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  1. Yep you're playing gotcha allright. 😁
  2. Glad to see Fickell find a home at UC. I like their program and their band too. I was at the 2008 UC UA game at the Rubber Bowl which was a battle as you know I'm sure (UC won 17 to 15 - Zips led at halftime) and I remember their band marching down from the top parking lot before the game to the stadium opening with drums rattling, brass swaying, and their entire band chanting their cheer - OHHHH OHHHH OHHHH UC! repeat. Their cheerleaders kept the cheer up all game bending into the shape of the letters UC (I sat on the visitors side from time to time for color) - loved it! Their coach sweating bullets that day was Brian Kelly.
  3. I think what wouldn't be a bad idea is to spread some of the media money that HC's currently get out to assistants who could talk more to the media. That way you might not get the boring HC coach speak (Arth) that we currently get and deserving assistant coaches might stay around in some sort of succession plan, should a HC leave, if the team has found a winning formula.
  4. I think total scholarships on the football team will track up (not down) from here (currently mid-seventy's), but will depend on senior graduation, transfers (quiting), and scholarships pulled due to a problem or another (I hope that is mostly over). As has been discussed on other forums, there can be NCAA limits on how many can be offered each year. The previous coaching regime did a nice job of manuvering around these rules and I expect Arth to try and do the same as long as he gets his student athlete with what he considers are suitable moral qualities.
  5. I believe what you are referring to is an article written by young Cameryn Justice of WEWS news on 5/14 where she says - 'The school said that while football remains, the scholarships players receive will likely be reduced while they work on making the program more lucrative.' I don't see anything about a value reduction in her vauge article and I still believe they are referring to the scholarships that the football program awards will be down (now in the mid-seventies or so) as the University works through this crisis (and NCAA recruiting rules). I also beleive that our OOC schedule going forward is going to require that we get to full strength in scholarships (eighty-five) as we will be playing in alot of big stadiums each year (more than prior years - $$$$).
  6. I took it that Arth is currently fielding a team with under 85 scholarships. I would expect the football team will be able to fill the 85 scholarship limit in the future.
  7. I'm hoping salary cuts do not hit assistant coaches too heavily as they don't make a ton. The savings would be small, by coach, there anyhow, but the HC cuts could save a substantial amount without losing anyone that does a good job. Program cuts will most probably come from the most expensive non-revenue sports. Cost to run the program will be the first criteria (within reason) and then second how successful. I would be worried if I were a coach and had a non-revenue team with many out of State or out of Country athletes. Title 9 will play a role of course.
  8. I'm heading that way with football in college. Like the game day experiance from time to time. Quit watching most pro football and all basketball year's ago.
  9. You are assuming that athletes are not coached and are not developed by the limited 'institutions' , as you say, that are out there struggling to keep costs down. If it is to be the way you would want it I would be happy if these same athletes were not given any athletic scholarship at all as the last thing I want to support is some primadonna that turns his or her back on the people that helped make him or her develop to what they turned out to be. Sick, raw, backstabing that I would not support.
  10. Yes, we think much different as athletes on a full ride are making in-lieu-of cash with a very valuable free educaton with room and board and extra help. This should be paid back if any athlete is allowed to benefit from some windfall (ex. - NCAA Football video game royalty). I'm not talking just Akron, but the entire NCAA.
  11. Yes, if you had a full ride academic scholarship and you went out and earned big bucks, you should do something in return. If an athlete receives a piddly amount for their likeness, I would think there would be no need to return funds. You know, have a common sense threshold.
  12. When banter turns toxic it means the death for innovation.... Try think about all the costs that go into supporting university athletics and how ridiculous it is for athletes to want to earn something more for their participation beyond their tuition, room and, board, without paying back the institutions that got them in that position. If these same athletes can earn something for their likeness, so be it, then they should payback their benefactor by returning tuition, room, and board and then keep the rest. You must have supported the knuckelhead that used to walk around the Rubber bowl and the Info with a hand painted 6th grade sign saying the University exploits athletes. Benefit of many - debatable. Zero cost - please...
  13. Reduce the scholarship (and the cost to the University) till fully gone for a college athlete that sells their Name/Image/likeness?
  14. Donna Lopiano - former CEO of the Women's Sports Foundation
  15. I think they may have already proved their worth last year.
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