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  1. Were you at the Akron/Toledo game at the JAR last year? They have/had the ability to catch on fire. the Jacksons were unstoppable. They cratered last year but were the 7th seed
  2. No. I dont believe they retire #s.
  3. in 2020 seemed like season was on the brink, Zips had lost two games in a row (to albeit tougher teams) Buffalo and Kent then faced Eastern Michigan at the JAR. Zips were down by 6 to the Eagles with 1.06 left. Zips came back with the help of missed free throws by EMU. Fast forward, Zips lose two in a row, season seems on the brink, and pull out a win after being down 7 with 1.30 left with help from Toledo's missed FTs down the stretch.
  4. Choke monsters BG. Book this one to the Zips. No doubt.
  5. That schedule is worth $4million? Maybe 5?
  6. Let me know how this one turns out.
  7. It was fun winning road games while it lasted.
  8. What an utterly humiliating loss for the Zips program. There's enough anxiety in the world without this train wreck.
  9. yeah, we've all been around long enough to get a sense of how a season is going. That being said, this is just an effed up season. BG and Toledo are a class above and Zips be lucky to get a Q Final round game against them in CLE
  10. you mean a guy who will chest bump a ref if warranted?
  11. And lead the entire half. oh...wait..
  12. should be ready to go November 2021.
  13. looks like we will be adding some pepper to that gaping wound the way this is going
  14. uh...let them back in. stupid to give hope to a team with nothing to lose.
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