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  1. Hey I think I'd take 4-8 right about now! Injuries began to mount if you look back!
  2. Ok, but the next game they played a very good Iowa State team in Ames very tough. Explain?
  3. Step back for a minute and think how can a team that beat Northwestern in 2018 all of a sudden have the roster bare of talent in the next year. Yeah that's right - it can't unless they were dropped.
  4. Not that easy to be picked up on transfer if you quit or were cut Word gets out. Also, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think that some these guys just loose the commitment and will to play anymore after a bad experience.
  5. Why are you quoting me (see my earlier post #793)?
  6. Didn't I just take time to disprove this comment? Many of the players on the list in my post were young so I'm not sure how you can dismiss them as nothing. Others did make an impact on the team as starters. Cupboard left bare please - more like the contents of the cupboard were thrown out.
  7. Nevermind - not trying to get thru to you. I suppose you still think we couldn't run the ball last year because of our terrible O-Line, despite having zero scholarship RB's availble to run ther ball. Coaching does not have to bring this kind of turnover, but Arth demanded it. Bowden did pretty darn good with his players that you spit at... held the Wagon Wheel for 4 years. Things will turn, but it will take time.
  8. I muted when the girl commentator said and it's a touchdown on a first down.
  9. Sure I'll play, but no hyperbole. Not all with playing time as many were young, but some studs. Most would have helped in 2019 and this year, but for reasons previously mentioned they are gone: Max Winn LB - Bowden recruit (among others) Robinson LB Lubin CB Hall CB Sampson DL Hanson DL Sample OL Council OL Corne OL White RB Suggs RB Floyd RB Meeks DL Williams WR Morris WR Brimage DL Alce RB Hooks S - Arth recruit Peters OL Arth recruit Patrick RB Arth recruit Not a full list but that's +or-20 (I'm sure are some adds and corrections), which is significant.
  10. You don't get it. That's the roster now, not when Arth came in as coach.
  11. Dustin Fox mentioned several times last night that the cupboard of talented athletes was bare for Arth when he came into coach Akron (I've seen this mentioned on this forum too). I don't think this is accurate and does not do justice to the players. It appears to me more accurate that many Bowden era players were shown the door (for unspoken reasons) while many others transferred or quit due to the program commitment required by Arth. Heck some of Arth's own recruits moved on to other opportunities due to the harsh realities required on and off the field. This team's story in 2019 and 2020 is not boo hoo for Arth and his bare cupbaord of talent when he took the job (that was actually what Bowden experienced after Ianello), but instead it's a team that has not quit, despite the work required by the coaching staff, despite the losses caused in a great part by the low roster scholarships, despite all of the hard work. They seemed to have banded together despite facing all of this adversity. It kind of reminds me of another group of college football players they used to call the 'Junction Boys' at Texas A&M. Akron is down, and we may have skipped off rock bottom again, but these Buchtel Boys of Akron are beginning their climb even though it's not apparent after last night.
  12. 425 yards of first half yardage against the Zips.
  13. The TV announcers did a nice job. They were knowledgable about the Zips and the MAC. Our kick off and receiving teams along with the turnovers killed the W, but an entertaining game.
  14. Heading into the Ohio game Akron is ranked #198 in the Saragrin ratings-right ahead of winless FCS Mercer and Incarnate Word
  15. I was watching for his number #67 on the DL for most of the game. Did not see him but once. He reminds me of a Brock Boxen type player. I will focus on the DL in the Ohio game too. Hopefully they don't spend the whole game on their backs again.
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