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  1. My legitimate prediction is posted in smaller font (on purpose) below the perfect season. I have them going 6-6, and I think that's very realistic.
  2. With Bama running a read-option offense at times, and Milwee's expertise in delayed hand-offs, I'm sure he's there to study the precise amount of time a QB should hold onto the ball before giving it to the RB (or keeping it).
  3. I was referring to the advertisement of the tourney as a whole, not that specific promotion. My apologies for not being clear. It would be a bummer if they aren't doing that promo. It was a win/win playing the lottery. Haha.
  4. I really wish we had him for one more year. He and Cheese would be amazing, with LCJ as the change-of-pace guard.
  5. Based on Saul's track record, I don't think I want any of his recruits. However, McDay is the exception. I'm also torn because I don't want Saul to get canned...
  6. Hall of Fame edit right there, ranking up there with the Middle Finger Zippy and "Kent's #1 Fan - Saddam Hussein" picture from years ago. Thank you for this gem.
  7. I'm not talking a tournament like the ACC/Big Ten "Challenge" where they keep total-conference-scores to see which conference is better. Screw the MAC. The Bracket Buster was a "challenge" of top-ranked mid-major teams. Here is a list of the Top 25 Mid Majors (WARNING: Liberty is on this list). 1.Gonzaga 2.Wofford 3.Buffalo 4.Belmont 5.Murray State 6.UC Irvine 7.New Mexico State 8.UNC Greensboro 9.South Dakota State 10.Hofstra 11.Lipscomb 12.Furman 13.Liberty 14.Vermont 15.ETSU 16.Sam Houston State 17.Montana 18.Toledo 19.Northeastern 20.Yale 21.Saint Mary's 22.Georgia Southern 23.Texas State 24.Jacksonville State 25.Drake OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Stony Brook 48, Georgia State 44, Northern Kentucky 32, San Francisco 30, Bowling Green 28, Loyola Chicago 28, BYU 25, Harvard 24, Charleston 18, Grand Canyon 18, Wright State 14, Kent State 13, Utah Valley State 13, Radford 12, Iona 6, Norfolk State 6, Campbell 4, Northern Colorado 3, Abilene Christian 2, Central Michigan 2, Austin Peay 1, Colgate 1, Loyola Marymount 1. Every single major network has multiple outlets; ESPN has Plus, U, The Ocho, etc., while CBS has CBS, CBSSports, and even Fox has multiple outlets. You don't think one of them would love to televise a Buffalo/Murray State game, with the projected 2nd or 3rd pick in the NBA Draft playing for Murray State right now? I know Akron isn't anywhere on this list, but say they were towards the bottom. One of the networks would pick up an Akron/Stony Brook game with the Boles connection. Loyola Chicago is on this list in the "Others Receiving Votes" section; I guarantee a media outlet wouldn't mind airing them with their run last year. I didn't mean for this thread to go this route, but something needs to be done among Mid Majors. Those Bracket Buster games were a blast.
  8. Looks like we got the Jose Altuve of the IMG Academy. I'm pleased to at least get one recruit from there, considering Sabo's connections with the academy. Start building that pipeline now. I cannot wait to get baseball up-and-running again. Hey Can't, we brought back our baseball program to challenge you. When are you getting a men's soccer program?
  9. It is arguably the most frustrating call I have ever seen at the JAR (although the goal-tending debacle last night was BAD...). There really needs to be a concerted effort on the part of non-P5 schools (and Gonzaga) to get something similar going again. Man those were fun. NDSU was a SOLID mid-major for at least the two years we played them, and the crowd for our home game against them drew quite well (I'm sure Akron possessing the nation's longest winning streak at the time had nothing to do with it ).
  10. Hard to tell exactly what the dunk was like with it sped up, but my initial thoughts are that's a horrific T. It reminds me of the T Zeke got against NDSU at home when he dribbled the length of the floor and gained too much speed, needing to hang on the rim for a second to prevent a backflip.
  11. @Illinois - W vs. UAB - W @ C. Michigan - W vs. Troy - W @ UMass - W vs. Kent - W vs. Buffalo - W @ N. Illinois - W @ BGSU - W vs. E. Michigan - W @ Miami - W vs Ohio - W WOOHOO! @Illinois - W vs. UAB - W @ C. Michigan - L vs. Troy - L @ UMass - W vs. Kent - W vs. Buffalo - W @ N. Illinois - L @ BGSU - W vs. E. Michigan - L @ Miami - L vs Ohio - L
  12. Speaking of replays, props to Chad Welker for replaying it twice on the jumbotron during the timeout. The crowd LOVED it. Many moments foreshadowed last night being our night; none were more hilarious than that missed dunk. Does SportsCenter still do Not Top Ten? If so, this needs to be #1 (maybe #2 if they choose to feature LeBum's inbounds pass off the backboard for the turnover).
  13. Well, that's the way to respond to Saturday. Great job by Groce and the team to get up and ready for this one. Pedal to the floor for 40 minutes. Friday is going to be interesting.
  14. You can tell who got chewed out after Saturday. Very fun first half. Riak and EMan are fantastic so far, LCJ looks way, way more under control. Can we finish? Million dollar question - all season.
  15. Have you seen the world we live in today? No assumption is safe...
  16. Pathetic marketing by the MAC. Their main commercial on 92.3 The Fan talks about the MAC Tournament, but fails to mention that a ticket to the Big Dance is on the line. Average listener isn't going to give a crap without knowing the prize. Bring in Jackie Moon. We need the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl.
  17. Diamond in the rough? Hopefully the Fulford connection pays off here. Like @LZIp, I'm excited.
  18. There is no positive spin to put on this one. But for people to rip Groce for recruiting and declare that hire a bust is ridiculous. The most disheartening part of today is watching our two supposed leaders, Utomi & Ivey, fail to lead. The mindset wasn't there today. Let's see how we respond on Tuesday.
  19. The sky is falling. THE SKY IS FALLING! R-E-L-A-X
  20. We have added 2 cheerleaders and some students! I really missed our atrocious shooting. I'm so glad it's back.
  21. Is it spring break for the University? 4 dance team members, 4 cheerleaders, and hardly any students.
  22. And winters are cold in NEO.
  23. It's all over 92.3 The Fan, and I think I've seen/heard it marketed elsewhere.
  24. Just ran at him with a TShirt Cannon. As he turns to run away, he'll drop the tickets. Less messy. @NWAkron
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