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  1. This only shows that Houston did not do their homework. God bless him if he can earn PT there.
  2. B & G, you have laid out a team poised to win again. Thanks. I disagree that Tribble should be a starter. His offense (no outside shot, TO's when he goes into the lane against better teams) limits what he gives us against the best of the MAC during the season and in the tournament. I would rather see us invest in Nate, Prather or Marvin even Darrion during the year as we prepare for the tournament. There will be a lot of angst during that time with many learning opportunities for these younger players, but the upside is worth it. Greg can come off the bench giving us leadership, defense and energy. Change is needed to play with the best.
  3. Brilliant analysis ME102! I feel smarter just reading your work. There are some good candidates out there.One of them will make a good coach for us and do what MJ couldn't.
  4. I agree with ol'Zippy. Tavari has a far greater upside. Garvin can play the point, but has little offense. He hesitates on his 3 pointers. When he goes in the paint he clearly demonstrates why he has earned the rep as the most blocked guard in the MAC. Sometimes he works magic in the lane, but not often enough to overcome his blocks and TO's. I'd rather give the PT to Tavari altho' I don't see him as our starting PG. Hope Groce can mine the TP.
  5. I'd respect Groce's decision if he wanted Ali back. That being said if John called to make the decision I'd say good luck somewhere else. Not because he left, but because he is soft on defense, rebounding and character.
  6. Many posters seem to have a differing opinion but I feel, while Kent won the game, they didn't beat us - we beat ourselves. Too many TO's were not the result of defense, but stupidity and bad basketball IQ. On top of that Groce, who I love, got outcouched. Carry put X under great pressure. When Tribble and Clarke had the ball it was a TO waiting to happen whenever they went into the lane. The better team won.
  7. Bought my tickets and ready to go to Cleveland. We are ready for Portage County Vo Tech. Nothing new for this game. We know our ZeeFence can win the game, even when the shots aren't falling. Groce can outcoach Pinky. The sky-blue guards are very good, but they lack character. Our guys have it in spades and we never quit. They find away to win. Looking forward to seeing Insincere skipping all the way to the locker room with another L.
  8. I have to go public and admit that I like Reghi. There I said it and I feel a burden is off my shoulders. It's good to finally come out. He has a few shortcomings, but all in all I like the way he calls MAC games. There is no doubt in my mind, a dangerous place to go, that he loves the Zips. He tries to stay impartial and does a fairly good job at it. Yet when the Zips are winning he can quickly evolve into a Zip homer. I love when that happens.
  9. I will re-up even though I can't make all games. I feel this program has great hope for the future and I want to be part of the folks that help make it happen, even in a small way.
  10. Incredibly horrible decision. The MAC office is brain dead to take the most heated rivalry in the MAC and reduce it to mid-week oblivion that no one will see. This is so stupid it defies logic. There has got to be something that can be done to change it. Neither school fanbase wants this.
  11. Our performance at the MAC indoors is flat out unacceptable. The new HC was supposed to have rebuilt Sn Jose State's program but they did not have the history nor expectations of our much acclaimed program, both men and women. I hope someone on this board can offer concrete reasons why we will be back on top where we belong. At one time both men and women had broken into the top 25 ranking in the country.
  12. Catdaddy, it seems to me that we are recruiting DL players who are long on potential, but short on actual performance. Hence the lack of significant D1 offers from other schools. What are your thoughts?
  13. I also thought our team was lucky to have a true point when Camp came in. It didn't take much time to see that discipline was not her strong suit. As the season went on she played more and more out of control and her TO's mounted up. MJ was faced with a huge dilemma, play Camp and tolerate her or turn to Thorpe, who proved to be Inadequate for D1 play. I wish the staff could have coached up both of them but we all see how that has gone. Neither seemed capable of improving.
  14. I guess when the team is displaying incompetence despite having reasonable, but not great, talent some of our fans have to blame something other than the coaches and players. This administration has funded this program in the top half of the MAC and given it all it needed to play winning, if not championship, basketball.
  15. Thank you Topper. That is good to hear. I think there is nothing more beautiful than seeing our athletes glide around the track and smoking everyone else. Go Zips!
