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  1. Do the coaches even review the game films? One offensive lineman was responsible for many of Temple's big plays! If these "first stringers" can't get the job done, drop down into your depth chart. Those players have put in the work and time, too. Let's see what they've got.
  2. I'm watching a particular OL. He stops or delays his man about once in 4-5 downs. Most of Temple's big defensive plays were made by players that got past him. Last week was the same. How can the coaches not see this? He needs replaced. Also, why doesn't the coach put in his 2/3 depth players when the game is a blow out? Last week...several players didn't get to play a down. Would have been a good learning experience for those players. It's not like they would lose the game by playing. Same thing now. 45-24 with minutes to play! Let's see some other players!
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