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  1. Almost a Christmas miracle! Penalties, fumbles, and IMHO going for a 2 pt. conversion with so much time left in the game. Achy-breaky hearts for fans again.
  2. I sent a message weeks ago that the page buttons don't work properly. Got no response.
  3. Cute. Did you find all these on the internet all by yourself? My point was the lack of execution of position play consistently is a big problem for the Zips. Irons holds the ball too long. Dropped passes, missed blocks, ... Each player must know his position thoroughly and his specific role in the execution of each play. I don't think some of the players fully comprehend those. Not that talent isn't important, but knowledge and confidence can lead to consistency and compensate somewhat for less talent. Women think differently than men so I don't expect some of you here to understand my point. Being a teacher for more than 3 decades would help, too.
  4. New coach everyone was gaga over; new "more talented" recruits; portal hot shots supposedly; no-talent veteran bums left standing on the sidelines so Joe's picks can play...even on special teams. Hmmm Different day, same results. Another L. Lots of excuses concerning the coach and the team: need more time, need more experience, need more talent... A great coach finds ways to make the best of what he/she has with which to work. A talented player that doesn't execute consistently isn't much of an asset IMHO. “Our emphasis is on execution, not winning.” – Pat Summitt
  5. I know I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but didn't the Zips post the second highest points scored in a game in the last 3 years? Maybe longer. Shout out optimists.
  6. BG smart play...NO Play! Don't risk a turnover. Hence, not running up the score on the Zips which I think they could have done. Still an L, but at least the score isn't embarrassing. So, how was Homecoming? Students show up? I couldn't get the game live.
  7. All great ideas and thoughts in this thread...well, except for the cheerleader suggestion. 😂 I think the U should have student input on how to improve attendance. Student reps. should be part of the U's marketing team, too. The U's existence is for them not us oldsters. Give them a voice, a horse in the race. Who would know better than them on how to light a fire under the student body?
  8. Many people talk about the small crowds that attend the home games. Let's get some of the reasons out in the open! Why don't the students attend? Why do alumni that live nearby not attend? What are some ideas to increase the spectator numbers? Don't just oh hum the situation. Offer some suggestions. Maybe someone with clout at the university will read them and act. YOU may have a great idea so speak up!
  9. Ok, friend, I'll meet you halfway. Yes injuries are are risked in every game, but more so in one where the players are out-matched in a " meaningless" game, which is my point. I agree that competing with others who are more mentally or physically better than us makes us step up our play some. However, it also slowly gnaws away our self confidence. Akron needs to take an honest, in-depth look at WHY football isn't a big crowd interest. Too few winning seasons, flash in the pan success some years? So poll the students and alumni! It would be enlightening I'm sure. Why can't the MAC draw talent? I'd like to read your opinion on that.
  10. So...Akron sacrifices young men on the OOC games' altar for the money. The players risk injuries, the fans lose interest, the students don't attend games because the scores are embarrassing, the parents pray that their boys won't get significant injuries, and the school's football team reputation suffers so the best players enroll elsewhere. Sounds like a great plan to deep six football at UA.
  11. The best thing about watching this game is the Shock Top Twister Pretzel beer I'm drinking. My eyes are hurting. 🤪
  12. GOZips86 by the time this team begins MAC play, it will be pretty beaten up!
  13. I also noticed this letter wasn't proofread very well for subject-verb agreement. Unacceptable mistake for a university publication.
  14. A $25 ticket is actually $31. Why not just say the price is $31? We felt like we were being scammed. I guess the AD realized how much money concert ticket sellers make by tacking on as many fees as they can. I would expect buying online would have extra fees, but buying at the gate? We'll watch from home now.
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