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  1. How did he do in his senior season? Anyone know off the top of their head?
  2. How was it? I wasn't able to make it due to other obligations (bummer!)
  3. Agreed! I personally love the white! Not everyone's cup of tea, but I think its snazzy!
  4. Very true. I also read an article that Wasel has formed a great relationship with Moorhead over the past year or two, so hopefully that continues and keeps him wanting to be a Zip. I think he could be a great QB for the Zips and help us as we continue to move forward in what seems like a very promising era.
  5. I like to Google QB commit Steele Wasel here and there just to make sure he is still committed lol. I am afraid of someone luring him away!
  6. Totally agree. If the University wants a logo to catch on and be recognized, they have to stick with something. All too often the logo has changed for the Zips. I'm starting to really like this new logo!
  7. Oh really?! Nice!!! I know some on here have created examples of how the field/court could look different. Thanks for clearing that up for me!!
  8. Very slick looking!! I like it! I agree with the others too who have said it would be nice if they used a different shade, perhaps a slightly darker gold, to show the Z more in the logo. But yeah, the court and field design you put together is real nice
  9. Thanks Clark for breaking the news to us and posting! Not going to lie, I like it a lot more than I thought I was going to. Yes it is an "A", but at least the font is different from the other schools using it. I will say, the university needs to stick with it and stop trying to get different logos going every few years. If you want the brand to be recognized, you have to stick with things for a while for things to catch on and build some type of legacy. Just my opinion. Do I loved it? No. Do I like it though? Yes!
  10. I agree! I do like the Z logo, but I also like the Roo, especially the newer meaner looking one. I want to be happy about this change, but will not be if it's simply an A. I mean, if they know the fans dont like script Akron, not sure why they would pick just an "A", especially if its script. Anyways, anyone know when this will be announced?
  11. However, the mean looking Roo in your profile pic is one I dig!
  12. I'm hopeful. I'm assuming it'll be the Z logo again, but maybe a bit different? I don't think they can mess it up that much. Well, yeah, they could. But...I'm hopeful.
  13. Sadly, yes. This decision is just too much! HA kidding!!!! I'm afraid he's going to leave for another school at some point as he continues to do great for Akron. It would take a lot for me to want Akron to fire that man.
  14. Can't say I disagree with any of you guys. I was so pumped to get in the stadium again and enjoy the weather. But, now, totally deflated. This is a miss by Akron, for sure.
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