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  1. Class is composed of nine 3-star and seven 2-star prospects. 3-star Jasaiah Gathings: 3-star WR Rishad Hence: 3-star DB DJ Irons: 3-star QB Gavin Mallott: 3-star OL S.L. McCall: 3-star LB Konata Mumpfield: 3-star WR Noel Roach: 3-star DB Oran Singleton: 3-star ATH Myles Walker: 3-star WR 2-star Bennett Adler: 2-star DE Luke Bauer: 2-star LB Ryan Jankowski: 2-star QB Darrian Lewis: 2-star DB Colin Lyons: 2-star OL Andre Proffitt: 2-star DL Rey'Noi Summersett: 2-star LB Not Rated Matthew Monoghan: TE (from England)
  2. Very weird playing them the 3rd game of the season. And why not play them in the season finale? What's COVID have to do with that? We're not ready for this game yet. We're still pretty disjointed.
  3. Game is at 2:00. (So is next Tuesday's Ohio game. 😣)
  4. I know we don't really need another 5'11", 160 lb. speedster, but I'd still love to see us sign Hoban's Kharion Davis.
  5. Seibert has not signed, but he gave us a verbal while his older brother was still PK for the Browns. So I wouldn't hold my breath.
  6. Initial post updated with who has and has not signed.
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