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Nice to see the announcement today that the Mid-American Conference is bringing back the baseball tournament, and that it's going to be back in Avon.  Six teams will make the cut, and it should be a good chance to see how the Zips match up by next May.  We went one year and saw 5 games in two days before having to head back home, and it was a lot of fun, except the stadium needs a few shade areas.  It got hot!

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The 2014 and 2015 tournament runs by Akron were electric. I was there for their final games before the program got cut. They were getting hammered by Ball State in their first game of the day where they needed to win to stay alive. They put in all the seniors as a last hurrah and somehow rallied to win. Every Akron fan was ready to pack it in, then about an hour later we were all figuring out what to do in the couple hours between games. They played Ball State again after a couple hours and Ball State made a similar comeback to beat the Zips. Wild day, so much fun.




Zips scored 8 in B9 to win 9-8




Then the final game before the program was cut, Ball State put up 4 in B9 to win 9-8. Walk-off was hit by some guy named Zach Plesac.

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Awesome news. I live 4 miles from Crushers Stadium now. This just makes it feel like a legit sport again. Now I just hope we’re done hiring clowns to run the program and it can be a legit program again.

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