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  1. #1 all sports Zips fan, Ron from Canton, flippantly thinks that the MAC and the University are going to soon announce a 2020 home football schedule change that shifts all games to weeknights for the Zips and then unnecessarily proclaim that no fans are to participate in the season. 😉
  2. Maybe the 2020 season will be canceled and we can just move to 2021 where we might be competitive.😜
  3. Anytime a starter or heavy contributor enters the transfer portal that is a red flag either on the athlete or the program. Wasn't this guy a captain last year? Seems like he abandoned his team.
  4. Thanks for putting this chart together. I believe Eric Bentley is now on the DL and i think RB Cole Gest may get two years if he stays healthy.
  5. I looked at YSU's 2020 recruiting class and they signed a couple of O-lineman that I would have liked to have seen in a Zips uniform.
  6. Dan Mullen had Miss. State ranked #1 in 2014.
  7. No denying that Glass went bananas at a very bad time in a showcase game. Glass ranked #23 in passing yards in the Country in 2019, but his height is short for the NFL (he did break Charlie Batch's single season total offense record in 2019 and was considered an NFL prospect). He may be picked up or given a shot somewhere in some league, but this crazy swinging act at the end of the game, which was in reach with time running out, will hurt him. I hope he got his degree.
  8. This will hurt his chances at playing at the next level. Can't have a QB that's a loose cannon. This was a great showcase for him and he blew it up. Not too smart.
  9. I wonder if Cole knows Jonah Morris (both at IU together)? For that matter, I wonder if Morris plans on playing for the Zips in 2020.
  10. Nice! Looks like he can play right away. Was buried deep on the 2019 IU depth chart after knee injury early in 2018. Had a 4.6 yard average his redshirt freshman year.
  11. I wonder if this coaching staff ever considered Bubba Arslanian at RB this year. With all the transfers and injuries at this position, I would have given him a look. Could he have bulled his way to 4.0 yards a carry. I think the probability is high. 2020?
  12. Alce was a very good young prospect, but once you leave a team under certain circumstances things are going to be tough (I think they converted him to a LB at Dodge). White too lost motivation and gained weight, which did slow him down. Either of these guys, with the right work ethic, would have been much superior at RB for the Zips (White averaged 4.3 yards per carry at South Carolina in the 2018 finale) than a gimpy Sands or the flea Brandon Lee in 2019 (heck I would have liked to see Floyd at RB as he had a good preseason but he left too). Hanson was offered by Iowa State out of high school, not recently, as you seem to mention. His chances of playing in Power 5 let alone being associated with any FBS program again are slim unless he drastically turns things around. All of these athletes (Bowden recruits) had tremendous potential that went undeveloped for reasons of their own and or Arth's coaching staff.
  13. No info - my guess is that they will be close to last in line for a new scholarship opportunity anywhere as most of them would have been starters or heavy contributors here. I would think that it does not look good on your resume that you butted heads with a coaching staff. Something will most probably work out for most of them at some time when a need arises somewhere.
  14. To name a few: Alce RB 3* - listed as a MAC Pre season Freshman of the Year at one time White RB 3* - 2018 final game starter Willlams WR 3* - deep threat Jordan OL - 6'4" 315 lbs Hanson DL - offered by Iowa State I'm not promoting these guys as they quit or were removed from the team, but you wanted some examples.
  15. One Bowden 2019 recruit that got away was Max Wynn. He decommitted and went to Miami of OH. He preserved his red-shirt down there and would have played sparingly here too in 2019 with Lako at MIKE, but in 2020 Max would most probably have been a starter at LB for Akron. A big part of the story here too was the transfer outs that happened in 2019, many of who were Bowden recruits. Almost our entire RB depth chart was gone and so were many WR's. This crippled our offense, which was supposed to be a team strength in 2019 and predestined a winless season. This hard line by Arth should have been tempered. Akron is now in a reset and things will be looking up, but 2019 washed away most everything for better or worse. The YSU game next year is shaping up to be a pivotal contest. Win that game and the Zips begin the march back. Lose it - well I don't want to think about it, but if it's a YSU rout of Akron in our home stadium - then something drastic may have to be planned or done.
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