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  1. Not sure what happened on the punt. But the 1st kickoff we tried an onside. And they 2nd kickoff we kicked from the 50 because of a 15 yard BG penalty.
  2. You are exactly right. It seems the coaching staff doesn't know how to evaluate D1 talent. Or they are losing on purpose. In their minds this season was always a throw away season. Arth even said in the press conference before the Troy game that the goal was to play to their potential, not to win.
  3. Zips win both QBs go for 290 plus. We get 3 or more sacks. And my fearless forecast: Lako scores a TD. I'm feeling optimistic.
  4. The Takeaway Pencil is silly as hell. But I'm going to embrace it. An explanation would be nice.
  5. It shows us @ Ohio? We all know it is @ Can't .
  6. L @ ILL L vs UAB W @ CMU L vs Troy W @ UMASS W vs Kent W vs Buffalo L @ NIU W @ BGSU W vs EMU L @ Miami W vs Ohio 7 - 5. 6 - 2 in the MAC. Offensive MVP Kato Nelson Defensive MVP Alvin Davis MAC Champ. Ohio Maybe I'm being a bit of a Homer here but I think we should be a contender right away. Coaching and Motivation were 90% of our problem last year. If Arth is worth a lick at all then he should have success with this group.
  7. It is concerning to see that our starting center couldn't get a score with his back to the hoop against a D3 team. Also, we struggled getting entry passes into the post. It's like we tried to make an effort to go down low at times and couldn't do it.
  8. I will be at the game. I'm hope that attendance is so low that they let us sit anywhere.
  9. Good effort tonight. We need to finish at the rim a lot better.
  10. Maybe not OOC games. But, I do recall discussing this same topic last year and it was said that the MAC decided game times. Yes some games are changed for TV. And espn+ is new this year. But any way you look at it 2 PM start times suck.
  11. Toledo Buffalo and Kent have most of their home games at 7. We play at 2 because the MAC thinks we are going to suck. The MAC is trying to highlight the best programs in primetime games. It's no coincidence that under Dambrot all of our games were at 7. Then when he left all of the sudden noon and 2 o clock games come along.
  12. I can't stand the 2 PM games. I work on Saturdays and I have to plan my whole week around the game in order to make it on time. And it kills attendance.
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