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  1. These are just the teams we will face. No particular order other than the set contracted OOC games at the top...which should state September, not November.
  2. Bummer, this could be the end of the road for JD. As a 15 year Browns season ticket holder, and nearly 25 with the Zips, I was hoping he could crack the lineup and show the big boys what he has. Oh well, I wish him well in whatever may come his way.
  3. I just got a real nice Zips Columbia jacket there on clearance for $40 bucks!
  4. But only one of them for 3 more months! Bowden's last payday is 2/28/21
  5. French mentioned on his morning show Friday that he was indeed fired. He said after 31 years of calling games he was done and he wished the University well.
  6. Zips lose big in smallest crowd at the Info yet!
  7. WHLO has announced that the announcers for Zips football are Dave Skocozen and Joe Dunn. So long Steve French and thank you for the memories!
  8. I was sitting in the endzone and saw him go down on the tackle. I feared the worst right away even tough it didn't look like a typical knee injury. 120 pound guys and only withstand so much pressure! Sad!
  9. Could Seibert have commited here because he thought he would be 30 minutes away from his brother? Will be interesting to see what happens.
  10. Yes, but it is a little misleading! https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/17570698
  11. I can't get it real well in Twinsburg. Luckily, they stream on iHeart so I can listen that way!
  12. Absolutely not. They just moved stations because 1350 is now marketed as a Cleveland station, and 640 is the sister station of 1350. Everything else is still as is.
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