  16. I share your concern for the T & F program. Coach Mitchell had a hell of a staff. They recruited way above our pay grade and put the program in the top 25 in the country. With Mitchell leaving we lost a lot of talent. I hope the new staff can recruit. So far I'm not seeing it. Our performance in meets reflects it. I hated to lose Mitchell. He was great and to lose him to Illinois as their pole vault coach, at higher pay than he received for being our HC, hurts even more. Kent is back to kicking our ass in T & F and that is unacceptable, no matter how good Kent is.
  17. This team is not getting the coaching that it needs. That applies to the entire staff. The players are there to be capable of better performances. Change is most certainly coming.
  18. I spoke with Jared recently. Chong is conditioning and rehabbing, but will see no playing time or practice this Spring. He will continue on his return program and will be ready for the Fall. He may not get much playing prep in the summer depending on his progress. He took one hell or a cheap shot and it will take time to recover. Wish him all the best. He can be a key part of the Zips return to the final four. We will see.
  19. Froelich is the real deal. She built a national championship level program at Ashland. I wish we had acted to grab her before BG but we did not want to eat the remaining year(s) of our coach's contract. Cleveland is not going to save this staff.
  20. Every butt in the stands makes a difference. I still believe ZNO can make a difference with the passionate and informed following on this board. If we all make an effort and invite a friend it will be an intense environment. I'll be there too. It will be great game. Support this gifted team while we have 'em. Go Zips!
  21. Still no recap of the game, just the box score. I guess it is too painful for who the member of Sports Information who writes up the recap. Awww! Too bad. Does it hurt your little head?
  22. The PCCC game was magical and universally praised. When we look to Toledo Tuesday night there's a different vibe. Some are worried about a letdown. Others feel we will slip back into past attendance history with 1/3 of the JAR filled. I say why not build on our success and keep it going? I know there are many reasons why some feel that can't be done. This is NE Ohio, by the way, and we are used to disappointment. Yet we can make a difference. There are thousands of posters on this board alone. If we buy a ticket and bring a friend we can do it ourselves. I am coming from Columbus and will bring a friend. How about the rest of the board finding a way to get there? We can start something big if we want to. Be part of the solution and stop rehashing the past troubles. These Zips are what we have wanted for decades. Beat the Rockets!
  23. What was it that made this game so great? Was it the rivalry? Was it the play of the Zips? Was it the hype? Was it the crowd? You could not go wrong citing any of those factors. The thing that sticks out to me is the response and energy of the students. Most season ticket holders and GA ticket buyers don't bring fanaticism. The students do and when you see that you want to return to see it again and again. They were there for the CSU game in the 80's (biggest UA attendance ever; the cap't was right, they were in the aisles, I was a season ticket holder in the lower bowl and I could not get out b/c of all the people sitting in the aisle). Same was true for soccer during the 2010 season. The students were everywhere and the games turned into events that you had to be there to witness. I hope this brings students back to the JAR. If they come so will the public. I'll be there Tuesday. let's fill the JAR again.
  24. I watched the Butler - Providence game a week ago. Ali got a lot of playing time and was a total non-factor. On O he stayed out on the perimeter and passed most of the time he got the ball. He never, ever followed a shot whether it was his or a teammates. He set no picks and did not move, cut to the basket or shake a defender. On D he played like last year which was not bad, except he also did not rebound. The Big East is more physical, he played like he was soft. The one thing missing was his dribble-dribble, holding he ball for 20 seconds while backing down his defender in the paint producing a turnaround jumper. Not once did he do what was his signature, maddening move as a Zip. To tell the truth he is one transfer that I don't regret. Groce plays a more physical brand of D than Ali is capable. He has not bought into our style of play and this team is better w/o him. I hope he is happy being closer to his girlfriend in Dayton, playing 20 minutes per game with little production and on a team that is going nowhere this season.
  25. Very proud of the team and our fans tonight. The game looked fabulous on TV. How can you watch a game like this and not want to play for UA? I hope we had some recruits there tonight. Can't get too high though. We have to play Toledo, Balls and PCCC again. But Good Lord does it feel great to be Zip tonight. Congrats to the team and all fans who attended. You were great!
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