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  1. This concern is about all that makes sense to me about keeping Terry around at all. If Akron was going to pay him no matter what, perhaps it made some sense to keep him around to do something you would otherwise have to pay someone else to do and/or generate some revenue you might not get otherwise.
  2. Of course, Akron has a race car. Glad to see Goodyear Eagles on there. Not Hoosier Tires.
  3. Hmmm. I would be very interested in seeing Northern Iowa join the MAC.
  4. There are always "reports" about dropping down. Are these credible reports? That would be a huge move.
  5. Of course. And it was silly to think that he was doing anything else even while he was still there. That's my point. You fire someone and then expect them to be a great team-member! Seemed crazy from day 1.
  6. I was skeptical when it was announced about Terry sticking around Akron. Does this latest news justify my skepticism? This seems to be all about what is good for Terry, not for Akron.
  7. "Always the best in town!"
  8. OK, just checking. Personally, I like staying in the midst of the opposing team's fan base. It makes for a lot of interesting conversations, especially when there is Big 10 arrogance involved, as there is sure to be in this case.
  9. What did it cost to get these games? Hope they were at bargain prices.
  10. Bryant? Deep in the recruiting hotbed of Rhode Island!
  11. Uh, Bloomington is an hour away . . . and the hotels are not all that much better. Maybe if you are set on something like a Doubletree. I see a Country Inn in Champaign for $85 on Orbitz (Fri to Sun). Bloomington is home for Illinois State U, not the U of Illinois.
  12. I've never been there for a game, but have attended a few events over the years. Perhaps the most helpful (if not obvious) thing I would say is that The University of Illinois is in Champaign, downstate and nowhere near Chicago. The population of the "metro" is only 200,000. This means that you should book hotels early because they don't have the inventory like Chicago (for which Northwestern that can host a home game and hardly make a dent on the local hotel availability). Fortunately, they have little hope for their football team, so that should keep after-market ticket prices low.
  13. Wow. What a train wreck. Good think I moved from Illinois so I don't have to associate with them anymore. This is going to be a nice way for you to open the season. Win as big as the paycheck!
  14. For you youngsters, "Boogie Nights" was a classic 70's disco song, long before the name was given to the 90's movie. Pardon the bad sync of music and video. It was the 70's. All about dancing, not production values.
  15. Is pouring in Jan/Feb the cause? I could see the problems, but the interview didn't really address what had been done wrong. So, how much needs to be fixed? I imagine that the problems that can be seen are just the tip of the iceberg.
  16. Holy cow. That was a great, great article. As good or better than just about anything I read in The Athletic. And great photos. Even one with a very visible "Fear the Roo" on the ball. Great kid, great article. Who wouldn't want to coach this guy? From what I know of Coach Gasser, they are a fine match. Indeed, "Boogie Knights are always the best in town!" Too bad for all the Millennials who don't get the 70's allusion. That is a first rate name!
  17. It is so hard to separate the good news from the bad news in Iowa City. For the record, Dailey is a very good player. Very underutilized in Iowa City, partly because Mad Fran would try to use 10-man rotations. I don't think he ever got a fair shot. He doesn't seem like a disgruntled kid, even though he has good reasons to be. He is very articulate and thoughtful. I think he will bring maturity, not baggage.
  18. Central Iowa feels like home to everyone!
  19. Just saw this. Go with the Cyclones. They are on a roll after winning the Big 12 Tournament. Second shortest travel distance to the Final Four (to Tulsa, then KC, then Minneapolis). And our fans will travel with them and dominate the arenas. No way will they stumble against the Buckwheats.
  20. Iowa State thought it scheduled a fun local cupcake for our make-up game on December 1st. Drake! And then almost lost in the snow!
  21. Odd year here in Ames. Basketball team is pretty good and very interesting, but I'm still more focused on football. Weird. Any Zips suffering from the same malady?
  22. Hey, I see what you did there! You tried to turn this into a discussion about football schedule! How dare you?
  23. Good for Gasser. I've always liked him and been wondering what happened and where he would land. Nothing has been said publicly about the reason for his contract not being renewed. It seemed odd that he left without another position which tells me that it wasn't planned. I always liked him as a coach. Seemed like a hard-worker. I saw him in action a few times at camps and he really did a nice job making it worthwhile for all the kids to be there. Campbell talks about how much he wants the coaches to be in sync, so I have to think there was an issue there. Gasser was known for his analysis. The only possible negative that I ever heard was one statement that indicated he was hard to please ("if Gasser thinks its good, you know its good because he doesn't like anything.") Personally, I didn't take that as a negative , but just an expression of how analytical the staff is (which I love). So maybe he was too hard on guys and/or not enough of a rah rah guy when needed. I think his roots go deep in Ohio. When we hosted the Iowa State tailgate in the Akron parking lot, his wife and a few dozen family showed up, so maybe he just wanted to get back to his roots. Is he related to Nick Gasser? Iowa State has had some Interesting coaching moves recently: Jim Hofher, former QB coach, moved to an analytic position last year, and is coaching one of the AAF teams (which was announced while he was still on the staff). Tom Manning, former OC, went to the Colts to be an O-line coach, did really well, but came back a few weeks ago to be our OC, a position that Campbell didn't fill in his absence. Perhaps that had something to do with Gasser's departure. Both Campbell and Manning say that Manning's return was not something planned, but it just happened fairly quickly. Joe Houston, former Special Teams coach, seemed to be a package deal with a transfer punter, but moved to a quality assurance position, and now is on staff with Alabama.
  24. I concur. If I want to follow a rabbit trail, I'll start a new thread about it.
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