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  1. Here! Sitting at the Knox Brew Hub with a smoked porter. Fun city!
  2. I hope to see everyone out this Thursday in Lot 9. I will have hundreds of old Zips posters, game day basketball roster sheets and various other old Zips stuff available for the taking.
  3. Whenever have they ever done anything special. Lot 9.
  4. I joined the Husker board today. They are still blaming the canceled Zips game as the beginning of the demise for Frost. I politely set the record straight.
  5. Charles gets an F- for the new logo. It's horrific! Any kindergartner could have drawn up a better A. Please do not put it on the turf!
  6. Hello ZN, I have numerous old UA items that are available. Old team and player posters, basketball game day roster handouts, trading cards, a few shirts, schedule magnets and team pictures. These are free. I have many other items not listed here that are available at a nominal price. Zips Win!
  7. Screw everyone in the NCAA and the selection committee. I hope they all burn in hell, preferably today.
  8. # 21, Mar cel Boyyyyyycccceeee. Love him!
  9. What happened to last Friday's team? Ugh!
  10. Wow, the box score listed attendance at 8900. It was a large crowd, but had no idea it was that many!
  11. I'm glad Groce heard my displeasure with Ali at the Northern game and put him on the bench for the start of the Eastern game. Also, good to know that John and I are on the same page here!
  12. Have no fear, ZipsWin! is here! I always enjoy my ride to BG and then a stop at Frickers...Then I remember that I have to watch a game at the most poorly constructed basketball arena, ever...Not one seat in the house was built at the correct angle or slope, but I digress...ZipsWin baby!
  13. What does a division for P5 only accomplish? 70 of the 75 teams in a P5 division will not compete for the national championship so what's the point? So a crappy Okla State played Alabama instead and got routed. What does that prove? I'm not arguing the fact that Cincy or any other G5 has no chance, but like I pointed out 70 of the P5 schools have no chance either...
  14. Retarded. Stop canceling games. Play em. Done with this bs...
  15. Transfer Portal. Great topic. Horrific idea. The TP is a microcosm of society. No rules, no laws, no morals, not about working hard, doing the right thing, it’s about quitting and it’s all about me, me, me. The team concept is gone. Ditto for NIL. That said, it’s here to stay and we need to be the first to hire a Transfer Portal coach and hopefully Mr. Leaf Filter can fund our NIL account. Clearly, I side more with CK than GP1 on this topic, but we need to deal with it and figure out a way to at least make the rules neutral for UA. The NCAA would never institute new rules or policies designed to help out the G5, so while the TP does give us more flexibility to fill gaps, how much fun is it to root for a team full of one- year players? Furthermore, the thought of developing guys for two or three years and then they wake up one day and decide to leave just because they can is bs. Hell, it’s been 30 years since Anthony Buford left the hoops team to follow Huggins to UC and he actually had to follow the rules, sit out a year and he followed his coach, but I’m still pissed that after three years with UA he left. I still don’t consider him a Zip. Zips are forever or is it Forever a Zip? I think the TP will help teams like Purdue to get a player or two that they would not have had a chance to recruit out of high school, and of course it gives P5 schools the opportunity to fill gaps with older and hopefully more mature players but it will not impact the top 10 teams at all. For every 4 star player OSU might lose, they can fill the gaps with another teams 4 star upper classmen. As for the Zips, I hate to see Gibson, Mathison and Mumpfield go. Personally, I thought Gibson had great MAC upside and I said this after the shortened ‘20 season. He and his mom will be missed. Are there any Zip fans out there who has the time to create a spreadsheet and follow the Zips-out versus the Zips-in via the portal to see if we are benefiting from the portal or is the portal a detriment. Lastly, @bigjim, is that you?
  16. Embarrassing that attendance was closed to the public for such a great hire. Outkick called them out on it...
  17. I'm glad UA took my advice and found the right guy. Thank You.
  18. So how much credit really goes to Mr. Leaf Filter for underwriting our great coaching hire experience?
  19. Screw Nebraska football. I hope they never win another game until the pay us per the details of the original contract.
  20. Kudos to Kent's head coach for running out the clock the last 35 minutes. It could have been 78-0!
  21. So while checking to see if Getsy has any interest would be ideal, how about a 50 ish year old who had a head coaching shot at a P5 school that didn't quite pan out who might be available? I would guess guys on the UC staff are waiting for a big payday if Fickell goes elsewhere.
  22. Kato can play cornerback anytime he wants. Only UA would waste valuable snaps with this guy at QB.
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