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  1. LCJ unsurprisingly named MAC East Player of the Week. https://gozips.com/news/2020/2/17/mens-basketball-jackson-earns-third-mac-weekly-honor.aspx?fbclid=IwAR12-RRqFkfmeXgGH3gUa2A8i7ZI5hqCDJEzXKxSm1lK89urlyjObgCOHbM
  2. 7-17 (1-11) Fordham just missed a 3 that would have sent the game to OT...
  3. We would have lost to EMU had EMU shot their season average.
  4. Sayles has been a good teammate thus far by not showing his displeasure of falling out of the rotation, but I'd be surprised to see him in a Zips uniform next season. As a freshmen he was playing 14.6 m/g. Last season he played 12.4 m/g. This season he's down to 5.4 and hasn't even appeared in the Zips last 2 games. Unlike some other Zips transfers who really weren't good enough to play D1 basketball, I could see Sayles being a meaningful contributor on an America East caliber team.
  5. I want both the #1 seed and tournament win. https://images.app.goo.gl/ZZMazWQiCvRvAtqs5
  6. After Thursday, when CMU plays Miami, all teams will have played equal number of games.
  7. I think you forget how bad the A10 was last year. Had VCU won the conference tournament, the A10 would have been a single bid conference. This year they have 2-3 teams that are good enough to get an at-large.
  8. Just for the bench to blow the lead because they go on a 5 minute scoring drought? No thanks.
  9. Those were ESPN employees. I can't imagine CMU broadcasters would be anywhere near that bad. They had trouble pronouncing player names and its not like any of these guys had that challenging of names. I guess that's why they're on ESPNU instead of one of Disney's flagship stations.
  10. Starting is overrated IMO. If he's getting 22-25 minutes off the bench, he's still playing the same number of minutes you're proposing. If Reece comes in off the bench after the 1st media tv timeout he's probably going to be our #3 scoring option. If he starts, he's going to be the #5 option. Riak being an offensive liability isn't that big of a deal when we have the big 4 (Xeyrius, Cheese, LCJ, and Banks) on the floor. He becomes more exposed when he has to share the court with multiple members of the freshmen 3.
  11. I agree that Reece should see an uptick in minutes. I still think Riak should start for 2 reasons. 1) Reece is the only one that can consistently score on the bench 2) Reece has a bad habit of committing dumb fouls, which could lead to him getting into early foul trouble. I'd start Riak, but try to play Reece 22-25 of the minutes. I do think the offense for defense substitutions near the end of games is the right call.
  12. There is a scene in Semi-Pro where Will Farrell's character makes a basket and after the make the entire team starts high fiving one another. Meanwhile, the other team inbounds the pass and just runs down the floor for an uncontested layup. This reminds me of Toledo this year. They're one of the best offensive teams in the MAC this season. Kenpom currently has them #2 in the MAC for offensive efficiency. Their issue is they don't play defense. Currently they're rated as the 3rd worst MAC defense by Kenpom.
  13. If any of you guys need a stream for the game. http://newsgratification.com/espnu.html
  14. At-large bids are given to teams, not conferences. Duquesne has losses to UAB, Marshall, and UMass, two of which we beat. We have pretty much the exact odds of getting an at-large as them, which rounds down to 0%. They have 1 path to the tournament. The same as us. Maybe next year they can capitalize on the A-10 being a multi-bid conference, but they already shot themselves in the foot this year.
  15. The A10 has 2-3 teams that could potentially get an at-large. Dayton currently being the only lock. Duquesne has a ZERO percent chance of being one of those other 1-2 teams.
  16. You have them winning the A10 tourney? There is a good chance they won't even get an at-large to the NIT.
  17. I wish Akron was this clever on social media. Students might actually find them humorous enough to follow, which might actually lead to them knowing when games get played.
  18. They're an okay team. They can be a pretty decent team when they're able to dictate pace. They become extremely exposed offensively and defensively when they have to play a half court game. Toure absolutely destroyed them last game as they had no answer. It's why I said earlier in the thread that Reece may have a big day.
  19. Edit: *Me looking at the rankings and seeing there are 3 teams on our schedule who are ranked worse than us.*
  20. I feel this is a game Reece can make a huge impact. CMU has a small front court. Reece isn't all that big himself, but he plays big.
  21. The 3 ball certainly doesn't appear to be a part of Tribble's game at the moment. He's played 379 minutes and has only attempted 6 of them, often passing up wide open looks. That's not to say he won't develop the ability and/or confidence at some point to shoot them. Dawson sat out the entire fall semester without practicing with the team. He's played in 11 games thus far and is averaging under 5 minutes per game (51 minutes total). It's hard for any player to develop any sort of rhythm when they're only inserted into a game for 2 minute chunks. That said, he hasn't been shy to shoot it when he's gotten a good look. He's 0-6 thus far, but that's honestly just too small of a sample size to jump to any conclusions. Groce obviously thinks Dawson can shoot it as I've seen him use him in some offense for defense substitutions.
  22. If it exists, I wouldn't know where to find it. We scored 34 points in the paint and an additional 21 at the free throw line. That's a combined 55 points, which doesn't leave much room for catch and shoot baskets. I kind of viewed the lack of assists as Akron adapting to what the defense was giving them. It's good to have that kind of versatility. It might not look like it in the boxscore, as LCJ finished with 28, but BG #1 focus was to keep the ball out of LCJ so we couldn't get set in our normal offense. Even after they made baskets, they'd front him so that the inbounder would have to pass it to Cheese or someone else to get the ball pass the mid-court.This seemed to open up lanes to the basket. https://gozips.com/sports/mens-basketball/stats/2019-20/bowling-green/boxscore/6172
  23. Yeah, overall I'd say Ali has been the most consistent. He has played solid defense and hasn't made many plays that have killed us. He's an offensive liability at the moment, but has been a serviceable body that has embraced his role. Tribble has had a few decent games this season, mostly during OOC play against inferior competition. I think him and Dawson will end up being really good for us at some point. Both have kind of just made a lot of sloppy turnovers and inopportune fouls. I'd categorize them as freshmen mistakes. Both probably played their best all around game of MAC play last night. Hopefully they can both build on that and Groce confidence in them will increase. We'll need them for Cleveland.
  24. Yeah, I expect Plowden's numbers will trend up with Frye no longer in the picture. He'll likely claim a 2nd team nomination by the end of a season. BG is good now, but they will be a force to be reckoned with next season if they can avoid Plowden and Turner from transferring. It's hard for me to include Willie on a 2nd or 3rd team just because Toledo is 4-8. How could any MAC team be that bad if they have 3 of the MAC's top 15 players, especially when 1 of them is top 5? In reality it's probably just a poor reflection on Kowalczyk. I know Toledo fans will say it's because they have no depth, but if you look a cross the MAC that's true for every team besides BG and maybe Kent. Hell we as Akron fans cringe anytime one of the freshmen 3 see the floor.
  25. This is how I'd have it First Team: LCJ M. Jackson Turner German Teague Second Team: Cheese Flowers Graves Preston Knapke/Plowden/McKay (Not really sure on this last spot)
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