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  1. Do you really think KD wants to play top teams in the other conferences? does he limit those games so that the strength of the program does not show? i am just asking
  2. We better win, I have a class at OSU campus in wooster on Wednesday plan to wear my zips hoodie go zips
  3. Thanks don't get ESPN 3 or time warner. Have MCTV will listen on radio
  4. Does anyone know if there will be TV coverage of noon game on Thursday? Any other coverage ?
  5. Personally I think Ivy has lots of athlete ability, a natural dont know about coach ability or attitude but he sure is a natural on the floor
  6. Good luck Zips drown Kent i think they will unleash the baskets and 3 pointers KD should just let them run and score, less control They have potential for high scoring win
  7. My son said the game would be on cozi TV in wooster we don't get espn3 on MCTV GO ZIPS BEAT OU
  8. No excuses just poor playing and -__________ sorry but that is how it is very sad for a team with such potential
  9. Remembers standing in line in Spicer Hall Long long time ago sorry the zips did not want the win bad enough they know how to play the game and chose mediocrity
  10. Go Zips beat Kent! Son going to game, I will watch it on ESPNU if they play to their capability they will win
  11. Congrats to the Zips BB team for the win! as for the MAC, my opinion win the rest of the games, go to Cleveland a winner. They need the confidence! this is the first team in years that seems to play as a team Also no outside the court drama, that is so important, keeps their concentration on game only!
  12. Ok they are playing as they should
  13. Gee must be snow stopping webcast well it is up to them if they want a win suck it up and play like they are capable of doing
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