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  1. Interesting - they did move Bentley to the D-line
  2. It seems that Keyondre White has fallen off the map at RB. Could be that his weight ballooned and his speed dropped. Seems like that could have been addressed during the off season. The Zips must be focusing on bringing this guy back to fulfill his potential. After Alce left, Akron needs White to step up (and away from the lasagne).
  3. Newcomer contributor- Micheal Scott Returning player step forward - Jeremiah Knight
  4. I like what I hear from the o-line coach Zagorski. I have increasing confidence he will get it right.
  5. I saw a video clip with Brown, Corne, Peterson, Council, and Kallay together talking it up. Kallay may have finally broke thru to start? This would be a pretty big o-line. I'm sure others are in the mix.
  6. 94zipgrad - Very early, but any idea who will be starting where on the offensive line?
  7. I don't see Mitchell on the roster either. Hopefully just some requirement associated with the timing of applying for admission to fall classes and when the list is released. I think I've seen this in prior years.
  8. Yeah sure - go to the 2019 recruiting page 21. Maybe he never made it?
  9. There's also Cross( 6'3" 310 FBS offers) and Brimage on the D-line I believe. I'm sure the coaches are planning to utilize Meeks, Ward, and Sampson heavily as they all have too much to offer to sit the bench. They will be used in speed rush situations and in some 4-3 packages per 94Zipgrad (maybe some 3-4 too we'll have to watch - part of the fun). All of these lineman better keep their heads in the game as it looks like there will be people running on and off the field in different defenses, which is good as it will force opposing offenses to adjust.
  10. Who are going to be listed on the two deep for our three defensive down lineman? It's supposed to look like DE NT DE in a three four, but I'm not seeing Sampson at 210 lbs. playing one of those ends (weak side) much except to rattle the opposing QB on passing downs. Do we put the big men at these positions: Cross, Mitchell, Jest, Hawkins, Brimage and Jean-Baptiste to take on the offensive lineman and let the LB's make plays, and then work in our light fast D/E's (Ward, Sampson, and Meeks) when the situation calls for it? On another note, will the coaches move Eric Bentley to the DL as a 2020 move because Jest and Jean-Baptiste are Seniors in 2019 (maybe Bentley is our back up center - not sure - I've seen him on a depth chart as a starting guard?)? Lastly, was it Neeley that the coaches were thinking of moving to the defensive line? At 6'5" I'd think he'd make a better O-lineman candidate, but can't tell where team needs and his strengths and interests lie.
  11. https://reignoftroy.com/2019/05/10/matt-fink-usc-football-not-committed-illinois/
  12. One good thing that happened for this game is that Lovie Smith was given a contract extension. To date Coach Smith has not been able to to provide the teaching skills, motivation, or recruiting effort needed for the Illini to develop in the three or so years he has been in Champaign. Glad he is still there and he has taken over as the DC to boot. I briefly saw their spring game and they possess a lot of team speed and a big T/E, which could give Akron a lot of trouble. Their QB's seem to be still developing and their defense has been atrocious. I got the feeling I was watching a Toledo caliber team, but without the stellar coaching. Akron will be running new schemes in 2019 so this could be problematic, but if the Zips hold on early I give Akron a shot, despite it being in a big ten stadium with big ten refs. I expect that Chief Illiniwek will have the Illinois program fully informed of the Zips victory over Northwestern last year so the Zips will not be taken too lightly to our detriment. Let's hope for a better outcome than in 1996 when a poor Iliinois football team (ended season 2-9) did everything right, it seemed, and beat the struggling Zips 38-7.
  13. Austin Sample - DL? - whoops no - blue is offense
  14. I saw it but just disreguarded the roster position notation for Corner on GoZips.com, after all they once had Arslanian listed as over 6 feet. I'd be very surprised if Corner's not competeing for a spot in the defensive backfield.
  15. It will be interesting to see if LB Michael Scott has a strong spring. I wonder if he might contribute in 2019. Can't count out Arslanian to have more of an impact in 2019, but are there any other 5' 9" LB's in FBS? On the defensive line Matt Hanson is going to have to play more solid minutes and I expect Logan Hawkins to show up in 2019. In the defensive backfield, it's time for Lubin to shine. I don't think we are as weak on defense as some prognosticators think, but we are thin. 2019 should be interesting. Wouldn't surprise me to see a significant increase in offensive stats in 2019. Illinois will be a good gauge. They are beatable.
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