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  1. Zip2Go-Point taken. I agree that a college weight program will deliver a "bigger" Zeke.My only concern was Zeke's frame reminded me of Shawn James from Duquesne (not far from your home). James used his seven foot frame to become a dominant shot blocker, but was never a true force on the offensive end because he got pushed around a bit. James was a decent D1 player (and I believe he just signed overseas), but my hope is that Zeke has a higher ceiling than James once he fills out.Good luck to Zeke and welcome to the Zips family!
  2. I attended today's afternoon session and I had a couple general observations:- Zeke looked REALLY thin and def. needs to bulk up. He ran the floor well and seems to have excellent coordination for a 7 footer. I still pinch myself to make sure it is real that UA landed this kid!- A couple UA players were present. I'm not sure what type of skills Steve Swiech brings to the table, but the dude is huge. That boy could floss his teeth with poor Zeke's arm - Carl Jones from Garfield Heights looks like he may be in the eighth grade.- I love that this camp is at the JAR! I'm hoping KD can work some type of magic and find another camper (other than Zeke) to stay with our beloved Zips On the other hand, I did see Billy Donovon and Lute Olson present, which certainly doesn't help our chances...
  3. Hi- New to the board, but here is a link to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about a QB we made an offer for...Post Gazette
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