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  1. Who does everyone think is QB1 for this game? Certainly not Kato I assume. So, that leaves 2 options.
  2. I need the cliff notes on that. I don't have the time to read that long of a bio.... LOL.
  3. A possible 2 game win streak?!? Let's goooo!!!!
  4. VICTORY!! So proud of this team. They faced the usual adversity they are known to be up against but fought through it. They looked like the better team yesterday. It was really fun to see. Keep the momentum going into Oxford!! EDIT: In my previous post I was worried about this game. I love when I am wrong in those instances haha.
  5. When the season started I said to myself "Okay, we can probably beat BG, they are worse than us". Now, after their win against Minnesota and all of their losses being extremely close games, along with the fact Akron can't keep a lead to save their life......yeah, not feeling too good, fellas.
  6. True!, but someone like Mack Brown is 1,000 years old though and doing it! (okay, 70)🤣
  7. That would be SO exciting. I agree, the least anyone can do is call. Would be some hoops sure to nail it down, but the thought is great. I'm not saying Akron would be getting top 10 recruits, no, but if a kid wants to play D1 ball and is choosing between MAC schools and the like, then Akron would surely get their attention for the fact Bob Stoops would be coach alone.
  8. Ugh, so annoying. Perhaps I should have listened to the radio before the game, but I literally didn't know who was starting this past game until Irons took the field. I was in my seats and saw Kato walk out with a brace, so I was sure he was playing since there was talks of Irons in concussion protocol.
  9. Any update on DJ Irons condition after leaving the game with an injury?
  10. Bob Stoops would be a game-changer for the program. Not sure Akron could afford him, but that would be huge. Long shot, though, I assume. I guess the good thing would be is I don't see him wanting to go back to the "big schools", so Akron could be his last college stop, perhaps.
  11. Urban Meyer after he gets canned in Jacksonville after this season.... 😜😜
  12. Ugh what a huge disappointment. It was 100% absurd that the defense could not stop the Ohio QC who was essentially a Tim Tebow. Everyone knew he was going to run the ball every snap, and each time it would be successful. It was so frustrating. This team does not face adversity well. When something against the grain happens against them, they can't seem to recover. Same thing happened against Temple, had a lead and then adversity hit and they couldn't recover. I've wanted to see Arth succeed as he seems like a reasonable guy and of course it would mean the Zips are good, but him and his coaching staff seem to be in over their head at this level. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think the Zips are going to be relevant under Arth, unfortunately.
  13. Hello all! First post here, nice to meet you all. I'm a season ticket holder (first year!) and glad I found an online community of fellow Zip fans! Would be a nice win this weekend. Ohio is 0-4, so there is a chance! Starting off MAC play 1-0 would be great! Also, since I am bringing a group of people with me, we want to do some tailgating. What are the best lots? Thank you. GO ZIPS!
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