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  1. Thanks for the inane commentary 🙄
  2. You must have a small circle of friends and associates. I worked with someone ON HIS OLD STAFF and they shared that players overwhelmingly were tuning Bowden out at the end. Good man, appreciate his time with the Zips, but let it go.
  3. Nittany Lions won 2-1 at UMich today. This will NOT be an easy one. Seems like a veteran roster to me. The GA State result should not surprise. We still have a lot of work to do in the final third and corners (as someone already cited) suck. Looking over Panthers roster showed some mean looking dudes. #10 has a busted face in his pic, LOL.
  4. I had to stop after 90 seconds. To have a "presser," one must have a press. GT's non- question question was middle school newspaper club worthy material. Arth is smiling at the quality of the dumpster fire we have here in Akron. Unreal...
  5. That game was definitely the nail in the coffin for me. Barring a complete turnaround, they must buy out Arth and go in another direction. Zero results in year three and not much talent in the pipeline. Normally, one would be concerned with talent leaving the program with s departing coach. Not much there to worry about.
  6. Why is our athletic dept such a Mickey Mouse operation? No surplus sale, zero marketing, concessions not available, etc. It CANNOT be that difficult!!
  7. The excitement building up to this game is monumental 🙄 24-12 Script Akron
  8. The Auburn game result was as expected. Collect our check and board the plane. The big takeaway from this mercenary effort: Kato Nelson has ZERO business starting at QB for the remainder of the season. I like the script Akron, but it should NEVER be a replacement for a logo. It shows how minor league we are in terms of marketing and branding. The "Z" always looked amateurish, but somehow showcase the uniqueness of Zips name and/or kangaroo.
  9. 1) Does the NCAA exist anymore? if so... 2) Does it even have the power to levy penalties? If this were a P5 team, they would chuckle and hang up the phone.
  10. I prefer being unranked and having to prove ourselves. We have experienced the opposite of late and it sucks missing out on big games in November!
  11. Love it!! Niagara defender will want that game tape burned, LOL.
  12. Unfortunately, JT has been getting clobbered since your post. He was having difficultly locating the strike zone, his delivery got out of sorts, and he is giving up a TON of dingers. My hope was for JT to be one of the few serviceable starters for the Buccos, but the jury is still out with his latest performance. I do give him credit for being positive and upbeat, despite playing for the worst owner in professional sports!
  13. I was ok with going in a different direction from Bowden. However, this roster is showing little promise and I'm not seeing more than two wins. That is NOT ok for year three in a rebuild.
  14. The gap between the haves and have-nots continue to widen.
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