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  1. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    We still have the best apparel deal of any MAC basketball program and we have one of the largest basketball budgets of any MAC program. As long as the program retains its funding, it will remain an attractive job relative to other MAC schools.
  2. Akron travels on the road this Saturday to face the Redhawks who are still winless in conference play. Akron, who has yet to win a game on the road this year, likely won't have a better opportunity to pick up a road win than this game here. I hate throwing out must wins this early in the year, but if we hope to be a top 4 seed in Cleveland, this is IMO a must win. Miami is led by a pair of sophomores Nike Sibande and Dalonte Brown who combine to average 31.1 ppg and 9.7 boards. Kenpom ranks their offense 104th best in NCAA and their defense 284th, which is be dead last in the MAC.
  3. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    On a some what related note to my last post. We've asked Utomi to be our de facto stretch 4. He's getting outsized by 3-4 inches and I can only guess how many pounds per game. I think he's done a good job defensively for his size to not be exploited, but I wonder if it has had an impact on his offensive game. One has to think he's spending quite a bit of energy to make up for his size.
  4. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    A couple things about rebounding. First off, It doesn't help when our best rebounder is only 6'4. Secondly, it doesn't help we're forced to play 4 guards and only 1 big because frankly we have no other choice. Hell tonight there was a stretch we played 5 guards and no bigs. We've gotten very little production from our bigs.
  5. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Yes, the MAC should be significantly weaker next season. If we're still battling to just get a home 1st round game, I'll have my pitchfork sharpened and ready to go.
  6. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    It's getter tougher and tougher to put forth the effort to make it out to the games.
  7. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Understatement of the year
  8. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Effort was there, but frankly we suck on the offensive end. We desperately need to recruit shooters.
  9. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    We have to have the worst offense in the entire MAC
  10. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    Never too early to start discussing Akron/PCCC basketball
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    With how bad the athletic department is hurting for money, I wouldn't be surprised to see us get bought 2x per year. It's a quick way for the athletic department to boost revenue by ~$1.5 mil/year.
  12. Welcome Tom Arth!

    It's a downgrade IMO. Outside of OSU, who I wouldn't mind playing every year, I think the Clemson and Auburn games are downgrades. We can stay competitive and perhaps upset a Nebraska, Iowa State, Northwestern (like we did this year). We're going to get massacred by a Dabo Swinney led Clemson.
  13. Welcome Tom Arth!

    It looks like we had a 2 for 1 deal with Kentucky (away in 2021 & 2024 and then home in 2023). I don't see those games in the press release. Maybe Kentucky and Akron came to an agreement to eliminate those games.
  14. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    I really think the Zips are the better team, but outside of the Nevada game, which I felt we played good despite losing, we've struggled mightily on the road. I want to say we'll win, but it's hard for me to be confident until we show we can actually win on the road.
  15. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    We already have 3 signings and Ivey is the only senior. The scholarship is already accounted for.
  16. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    If that's what you want to call being kicked off the team, K-Lac was going to in all likelihood get "kicked off" of Akron at the end of this season. He saved Groce the tough discussion.
  17. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    Before last nights game, I'm counting 9 DNPs this season for K-Lac. He wasn't going to get meaningful minutes this season. Him transferring now honestly is the best thing for him. He could waste a semester of eligibility picking up a few garbage minutes here or there or he can un-enroll and be immediately eligible to play for his next team come the spring semester of next year. Meaning he would only miss the OOC portion of the schedule. Frankly, I would do the same if I was in his situation.
  18. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    First off, where are you reading that Khadim Gueye got kicked off USC? He left voluntarily to get more playing time. Secondly, Groce had to scramble to sign something like 8 scholarships with whatever was left after pretty much all other schools finalized their classes. Naturally some of these guys weren't going to stick. This brings me to my next point. I'm still counting 6 scholarship players, even after K-Lac departure, who were on last years roster. How is 1/2 equate to just about all? Third, you act like Dambrot didn't have stuff happen under his watch. Starting PG got caught selling drugs and another was accused of being a woman beater. This is an isolated incidence.
  19. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    If that's the stance you wish to take, why would you waste taxpayer dollars before deporting him?
  20. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Yes, it would be wise to arrive Friday and depart Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised to see the tip-off time moved to an earlier time for fan travel.
  21. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    If the Zips program can survive a woman beater and drug dealer scandal, it will survive this. Richard Jefferson wrote a piece in the Players Tribune the other day that said player scuffles were a pretty common event during his playing days. We just normally don't hear about them. This obviously went well beyond a little pushing and shoving. The kid needs kicked off the team and removed from the university. People will forget about this in 6 months just like they forgot about that Kent State football player who took his gf hostage a couple years back.
  22. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    We don't know how many punches were thrown nor the proximity of the other players/coaches were to intervene. The guy throwing the punches was a 7 footer who actively hits the weight room. He wouldn't need to land many blows to do damage. I'm under the impression the coaching staff and the other 15 or so players did what they could to break it up as fast as they could. It's an unfortunate incidence, but let's just not jump to conclusions.
  23. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    From my seat in the JAR it looked like Riak passed up what looked to be an easy path to an uncontested dunk with about 30 seconds left. Instead he passed it off then settled for a 15 footer at the end of the shot clock. We got lucky that layup got missed after that Riak mid-range jumper. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Overall, I was happy with the 40 minutes of effort.
  24. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    If I had to guess there are probably 2200 shirts left. Not everyone rush in to get one at once
  25. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    Rumor has it that he has a face that makes you want to punch it...too soon?