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  1. Right! Even the Glacier had over a 5.0 yards per carry stat. Currently our backs ave. 2.9 yards per carry. Bring on the true freshman Peter Hayes-Patrick too.
  2. I was looking at old stats back then and most of our running backs were all around 4.0 yards per carry or higher. The one exception may have been a fullback we had nicknamed 'The Glacier' as he was slow, but hard to stop. Couldn't find his name though. Hate that we have regressed, but there is some hope with our young guys this year-if we play them. Ya'll have fun-I'll be at a funeral-hope the game is not one.
  3. I hear ya, but I say save Akron Football and play Gibson and RB Patrick. We played Brandon Payne as true freshman in 1999 and he almost ran for 1,000 yards that season.
  4. Charlie Frye started as a true freshman in 2001 (had a good year too - first full game start was at Ohio State and Frye played well despite a 28-14 loss) when Nick Sparks went down with turf toe against OU I believe. The rest is history-does history repeat?
  5. It's his shtick or act I don't care for, but hey someone must like it
  6. Maybe I was too hard on the guy in my previous post (could be a deviated septum and an eating disorder thus the garbled speech with what sounds like food in his mouth and the name Munch?), but the repeated commercials for his show are too much. I suppose the station can't get anyone else to pay for time during a Zips game.
  7. I've been listening to a couple of games on the radio, and can't figure out who Frenchy's new partner Dave Skosen is even with a few google searches. Any help? - I'm having a hard time with his voice, sorry to say. as he sounds to me like a cartoon character. Also, who the heck is the crud or smudge guy that advertises for his weekday show on 1350, every other break (annoying), during the games? He sounds like he should blow his nose and lay off the bottle.
  8. Quitters - all of them - they could have been starters for Akron . I would not give them a chance were I another coach.
  9. Corne had a difficult day against UAB's Garrett Marino, I'll give you that, but at 6'4" 300 lbs he has the physical attributes to play the OL in FBS football (actually had an offer from Troy). Corne was also an All State selection in Florida and is an experienced red shirt sophomore that started all 12 games last year at LG. I think, and two different coaching staffs have thought, he's good enough to play, but what do WE know. OL game grades would paint a clearer picture, but they are not available to us. No thank you though for the obvious height and weight metrics needed to play the OL in the top level of college football. The focus on the right side of the OL is correct IMO, but that focus should be at RT.
  10. Currently, Troy is ranked #89, Illinois #98 and UAB #121. Does that help anybody?
  11. I saw a pic from Dr Z of our RT with the club arm (broken hand?) blocking one handed. He's showing some manliness being out there with this injury, but it does seem some experimenting should be done over there? Really like the thought of putting Council at RT. I think Corne can play at guard and maybe bring in Sample or Kallay at the other guard spot. Not sure what happened to Muldowney, but he may not match up well with this new offense or something. I hope Sands is OK after his broken leg a while back. He just does not seem to be the same.
  12. Joe is protecting his wallet. Never heard of this Beltz guy, but he must read posts on Zipsnation as this is where you get good Zips news. Sure you have to sift through some whining, trolls and other crap, but this is the place that's entertaining and informative if you're a Zips fan.
  13. The 2017 Troy game was exciting. Akron took the lead 17-16 in the second half with 5 minutes to go. Warren Ball rushed for over 100 yards for the Zips, but Troy moved the ball the length of the field on their last drive at the end of the game to take the win. This year the Zips are ranked as the third worst FBS program by Saragrin (no longer second worst as UTEP moved into that spot somehow) and the point spread is 21 in favor of Troy (of course).
  14. Good observations and idea to move Council to RT. Wish our coaches would think of it. As I've mentioned why are we sitting CB Lubin (is he still on the team)? The true freshman CB's we have in there are getting hammered. I like our flea RB Lee as a change up guy, but can we give White a try or as someone else mentioned-maybe Floyd. A bit frustrating, but I suppose there are secret coaching reasons why these things are not happening. Might be a job for Zipsnation reporting.
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