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  1. I have to wonder if the loss of 'the Chest' from the staff had a role in the unraveling of team culture at Akron under Bowden. Amato was in his seventies, but he still had some charisma that players respected. Chuck brought in some good linebackers here and I think he was missed after his retirement.
  2. The entire list of RB's from the spring depth chart are either off the team or hurt. White, Alce, Floyd, Suggs, Sands (did not seem to recover from leg injury-injured , Reese (transfer-injured) all gone or not playing. We have one true freshman on scholarship at running back and he has not been too impressive (seems to lack a burst of speed - maybe tentative as he is young). The other backs on the roster are also true freshman walk on's or a D III transfer who is smaller than our back I had on my youth team. Recipe for a tough go concerning the running game for the Zips playing FBS football irrespective of any O-line discussion. On another note, we have also lost about 70% of the receivers on our spring depth chart for various reasons including injury. It's really no wonder why we are the worst offense in major college football.
  3. Gotta give Cross some credit this year as he has been playing well - he was a nice pickup on the d-line
  4. I'd like to see a stat on how many times Miami blitzed Akron. It seemed to occur every time we were in third and long. We had to have some sort of hot routes that worked to counter with yardage and to avoid the sacks. Again, a huge problem is at running back - losing all but one scholarship player at this position (and he is a true freshman) has decimated the offense. Reese did briefly prove that a determined running back could gain yards with this O line, before he hurt his neck. Doubt if the players are all on board with the offensive scheme too, which effects effort.
  5. We had bunch ready to play this year until the blow out transfer/quit sale. Warren Ball proved that Akron teams under Bowden could have a running game with a good back.
  6. What do you know? We have lost White, Alce, Suggs, Floyd, Reese, and Sands (who never seemed to recover from his leg injury) at running back. We are one dimensional on offense. We get in 3rd and long and repeatedly the blitz comes from the opposition. How can we compete? - get some damn running backs - our only scholarship back is a true freshman. Wake up Akron fans - it's the backfield you should be concentrating on for improvement on offense.
  7. Do you think our Army ROTC students will skip bringing any ordnance to fire at the game after a score?
  8. Dictionary definition of racism - prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Minorties can be guilty of descrimination too.
  9. Watched a lot of the Buffalo game on replay and noticed our defense would set then Buffalo would look to the sidleine and run to the gap that was open in our line quite a bit of the time. Wonder if we shouldn't slide over to fill the open gap after an opponent stops and looks to the sideline after reviewing our defensive alignment. Impressed with the defense. Like those DB's. Our offense was supposed to be the strong point this year till we lost or got rid of most of our RB's and WR's.
  10. I hear ya, but this was a hard hitting game. NU fans were asking me how big our team was as we were smashing the Cats. Their 4 star tailback Larkin had to quit football after the game. Brian Bell and Lako were all over the place. We lost several to injury too (which affected our season later on I'm afraid to say). Akron moved the ball and it looked as if the big ten refs were trying to steal the game, but Akron perservered. I was up into the wee hours of the morning watching the big ten channel while drinking bourbon - time flew
  11. Don Ursetti (sounded like a garbage disposal) and Whitey Wall (sounded like a grandmother-big contributor to UA though) were the previous announcers. They were terrible - French was a huge upgrade (Touchdown Akron! - wish we could hear more fo that this season)
  12. Faust Worst Defeat - Arkansas St 1991 - Akron was ahead against Div IAA ASU 23-22 at the Rubber Bowl, but during a late 4th qtr. drive the Red Wolves shocked Akron and ran a fumblerooski for a TD to beat the Zips 28-23. The next year Arkansas St. moved up to IA (thank you Akron). Bowden Biggest Win - Northwestern 2018 - I was in Chicago this past summer and NU fans are still shaking their heads at that one
  13. Right! Even the Glacier had over a 5.0 yards per carry stat. Currently our backs ave. 2.9 yards per carry. Bring on the true freshman Peter Hayes-Patrick too.
  14. I was looking at old stats back then and most of our running backs were all around 4.0 yards per carry or higher. The one exception may have been a fullback we had nicknamed 'The Glacier' as he was slow, but hard to stop. Couldn't find his name though. Hate that we have regressed, but there is some hope with our young guys this year-if we play them. Ya'll have fun-I'll be at a funeral-hope the game is not one.
  15. I hear ya, but I say save Akron Football and play Gibson and RB Patrick. We played Brandon Payne as true freshman in 1999 and he almost ran for 1,000 yards that season.
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