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  1. I was at the game last night and it was SO much fun!! The atmosphere was amazing! I won't touch on the Rowdies much as most have already said what I would say, but I loved them last night. They really got into it. And since Akron lost sadly, I personally feel the Kent players had every right to throw it back in their face at the end. Keep this rivalry heated, I say. Anyways, one thing of concern I saw was the amount of 3's the team took. I got a feeling it was "live by the 3, die by the 3" last night. Also, the last play of the game should have been drawn up better. Maybe it was actually, I don't know if it was a busted play or so, but I feel like they had plenty of time (20 secs, I think?) to try something a bit more strategic. All in all, great game! I'm ready for Cleveland in a few weeks!
  2. I'm pretty excited to see about a new primary logo and what the new turf will be like for this offseason
  3. Good for him. He wasn't what we needed at Akron for our beloved Zips, but he seems like a good guy so I wish him well.
  4. Me and a buddy have lower level seats! I'm so excited!! I hope the JAR is rockin!
  5. Called and renewed my season tickets today! LETS GOOO!!!!!!
  6. Great info, thank you! Wow I went to bed last night and Akron was ranked 10. Now they are 7!! After being 12 last year, this is huge and a great success to the new coaching staff already!
  7. Full report: https://gozips.com/news/2022/2/2/akron-football-unveils-a-talented-24-member-2022-signing-class.aspx
  8. I just booked my hotel in Detroit for MAC title game!!! Okay, not really, but I'm really excited about this team. Arth couldn't even come close to this recruiting class.
  9. Today is going to be a good day!!! Blue & Gold, thanks for being so on top of this!
  10. Good! The current turf has seen much better days....
  11. I am so excited for tomorrow!! This thread is so fun!
  12. A bit off topic and irrelevant, but speaking of names, I absolutely hate how Mount Union is now called the University of Mount Union. It's not named after a city or state, it should be Mount Union University. Just me? Okay, probably lol.
  13. Ugh! I got real excited when they cut it close. Tough loss. Team fights and I love that.
  14. Gonna be a fun game to watch!! Let's Go Zips!!!
  15. I'm with everyone who is a little sad about only 5 home games. Ideally, I think it should always be 6 home and 6 away. I'll get over it, but it looks like there may only be 3 Saturday home games. If one is on a Thursday, then one would surely be on a Tuesday as typical, yes? And there's a lot of talk on here about road trips. True, but maybe I'd rather just see them at home for a 6th game then travel to another state to see them live. Just my personal opinion. NOTE: Now, if they were playing at UNLV, I'd be there!! 😁
  16. True, good points! I just got new tailgate stuff too, so I'm going to do it right for the season opener, dammit!! πŸ™‚
  17. Thursday night season and home opener. Hmm...wish it was a Saturday, but I'll deal with it lol. Should be a WIN! EDIT: Also, only 5 home games?
  18. I'm honestly not that afraid of our chances against Tennessee, to be honest. Not saying we'll win, but I think it'll be competitive hopefully. They don't exactly run the SEC these days.
  19. Wow...this season can't come soon enough!! Love this thread, it's like Christmas!
  20. With that said, next Wednesday (National Signing Day) is going to be fun!!!
  21. Hopefully some of the southern kids love the sight of a lot of snow! πŸ™‚ Also, if anyone knows, what kind of stuff would they be doing for/with these kids in a recruiting weekend?
  22. Our current colors are awesome!!! Touch our logo, but don't touch the colors imo!
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