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  1. Big call by the refs. Thank you for looking at the monitor.
  2. I left it open to interpretation on purpose.
  3. We'll know in the first couple minutes how this game will be. If we don't come out and punch them in the mouth (metaphorically), I don't like our chances. We have to establish the energy level, tempo, intensity, etc.
  4. I used to think the day the Browns would be good, Hell would freeze over and pigs would fly. Well, the Browns are now one of the Super Bowl favorites, and Hell didn't freeze over nor are pigs flying. I'm thinking it might be more attributed to Hurley. My new prediction: the day Hurley relaxes is the day Hell freezes over and pigs fly. _________________________________________________________________________ Really disappointed in O-Boo-Hoo's decision. Here's to hoping they don't find a Bobby Hurley, Nate Oats or John Groce.
  5. I would add limiting Harris as a main key as well. Limiting Perkins pushes everything out to the arc. Have to keep other shooters at bay aside from Massinburg (as you said, he'll get his; man I can't wait until he's gone).
  6. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8685373/58e1a7aae97ab70e64cd10a6 How are we still offering?
  7. We only won the tourney once as a 1 seed, correct?
  8. LaVar Ball isn't going to buy that, rename it Big Baller Athletics Facility, and make it a shrine to himself and his boys? Shocking.
  9. I agree - of the darker variety and accented with gold.
  10. You better hope Akron wins on Thursday, or this loss is on you for starting this thread instead of @clarkwgriswold. I don't care how good Buffalo is. There are a lot of factors with this game that lean in favor of the Zips. First game of the Q portion of the tourney It's at noon The Q tends to neutralize offense with its sight lines, even more so when it's empty like it presumably will be on Thursday The negatives... It's Buffalo Beat the Canadians, eh?
  11. I want Buffalo lose because we play them.
  12. The MAC looking at their budgeted revenue vs. actual revenue without OU, Miami, and Akron on Thursday at noon against Buffalo...
  13. Maintained a solid double digit lead. Great first half.
  14. These refs do realize this is an 8 o'clock game on a work night, right?
  15. Being a top 20 defense in the country and not having a single player on the conference all-defense teams is criminal. I hate the MAC.
  16. I did some digging to find the statistics for that year's Bobkittens squad, and this isn't necessarily true. During that 09-10 season, Cooper was the 2nd leading scorer at 13.5 PPG, shooting the 3-ball at a pretty underwhelming 31.9% clip. That would rank 4th on this year's Zips squad (among the main players). The keys to their success that year were Tommy Freeman and Armon Bassett, whom O-BooWho fans actually say is the guy that got Groce to Illinois by jump-starting the run. You could say Cooper's PG abilities as a floor general made Groce a rich man, but if my memory serves me correctly, Cooper shot them out of a decent amount of games. There is absolutely no reason the Zips can't go on a similar run as that 09-10 Bobkittens team, and it starts with this game against Miami.
  17. 2010. 9th seed Ohio wins the MAC Tourney, goes on to beat Georgetown in the NCAA Tournament. Tomorrow night matters. Be there to support them.
  18. The commish was on 92.3 The Fan last week, and mentioned based on everything he has heard, Buffalo is a lock. The only question mark is what seed (6-8 is the range he mentioned).
  19. My legitimate prediction is posted in smaller font (on purpose) below the perfect season. I have them going 6-6, and I think that's very realistic.
  20. With Bama running a read-option offense at times, and Milwee's expertise in delayed hand-offs, I'm sure he's there to study the precise amount of time a QB should hold onto the ball before giving it to the RB (or keeping it).
  21. I was referring to the advertisement of the tourney as a whole, not that specific promotion. My apologies for not being clear. It would be a bummer if they aren't doing that promo. It was a win/win playing the lottery. Haha.
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