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  1. I pushed the button to quote a reply then changed my mind. The quoted reply keeps returning. How do I cancel a quote?
  2. IMHO... I don't really care much about the primary logo debate, but AU has a new coach and staff, new players coming, and a new season to prove itself. From a psychological view, it needs a new "brand" to signify the beginning of a new era. The players and the fans will appreciate another gesture that the program is changing and there is optimism for next year. Products and services rebrand themselves periodically the create new interest and enthusiasm. Isn't that want we want? Change the helmet design, maybe some simple uniform changes, a new motto...little things in the grand scheme that can subtly lift spirits, moral (players), and show that AU football is back and will be a different competitor!
  3. That's the way I read the waiver. So the guy that expects 70 new faces is going to be disappointed. 7(with scholarships) out, 32 in = 25 net possible new scholarship added to the max of 85 (which we've been told AU hasn't had for Arth's term) means that the team could have a max of 117 scholarship players for 2022-23 only? Or, does that mean those 25 new scholarships must be counted toward the 85 limit, meaning some current teammates may lose their scholarships? Thank you for answering my questions, unlike some in this forum who make derogatory remarks. I admit I don't know a lot about recruiting rules, unlike some forum members who believe they know everything about anything.
  4. I'm a life-long learner. I really want to read your answer LoyalZIP.
  5. "The Division I Council this week approved a one-year waiver of the annual signing limit and initial scholarship limits in football to allow schools to replace up to seven scholarship student-athletes who leave school after the first term." "The waiver is effective immediately for the 2022-23 academic year only. The overall scholarship limit remains at 85 for the FBS and FCS. And, in the FCS, the limit of 63 scholarship equivalencies also remains in place." Thanks zipsoutsider!
  6. I'd like for him to post a link to where he's getting his info about a temporary scholarship cap change.
  7. There are 117 players on this year's roster. Sixty percent (60%) would be roughly 70 new players in year 1. Explain to me how that can happen within the recruiting and transfer portal rules, please.
  8. No point to make other than 27 guys were committed to the sucky program for reasons other than scholarship money. I commend them for not quitting. Obviously, they're really anxious to play football. Sometimes desire trumps ability. 90 and not 85 as the rule states?
  9. Curious...how many players on the 2021 roster were not given a scholarship or a damn dime for their commitment to the team, encompassing; practices, team meetings, personal time sacrifices, summer camp, weight training, mandatory study time, ....? I haven't found the number anywhere I've looked.
  10. As part of NCAA rules, teams can add one player to their incoming recruiting class for every departure to the transfer portal, up to a maximum of 32 players via incoming freshmen and transfers so long as it doesn't push them over the maximum scholarship allotment of 85.
  11. Who says so? Arth and company? We've already seen that they were poor judges of talent as I've mentioned before. I don't think you'll see the roster turned over completely. Dismiss the whole team and start over? Not likely.
  12. Who says so? Arth and company? We've already seen that they were poor judges of talent as I've mentioned before. I don't think you'll see the roster turned over completely. Dismiss the whole team and start over? Not likely.
  13. If a coach brings in a player, he mostly will be biased toward him. He plays him because it justifies his choice. Human nature. New coach recruits have the advantage. What coach ever said, "Ya, I brought you here, but there's a guy that's been on the team for 3 years that will start ahead of you?" 😂 I don't think a new coach has a clue who he's inheriting except for the previous coaches' darlings he's seen on films. I have a soft spot for the guys that didn't quit after the whole Arth-in-charge fiasco.
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