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  1. That little juke happened in front of me. Got me HYPED!
  2. I respect both of your opinions for sure, I just disagree. I'd rather drop down to FCS and have a chance at winning per these points. No, I'm not advocating for that, but what's the point if people would rather sell our program for easy wins for other schools just to get money for the program? Yeah, MAC schools get money for going to these slaughtering's called games. Not much fun for a fan. And I couldn't care less as a fan traveling to a big stadium to see the Zips lose 9.9/10 times. Sure, an upset is possible, but not really likely in recent years. And as far as exposure goes, its done nothing positive for program. Literally. The Zips are seen as a bigger joke these days since the MAC is deemed as a preseason cupcake scrimmage for these big schools to get an easy win to jumpstart their season. In fact, by the time the Zips come back home 1-2 or 1-3, the local community here is even more turned off by them because a 1-3 hole looks like the season is a wash anyways. ESPN makes snarky comments in their articles about us being in the bottom 10 weekly. All these years of exposure sure hasn't done us any favors. Like I said, I'm all for ONE game like Tennessee or Ohio State per year, but other than that, I'd prefer the Zips to play against other MAC schools or so. I see both your points. Usually I'm of the mindset of "if its not broke, don't fix it". But sadly, this scheduling IS broken. It needs fixed in my opinion.
  3. Great reply! Much appreciated, and I think you summed it up perfectly! I'd love to see a change on this whole scheduling thing!
  4. I respectfully disagree. The juice isn't worth the squeeze and being a sacrificial lamb year in and year out gets old. I'd be happy if Akron scheduled one per season, sometimes two, but that's it. I'd prefer one only per season. I think the MAC is starting to be looked at as the early season easy win schedule for these P5 schools. Kent had 3 hard games, we all know Akron's schedule, and the other MAC schools aren't any different. Sure, Kent hung with Georgia, but I doubt many new fans tuned into watching them play last weekend against Ohio. People have short memories. If Kent would have won, that would have been huge, but I bet most college football fans don't even remember that Kent hung with Georgia 2 weeks ago. Trust me, I want Akron to have respect. I want the MAC conference to be taken seriously. But each MAC school losing, sometimes getting demolished, in 3 early games per season against P5 schools is not the answer. I'm tired of it, frankly. I like the thought of a miracle each season, but Tennessee and MSU games were miserable. And just because I'm an Akron fan, who is in the MAC conference, shouldn't have to mean I just have to take it on the chin because the bigger schools deserves to have a win more.
  5. Only 8,093 attended the game Saturday? Maybe its because I sit low, but I felt the crowd was more filled than that.
  6. I want to see less penalties! And a game where a wide open pass isn't dropped from a receiver. I'd like to see a win here so the home crowd has a 2-game win streak to hope for when the Zips return home on the 15th, but I am not feeling confident sadly. Regardless, Go Zips!!
  7. The penalties and dropped passes need cleaned up. They have been consistent in each game thus far and its getting unacceptable. I'm all for the "small victories" argument, but some things need to be called out. GO ZIPS!
  8. My thoughts exactly. Akron does things to beat themselves. Penalties are an issue, they come at the worst times during good drives. So frustrating. And deflating.
  9. I could look it up, and should, but anyone know how Steele Wasel is doing this season?
  10. Good post, Captain! I hope for a good amount of Alumni to show up tomorrow. Although the Zips record isn't great, their on filed play has been improved, so I hope people get out and support tomorrow!
  11. Yeah, I'm with you. I picked Zips by one score. I don't feel anyone has the upper hand here, just hope the Zips hang on enough to pull it out.
  12. SAME!!! My reaction was likely worse than the previous. Taking years of my life with these emotions.....
  13. It would probably do wonders for the psyche of the guys to come out with a win. After 2 blow outs and one REALLY close battle, I think a win would do wonders. Go 1-0 in MAC and 2-0 at home to start off October.
  14. I had so many emotions in just a few seconds. I stood up and cheered in excitement then verbally abused the air when I realized he dropped it. LOL
  15. So annoying. I hate how Ohio State dominates across the state.
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