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  1. Could Seibert have commited here because he thought he would be 30 minutes away from his brother? Will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Yes, but it is a little misleading! https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/17570698
  3. I can't get it real well in Twinsburg. Luckily, they stream on iHeart so I can listen that way!
  4. Absolutely not. They just moved stations because 1350 is now marketed as a Cleveland station, and 640 is the sister station of 1350. Everything else is still as is.
  5. But only spectators can be immediate family or special person to player/ band member
  6. There have been a couple players to wear that number. The latest was Corey Coleman (blah).
  7. Is there anywhere to find a list of Acme Zip Games and the scores/dates? I remember a few as a kid and want to try and piece my memories together.
  8. I was just looking in the Media Guide and saw that Mike Woodford is the new Special Teams coordinator! This is the best news I have heard in years. Did I miss this BIG news somewhere?
  9. @ Kentucky 2021/2024 @ Akron 2023 I think the bigger news is that we got a winnable home OOC game with Morgan State scheduled for 2018!
  10. Back in the Spring of 2000 I participated in this! I didn't land Zippy, but I did get a call and became a professional Akron mascot....and I got to participate in the Olympic torch relay when it came through Akron on its way to Salt Lake City! What a life achievement!
  11. I'm suddenly a whole lot less enamored about next years schedule. I'm still trying to get over the fact that the Browns only had 7 home games last year, now this devastating news.... I guess this calls for a road trip!
  12. Should we be jealous, or even worried that we only have 2 non conference games scheduled for 2018? 2018 Sept. 1 at Nebraska Sept. 22 at Iowa State 2019 Aug. 31 at Illinois Sept. 7 UAB TBA TROY 2020 Sept. 12 at UAB Sept. 19 at Clemson 2022 Sept. 24 at Appalachian State
  13. Chargers will be coming to Cleveland next year.... Let's support Jatavis!
  14. a-zip thank you for being an athletic supporter of the Zips! Ummm that just doesn't sound right! haha
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