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Skip, I mentioned that problem here. To the best of my knowledge there was never a solution to this. It's apparently a problem related to the latest version of Internet Explorer that comes with Windows 8.1. It got me to switch to Firefox while others are using Google Chrome.

I think it's a compatabilit issue with all Internet Explorers. I've used many versions, each doesn't work. Chrome works like a charm.

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In that other thread I mentioned the quote and copy/paste features did work OK for me when I tried them on an older computer with Windows Vista and an older version of Internet Explorer (9.0).

Later this year Microsoft will be making Windows 10 a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1. Windows 10 will come with an all-new browser called Spartan, which is supposed to be more like Chrome and Firefox. That may resolve the issue as most will take advantage of the no-cost upgrade to Windows 10, which early beta testers say is a major improvement over previous versions of Windows.

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25 minutes ago, Football grandma said:

I pushed the button to quote a reply then changed my mind. The quoted reply keeps returning. How do I cancel a quote?

Try clicking on the quote box and hitting the keyboard delete button. If that doesn’t work, just complete a nul post and a moderator will delete it. 

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