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  1. I am about to throw in the towel and stop watching this one. I don't see any life in Akron.
  2. The Zips are looking like the Cleveland Cavs in this game, no defense and no offense.
  3. Third straight game down at half time. I am concerned we can't come back in the second half this time. Hopefully I am wrong.
  4. No defense once again, but also no offense.
  5. Well at least Kent scores so fast we should get to see lots more of Dollard!
  6. I cringe as much when X attempts a 3 as Riak now.
  7. It mentions the game will be on Watch ESPN, so hopefully that means either ESPN3 or ESPN+. I didn't know we had 2 guys hitting 40% from 3 as the team itself has had bad shooting overall this year.
  8. That's true, but most of us expected the team to suck this year. Its only due to weak home schedule (before tonight) that we managed to get our 7 wins. Still even though this is a down year, hopefully we can start laying the foundation for future successful years.
  9. Best game (scoring) I have seen Cotton play. He might even be our leading scorer.
  10. Looks like a repeat of last night's CAVs game, except Akron can't shoot.
  11. I picked 2, assuming he stays at least 7 years at Duquesnse. My thinking is he can have similar success to Akron as far as making the tournament and 3/13 is roughly 2/7. Although 2/7 is better percentage wise, the A10 is a multiple bid league unlike the MAC. I also don't think he will dominate the A10 regular season like he did the MAC regular season, but he doesn't have to.
  12. I have always hated that the tournament champion gets the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. In theory this means you could lose all your games and just win 4 at the end. In reality if you are so bad you lose all your games, you aren't going to "find" yourself and suddenly start winning. However in the MAC and probably most mid-major conferences the top teams are so close in ability that if one is hot and one is not, the hottest team at tournament time tends to win. I still wish the NCAA tournament would go to 96 teams and eliminate the NIT. That way the regular season champion gets an auto bid and the tournament champion too (assuming they are different teams). Nice job by Kent State, you played much better than Akron last night and deserve to win! A KSU team that has trouble shooting the ball most of the season, but makes up for it in great offensive rebounding.
  13. Of course the guy who shoots 56% from the FT line hits both. Looks like our #1 ranking in luck has ended.
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