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  1. Even more reason for surprise that he left. May have seen the writing on the wall. Still hard to imagine Mount Union without a Kehres.
  2. Had a great time at our tailgate in Orlando before the Camping World Bowl. Disappointed to not see any of you there. You must have been somewhere else. Perhaps you were with our team! They didn't show up either! 😒
  3. How 'bout that Buffalo QB? Nice fade pass for the early lead. Gave the Charlotte linebacker something to remember while trying to score at the goal-line. Love the way they rushed to the line of scrimmage for the 4th and 1 TD. Their whole line was laying in the endzone while Kyle scored. Too bad he had an INT on his record for the ill-advised Hail Mary at the end of the first half. Game was never in doubt. Makes for a nice off-season for us. 😉
  4. Apparently Buffalo believes what you say about running backs. It keeps their QB from throwing as much as I would like to see, but it certainly puts them in a good position with the big winds for the Bahamas Bowl.
  5. Did a double-take when I read this after seeing a game at Clemson!
  6. Stadium lights in 1892. That seems pretty early. Impressive. That's almost 100 years before Wrigley Field!
  7. Don't think I've heard about Hanson being offered by Iowa State, though I admit recruiting just hasn't gotten much of my attention this year. We will have a Cyning Day party on Wednesday night for the public, so I will keep my ears open about him.
  8. All you snowbirds, retirees, and vacationers in central Florida are invited to join us for the Camping World Bowl (and tailgate) as Iowa State gets to take on Notre Dame!
  9. "What's that area down there on the end of the field with no hash marks?" "How come we don't get to play in there?" "Why do only other teams get to go in there?"
  10. Interesting that I heard no mention of Bowden for the job in Tallahassee! 😉
  11. As the TV announcer said on Friday during the Buffalo game, "Their QB is really good at handing off!"
  12. We aren't naive enough to think that he would want to stay here forever, but we do believe him when he says he is building something. And we have a history of that sort of thing around here. Kirk Ferentz has been at Iowa for 20+ years and Bill Snyder was at Kansas State for at least 100 years. Campbell has been amazing at recruiting, including the defensive line which has always been a struggle for us. Last year, he recruited two 4-star running backs in one class! It seems that his name came up in the Florida State, Missouri, and Arkansas coach searches, but we aren't too worried about losing him to those dumpster fires of programs. He has a really unique relationship with our AD. For instance, Campbell doesn't have an agent. He just makes handshake deals with the AD. Even on this extension, there are no legal details yet. Interestingly, in his current contract, I think the buyout clause allows for him to leave without cost if the AD leaves.
  13. The NFL finds talent. But they aren't going to find talent that never gets on the field. However, not all fields are the same. Getting on the field for Akron means that you are on national TV several weeks per year, including some weeknights when you are the only game on TV.
  14. Impressive use of the ZipsNation archives! 🧓
  15. I would think there would be a reverse flow from the Transfer Portal. There are lots of good players out there not getting on the field for good teams that would love to come to a program where they could start. The good news in the bad news is that you can look very attractive to Jucos and grad transfers who want one more shot to play. And not necessarily just Last Chance U players.
  16. My heart is in Chicago (as are my wife's doctors). My home is in Iowa. Who knows where my mind is? I live in a perpetual state of jet lag!
  17. You've got me cheering for you. This is the best college logo image ever. Seriously. I love it.
  18. Seriously, how was attendance? Weather sucked here in Chicago last night. Hope it was better there. You guys need something to go well in the stadium.
  19. Speaking of attendance problems, I will be driving past Dekalb, IL near kickoff tonight. I would hope for massive traffic backups, but alas, I doubt it will happen.
  20. I hate the way that USA Today focuses on the very top and very bottom of college football. They are catering to the least common denominator of readers. It would be so much more interesting to do articles on conference races, rivalries, local traditions, etc. But every day, it is the same thing. Who is #1 for the Heisman? Who will make the Playoff? How is Tua's fingernail or whatever is ailing him this week? I've come to hate national media. College football is so special because of the local interest it draws. But that can almost never be "news" in a national media outlet.
  21. I've always thought it made sense to have midweek games for teams that are not drawing great crowds on Saturdays. But it is a downward spiral as it takes its toll on the best fans who would come every Saturday. I think you are now paying the price for the combination of bad teams and few Saturday games. Next year, Iowa State has a Thursday night game at home with Kansas State. The rivalry has a great tradition called "Farmageddon." Yet, apparently we are willing (or were forced) to sacrifice our tailgating for TV money and national exposure. We will still have a good crowd, but it takes its toll on the fanbase. Pulling off a tailgate, albeit a late, lame one, seems hardly worth it on a Thursday. Tailgating is a huge part of the gameday experience for 90% of our fans.
  22. Maybe not that many watched it particularly because there wasn't much of a sense of urgency for a conference title game birth. Plus our cable digital sports pack signal was terribly pixelated. We had to stream through the CBS Sports App and then mirror with Apple TV. It was pretty tough to watch from a technical perspective.
  23. Well, that 4th quarter for Buffalo didn't go as hoped. Lost on offense, defense, and special teams. First half was pretty nice. Apart from my personal interest, that is why Americans watch MACtion. Anything can happen.
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