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  1. If there's a kid in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or Youngstown/Warren that has a P5 scholarship offer, we should be offering him a scholarship as well, even if we have no realistic shot. And if they have even a single G5 offer, we should be scouting them at the very least.
  2. The fact that Terry Pluto is excited about Arth is perhaps the most concerning thing to come out of this whole coaching change.
  3. I don't feel anything about this hire, if true. No excitement, no anger, no caution. Just apathy.
  4. At the beginning of the process, I thought I read somewhere that it would take no more than two weeks, and that Williams had some candidates in mind from the beginning?
  5. I wonder how he ended up on our radar. Seems to bounce around a lot, and feels like he's a "football guy". But can he recruit, and hire/manage a great coaching staff? Head coaches typically don't work directly with players. I think his resume is more suited to a coordinator position before jumping right to head coach.
  6. A user on the FCS message board AnyGivenSaturday.com is reporting that Arth has accepted the position, for whatever that's worth. As good as any other source we've had in this coaching search.
  7. ZachTheZip


    They lost to Arizona. I'm not sure how the beacketing works. Akron is playing Penn State as I type this.
  8. The absolute best thing he has done is not try to replace coach Embick.
  9. ZachTheZip


    https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague UA is competing in the Rocket League championships right now.
  10. I'm sure Williams been looking at candidates since he became AD at Akron.
  11. Then the AD wouldn't get to make "his" hire and move on to a bigger job. A football coaching hire is the one big thing he has been missing from his resume, even before coming to Akron.
  12. Zajac makes it 4-0. This game has been blown wide open.
  13. Enough to pay for Bowden's contract in the midst of our financial struggles, I imagine.
  14. University of Akron reaches settlement with Nebraska over canceled football game
  15. We only have three realistic options when it comes to hiring a head coach. An assistant or coordinator from a program that is on our level or better, a retread head coach that didn't pan out at a higher level, or an up-and-coming coach from the lower divisions. Since joining FBS, we had Faust (retread from Notre Dame), Owens (a high school coach), Brookhart (coordinator at Pitt), Ianello (assistant at Notre Dame), and Bowden. None of them worked out how we had hoped. We have never hired a head coach from a lower division program. And yet, that seems to be where the highest numbers of successful mid-major coaches come from. The kind that come in, put up big win totals, and then get hired away to a P5 program like we've seen so many times at the top MAC programs.
  16. I am wary of any candidate that has only seen coaching success at schools with football budgets that eclipse UA's entire endowment. Likewise, I'm wary of any candidate that doesn't have at least coordinator experience. Being a head coach is more than just football. It's also managing an organization. You need to be able to hire a good staff and then put them in positions to succeed. You need to be able to connect with the community and work with the athletic department to fill seats. No amount of playcalling or position technique knowledge can prepare someone to do that.
  17. Whoops, yes, sorry. Meant to put a "former" in there.
  18. Speculation on Twitter has OSU RB coach Stan Drayton in the mix.
  19. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2018/12/5-guys-akron-should-consider-as-football-coach-include-vince-kehres-mike-jacobs-luke-getsy.html
  20. Because its actually news related to our coaching search, and not pages of off-topic crap.
  21. https://theathletic.com/693573/2018/12/04/akron-zips-head-coach-job-opening-profile-football/ Anybody have a subscription to The Athletic?
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