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  1. No, Hester. Didn't even know Dre posted - the beauty of the Block Button. Admins should look into a "Send To Duquesne Forum" button, that takes troll posts from ZN and posts them to the Duquesne message board instead.
  2. Agreed in most circumstances. However, I look at these one-and-done's like assistant coach/players, especially when they're coming from disciplined, top-flight programs such as Iowa. When we have as many roster openings as we're going to have in 2 seasons, we're gonna need a guy like Dailey.
  3. And this is why I didn't want O-Who to hire Boals. He coached at OSUcks and knows the CBus area. No idea how he'll turn out, but not only is Columbus a hot bed for talent, it's a hot bed we have ignored for years.
  4. Not to mention he's 4" too short by your standards. SEND HIM TO DIII WHERE HE BELONGS! In all seriousness, the kid is coming from one of the most disciplined programs in the country. At the very least, he's going to be fundamentally sound, with big game experience. I like it.
  5. And not their first, or even their second choice, from what I understand.
  6. That's one small victory for @ZipsVoice, one giant ass-whooping for our Zips...
  7. Give me Murray State, Belmont, Middle Tennessee, Marshall, Illinois State, Indiana State, etc. all day. I didn't mind playing UT-Chattanooga once because of Lamont Paris, and it helped us secure Arth (I'm kidding), but give me the rest of those teams.
  8. Exactly. For it to benefit us, we have to rise to the occasion and enter a similar tier that the top team (Buffalo) is in. St. Mary's rose to the occasion with Zaga, but that has done nothing for the rest of the conference. Valpo became a solid mid-major, but Butler did nothing for the Horizon as a whole. The other key is to up the OOC schedule. I thought this year's schedule was terrific, we just weren't able to capitalize. A ranked Buffalo twice during MAC play would have been great with Clemson, Nevada, and St. Bonnie in the OOC (1-2 in these games). Buffalo scheduled properly for a team looking to establish themselves as a top mid-major for years to come, and backed it up by beating everyone but Marquette.
  9. Hopefully they shower before heading to a new school. Gotta get that Can't stench and failure crap off ya.
  10. Can we start calling the football portion of the university Defensive or Linebacker U?
  11. Kid's got a nice stroke based on his high school video from 2017. I can only imagine he has gotten better. I'm assuming Groce is looking to add a JUCO kid to help fill Utomi's void, then a 4 year kid. I like it.
  12. Yeah, you can read it that way. I took it as Groce referring to Poke & Utomi, with Ivey being included in GT's sentence in error.
  13. Maybe he didn't mean to include Ivey at all... "Big man Emmanuel Olojakpoke and guard Jimond Ivey have joined Utomi in the portal and also are moving on. Groce said he appreciates their contributions as they were two of just five returning players from when he took over two seasons ago."
  14. The issue with that becomes defense. If your best 5 are guards/small forwards, you're going to struggle against bigger teams. Vice versa, if your best players are PF/C, you're going to struggle against guard-heavy teams.
  15. I'm just having some fun. It can be quite depressing and unhealthy to constantly listen to Puddles Pity Party. Smile - it's good for the soul.
  16. How can you tell if we have actual DI players with your eyes closed?
  17. Channel fits right in, especially on defense. He's one of the best passing-lane-jumpers I've seen in an Akron uniform. He regressed offensively after his injury, but I think that will come back next year. I think your eyes have been closed enough that you have the rest of us covered. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing this upcoming season develop.
  18. Speaking of him, looks like Boals offered him at Stony Brook. I wonder if he'll extend the offer from OU as well. Looks like we have 6 offers out still.
  19. A list of his counterparts and their recruiting status... Cameron Alford, Brownsburg - Alabama A&M (Committed) Ali Ali, East Noble - Akron (Signed) Noah Applegate, Penn - Truman State (Offered) Harold Bennett, Crispus Attucks - ? Ethan Brittain-Watts, Culver Academy - Boston U (Signed; other offers include IUPUI, Miami OH, Ball State, South Dakota) Zane Gross, Silver Creek - ? Jared Hankins, Lawrence North - Indiana State (Signed; other offers include IUPUI, Miami OH, St. Bonnie, SIUE, IPFW, New Orleans) Jalen Johnson, Indianapolis Manual - Alabama A&M (Committed; other offers include SIU, Illinois-Chicago) Zach Kuhn, Shelbyville - ? Drew Lutz, Penn - (Offers include Malone & that level) Jevon Morris, Munster - ? Andrew Owens, Carmel - Findlay (Signed; other offers include Salem, Grand Valley State, Air Force) Jakobie Robinson, Warren Central - McKendree (Committed) Derrick Stevenson, New Albany - ? Karsten Windlan, Carmel - ? Interpret this list how you will - 1st Team All State in Indiana is no joke. Congrats to Ali Ali!
  20. Can't losing is never a bad thing.
  21. Where's Lori Loughlin when you need her? Just offer her enrollment for her grandkid(s) and she'd buy that contract out in a heartbeat! Only $200k more than her last purchase!
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