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  1. i will be there. i have a field pass which is probably a waste on me since my football IQ is quite low. But I now know to watch the offensive line.
  2. I'm confused more by this than a Clark Griswold post. Today, he said he is playing for the Zips. In May he said he was playing for Mott. Would they say he is a Zip if he is playing a year at a junior college?
  3. #1 There is a lot of construction in and around Akron, especially downtown and a number of one-way streets. However, around the stadium there isn't any construction. Are you staying at a hotel Friday night or arriving on Saturday? I'm not as familiar with the dives around campus, but there are a number of good places to eat within 5-10 minutes of the stadium. Bricco, Crave, Cilantro, and there'a new popular place called Akronym Brewery at the corner of Main and High Streets. Someone else will have to give you a guide to tailgating. With the 0-3 start and the general state of affairs there won't be much of any Akron crowd there.
  4. first of all I never said Arth was the reincarnation of Fleck or Jesus Christ for that matter. My point is that many great coaches have a couple bad years before they get things turned around. And until he turns things around and starts getting wins and winning seasons, it will be open season on him. Also, Arth wasn't the one chirping to Williams, "hey, fired Bowden and hire me." so comparing the two is exercise in futility. As for the culture at Akron, there's a new president coming in and I'm certain if he wants a new direction for athletics he will make the appropriate big changes beginning with Athletic Director. However, if the new president sees that the players academics are better, he will likely give Arth time to prove himself.
  5. This is the thread from the humiliating BG game last year. I don't see any of you Arth haters taking up the torch for Bowden during of after that game. What I see are posters who perpetually complain and like to beat, when it's down, anyone or anything related to the university or its sports teams. Someone posted that they wanted the new coach to be a reincarnation of PJ Fleck. His first year at WMU was 1-11. The previous year WMU was 4-8. Craig Creighton is turning around EMU. His first two seasons were 2-10 and 1-11. I realize that until there are marks in the win column it's open season on Arth and AD Williams and Infocision will remain empty. But those who now defend Bowden who went 1-11 is first year or two, had a peak, and then brought the team back to the bottom of the MAC are simply doing so because they just want to hate. -
  6. Please take your misery somewhere else.
  7. My thoughts match up with those above. Since CMU is having some issues, if the kicking game is even simply average this would look like an opportunity for Zips to make it happen. However, if the kicking game is still horrible, iit will be another loss albeit a closer one.
  8. Ran into Jeff Boals at the Atlanta airport. Ohio has 7 freshmen this year! He listened to me talk MAC basketball for 5 minutes.😑 He's in same row. Any questions u want asked?
  9. I agree with Clark. Not sure why some of you have the need to just drag down the ZipsNation experience for everyone else. We all complain and moan from time to time, but we aren't haters.
  10. Let me catch u up: Bowden would have had us in the BCS playoffs. His teams were highly disciplined and the play- calling top notch. 4-8 and a loss to the lowly BG at home wasn't his fault. Arth is just a pretty face in over his head and was a huge hiring mistake that will destroy the football team and probably the university.
  11. That was just my venting from the stands. Maybe Milwee was in the booth under an assumed name? I thought that was an opportunity for Kato to run it. I watched Arth a lot and liked his enthusiasm. When the defense was on the field, he was over huddled with the offense. After that sequence, I did see Arth go over to the big guy (assume that's OC Zagorski) and have a few brief words.
  12. Thank you for this post. Illinois and UAB aren't like bad teams. It's funny how those on here who praise Bowden as the best thing that ever happened to Akron football were also Dambrot dead-enders. I can understand carrying a torch for Dambrot but Bowden? Some just want to hate.
  13. good. then I guess we won't be hearing from you during basketball season.
  14. https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/09/07/akron-turnover-pencil-sideline-celebration-prop-uab Any publicity...
  15. Also, UAB, Troy, and Illinois aren't Morgan State, Towson, Tennessee Tech, etc. Bowden padded his record with a few of those. What was Bowdens first year record? Cherry Bowl? Big win at NW because of some interceptions then almost blew it because he couldn't run out the clock properly. Who beat Michigan? App State did. Did we beat App State at home? No. How did the Iowa State series turn out?
  16. I am willing to give Arth a chance like I did Groce. Groce is now in his 3rd year and has 99% his own players and has no excuse. Frankly, where our ADs failed over the years is that they weren't mercenary enough in their firings. Bowden should have been gone a year earlier and the same with Dambrot. But the university doesn't have the luxury of buying out contracts like Notre Dame does.
  17. We all like to vent and make clever comparisons but some of you are simply haters and are a real drag.
  18. Because that's your negative personality.
  19. Looks can only get you so far and in this case it's Division 3. Arth better be saving his $ he will be coaching Oberlin in a few years
  20. That was a fire Arth moment. Why? Why? 4th and 1...throw it to Lee 5 yards behind line of scrimmage. What could go wrong? That UAB coach is a lot like that Cherry Bowl coach...hes going to run up the score on Akron
  21. The stats for the half were equal for both teams. Field position was difference. Bad kickoff leads to anotherTD. Best part of game is the highlights from the 1976 Division 2 game
  22. To be fair..the punter's last two were much better. But yeah...0-12...it looks like. I assume Arth didn't recruit Fitchen or Wheeland. What soul-sucking game
  23. Punter. Transfer Portal. Punter. Transfer Portal.
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