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  1. No, this was all Football. I've seen it three times now.
  2. No, it was Coach Arth and our former backup to the backup QB, Matt K.
  3. I actually saw an Akron Zips Football commercial! I couldn't believe my eyes!
  4. Well you know theatres are open now....
  5. I for one wonder how much coaching he actually has done in the last few years. The last time OU played at Akron I specifically watched him and he pretty much just shuffled along the sidelines. He never talked to any players, I wonder how many decisions he was actually making?
  6. His college stats were actually not that great. I think his ability top kick and punt was the reason he was drafted. Here are his FG tries which came out to 59.2%: '89 5/16 '90 9/17 '91 13/17 '92 18/26 As a senior, he had a 49.6 avg on his punts... He went on to kick more FG's (32) in one season in the Arena League than anyone else in history!
  7. Well, he didn't have one! It notes that he was cut from an NFL team!
  8. I'll never forget Darren Alcorn kicking that game winner. I believe I was 13 at the time. I want to say it was 1992 and possibly even an Acme Zip Game??? It was at night, I remember fireworks, and a big crowd as some rushed the field! Good memories, one of my best!
  9. If Akron has done anything right the last ten years is having dependable longsnappers. As a matter of fact, I believe we had two guys up for national awards for their quality snapping.... Next man up!
  10. I sure hope your hunch is correct! I am done being high on Zips qbs... I really thought Woody was going to be the next "star". Its been rough since Getsy left, minus that year of Dalton Williams....
  11. These are just the teams we will face. No particular order other than the set contracted OOC games at the top...which should state September, not November.
  12. Bummer, this could be the end of the road for JD. As a 15 year Browns season ticket holder, and nearly 25 with the Zips, I was hoping he could crack the lineup and show the big boys what he has. Oh well, I wish him well in whatever may come his way.
  13. I just got a real nice Zips Columbia jacket there on clearance for $40 bucks!
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