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  1. I'd be fine with Irons. He needs some help, but I really like his potential and I trust in Coach Joe getting the best out of him. However, like previously stated, any competition is welcomed. Are there any Oregon bench warmers looking for playing time?
  2. Although generic, I really like the uniforms. "Clean" is the word I use. That's my style, at least. However, I agree, they can still get creative and switch it up a bit, more color combos and a different helmet could go a long way. Also, off topic a bit, but I wish they would do something with the field a bit. They didn't paint it this season, so a fresh coat would be nice on the center logo and endzones. And they can switch that up too. Why not? I like the center logo, but it would be cool for a different design or something in endzone. In any event, it looked really worn even for the first home game. But perhaps I'm just being nitpicky haha.
  3. Can't wait to watch tomorrow! Guarantee way less "umm's" from him LOL.
  4. Maybe not a primary logo, but a blue outlined silhouette on the sides of a gold helmet may look pretty snazzy. Again, thinking out loud. If they went with the white helmets and gold 'roo pictured above, that would be phenomenal.
  5. Between these 2 options, I'd go for script Akron. Additionally, I don't believe in needing to change the uniforms or logo to distance ourselves from the past. The logo did not cause loses. The logo did not cause stupid decisions from the coaches on the sidelines. The logo did not handle recruiting. The Browns did this a few years ago to "start over" and to get away from all of the losing, so they went with new uniforms. Then they kept losing and are now winning (well, kind of...) in their now new uniforms....which are their old uniforms before the change in 2016 haha. All it took was the right coach and non-crappy players. I'm not attacking your opinion to do so, no worries. But in my opinion, the logo has nothing to do with the new era coming in. We don't need to change the logo/uniforms to get a fresh start. We need a new coach, who is smart, and decisions to help us win, along with worthwhile players.
  6. I gotta be honest, I really like the current uniforms. I really don't mind the script Akron on the helmet, I think it adds a level of classiness and it looks clean. Just my opinion. Now, I do like the pic of those white helmets with the gold 'roo, so I would be in favor of that. The "Z" itself is cool, but I'd rather that be elsewhere and not on the Helmet as main logo. The "Z" would look nice somewhere in the endzones or so, maybe? Just thinking out loud. But yeah, unpopular opinion here lol.
  7. Personally, I think even if the HC job becomes open at Oregon he would still come to Akron. I think he was looking for a good reason to get closer to home. Not just any reason, but one that he was happy with. Plus, I think the less pressure at Akron than a P5 would seem appealing to him. That is all an assumption, of course, but I'm trying to piece info together.
  8. Ah yes, the national media. No excitement to see a bottom team hopefully become relevant. No, they just want to continue reporting on Alabama winning the title every year. Or Ohio State, whomever. All the boring storylines year after year.
  9. Suddenly I have a deep interest to watch Oregon game tonight and to really pay attention to their offense 😃
  10. Yeah perhaps. But if they like our (hopefully new) HC and want playing time, may not be a bad option for some of the kids. Maybe I'm off base though haha.
  11. Thanks for putting this together! I am interested in the QB's! If the coach of Oregon leaves there for Oklahoma, this could get VERY interesting too for transfers. (for Akron's benefit)
  12. I mean, if this doesn't happen at this point it would be more than just Zips nation that would be shocked by this!
  13. Not yet, they likely won't go back on sale until March/April. This is per my purchase for this past season.
  14. I'm renewing mine!! Forum member tailgate party?? Haha
  15. Nice!!! I have season tickets and love to hear when others are interested! Let's tailgate! haha
  16. "Perhaps he just wanted to get back closer to home" ---- uh...no, I highly doubt just to be closer to home is why he would take a job. If that was the case, he could have been back to the area sooner I'm sure. The notion that "bigger is better" is absurd. Sometimes less is more, for many. Maybe a smaller program that he could be responsible for making it relevant gets his juices flowing. It will be stressful, but HC in P5 stressful? Likely not. The pressure of P5 isn't 100% appealing to everyone, especially for a guy who lived it. Same type of people that likely feel if you don't live in NYC you must be a miserable person who is always bored.
  17. AWESOME! Can't wait for it to be official!! (hopefully)
  18. AKA "Yeah I'm working out the contract details with Akron right now and you'll see the news headline soon". (I hope that's the translation)
  19. Ahead of ourselves? I just booked my hotel in Detroit for next year's MAC championship game!!! (Not really lol)
  20. Great post! -- I agree too, the season was lackluster and quite sad, BUT these reports alone have personally been a great breath of fresh air. I really hope I (we) aren't getting our hopes up, but if so then it is what it is. But I'm so excited about this possibility and what it could mean moving forward for the program, which is a passion of mine and all of us on this board.
  21. Totally agree!! I was worried about this. But if we can hire Moorhead, I don't see QB being an issue upon training camp!
  22. If this become reality, I will be so stoked to renew my season tickets as this would be SO exciting for the future of the program in my opinion! Get it done Guthrie!!!
  23. I don't see any other reports, so perhaps a misinterpretation. Or maybe they are first to break, but I am leaning towards misinterpretation. But good post regardless!
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