cases to go up now that testing has started.
  7. Anyone have any info on students going to BG? They had a nice showing at Cant.
  8. Last two games I have talked to three parents, none that I know. When asked to comment on their kids experience now vs Bowden all have said much better now. None are current starters. I have heard Arth talk a few times and pretty impressed. Yes at some point it needs to translate to wins.
  9. Did anyone at the ABJ even read the article before putting it in the paper. It's an Illini article
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