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  1. Let's just get these out of the way now to get the Hype Train rolling...
  2. Is there any possible way for Can't to get a BYE?
  3. He is really coming into his own these last few games. He seems much more confident on both sides of the ball.
  4. Credit where credit is due. The Dukes beat VCU for the first time EVER tonight, 80-77 in OT.
  5. LCJ is the cover photo for the article. If - IF - we make the Big Dance, LCJ is going to be one of the most talked about players in the field.
  6. As of today, there were less than 400 tickets left to be had - all upper level (not sure if that is all GA or includes the upper level chairbacks). And by the way, not enough said. You forgot to add - a win clinches the MAC Regular Season Title. IT'S 10:15! AND...
  7. I wonder what Groce and this team are thinking, after beating Buffalo without Cheese and Ohio without LCJ for nearly half the game. Incredible efforts in back to back games, and I really, REALLY hope we take it to Can't and knock the teeth out of their stupid bird. By the way, I think Groce likes coaching here. Who knows if he'll stay long term, how long he'll stay, etc., but I think the mid-major stage is where he thrives. Overall just a great guy and a phenomenal coach. What a job he has done in under 3 seasons at the helm. Akron Basketball is BACK! Go Zips!
  8. How did we win that? How did we hold them to 17 second half pts? How did we clinch the 1 seed? Ohio sucks. What a night. To BobcatAttack I go. Hehe.
  9. Preston is gonna be a pain in our ass for a couple years.
  10. Linhart tip-in followed by Bubba Walther flopping on a 3-pt attempt and smacking his head on the ground.
  11. The time of a potential Groce departure and Joyce being ready to take over a DI program could line up. I would love to see Dru as the HC of the Zips someday.
  12. Akron plays a difficult system, and it takes the right mix of personnel to make it work. It took Embick a couple years to get the right mixture after Caleb's departure, then we went to 3 out of the next 4 College Cups (including a National Title Game loss). We're gonna have some down years - every program in every sport does - but I fully expect Embick to have things turned around this year. Don't jump ship!
  13. Well it was only a natural response when he revealed he was pregnant... Anybody know if it was a boy or a girl? Need to give the men's or women's program a heads up regarding the recruiting class of 2038.
  14. Was DJ Cooper modeling something made by a Can't student?
  15. Remember when O-Who was good, and we'd have to suffer through listening to their "O (clap clap clap clap clap clap) H (clap clap clap clap clap clap) I (clap clap clap clap clap clap) O (clap clap clap clap clap clap)" chant over and over and over again? Me too. Then their coach left and now he's ours and their entire fan base is in meltdown mode over it. It's wonderful. I'm expecting a big game from Cheese.
  16. I don't want him to. Jimond went Kobe 80+ the game cause he HAD to due to a lack of support, and we still lost in, what, double OT? LCJ's 30+ pt performances are controlled and not forced. He's THAT good that he can take over a game without taking his teammates completely out of it.
  17. I thought we could count on BUGS to beat Miami. The MAC is crazy.
  18. Final. Brick Campus U beats BUGS by 18. Amazing. Who has the updated seedings?!
  19. Season-defining win right there. Playing without your #2 scorer, you go on the road to another country and knock off the former Kings of the MAC by 13 for the first time in 7 attempts. We out-rebounded them by 12, and put up 86 on the road. Outstanding effort, composure, and grit to put that one in the WIN column. Congrats to Groce & company on securing a BYE to Cleveland in just his 3rd season at the helm. The MAC is decently deep this year, so that BYE is HUGE.
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