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  1. Actually, you don't know me. As for being in the "locker room" in interview situations, perhaps you should use that access. Because you know what? In three years covering these teams, I've been in a locker room ONCE. As for being beneath me? Seriously. When you can take away that anonymity you hide behind, then we'll talk. I can take criticism, but you have one hell of an axe to grind and you have since the day I started. You don't want people to begrudge you your football likes, but you'll take a swipe at someone else? You know what that makes you? A hypocrite. Big time.
  2. You have little idea WHAT gets said in interviews with players. You have no ideas what gets asked. But for the record, I've asked Chisholm TWICE in two seasons was there anything in his background that motivated him or inspired him. CRICKETS. Do you suggest a drive to Harrisburg? The story came from the Harrisburg side of things. And more often than not, this is how getting a good story works: you get a call you get a tip. You happen upon it. How you work it is a different matter. When I get information, I write about it. People here can complain about coverage as much as they want, but the fact is, I do my job. Secondly, Dave in Green explained it best. SItting in the pressroom, huh? If you're who I remember you to be, unfortunately, things work a lot different in the newsroom than when your father was in the newsroom.
  3. There was nothing to make up. When basketball season ends, I try to take as much vacation as possible. Then I'm given other assignments. While I was able to squeeze some Zips track and baseball in, I had little control over what I was assigned which included the NFL Draft, Browns rookie minicamp, full minicamp and other things.
  4. No word. They are hoping for a decision "soon." For anyone who is looking for breaking news, I often tweet it before I write it. Twitter: @GeorgeThomasABJ I tweeted that out earlier.
  5. I was trying not to offend anyone by saying exactly that.
  6. No, it was a way to acknowledge an institution that played a huge part in helping me to grow up. Nothing more. Nothing less. I also have a Star Trek-related tattoo. Why? Because there was some level of what that series espoused that resonated with me. If they're both to be ridiculed, so be it.
  7. I have a tattoo of the mascot of the school I attended and still root for. I've seen a few Zips fans with Zippy or the new "Z" that's in fashion. Loyalty is loyalty.
  8. I agree there doesn't seem to be a lot of loyalty among the students. I've tried to explain the concept to my older son. This is a kid that plans to go to Can't and be a Zips fan. My rooting allegiance is to another school. That helps me to be more objective when writing about Akron.
  9. Funny, that isn't the vibe I'm getting. As for fault, you have the order wrong and when you say "community" you can start with the student body.
  10. To my knowlege, we don't get calls about the Zips in sports. Nor do we get them about Can't. We get them about high school and pro teams. Again, define lack of coverage. Articles in the paper five days a week? Secondly, please do not make assumptions about what I think of the team. I have tremendous respect for Terry, his staff and his players. Your problem stems from the last sentence in your statement. Where were the fans for the opener? This is a season of expectations, which I wrote about several times. Yet, I didn't see a lot of people. As for the school's relationship with alumni, I don't have enough knowledge regarding that to even begin to formulate an opinion.
  11. Here's the reality of that Chisholm story. The paper that wrote it was his hometown paper. I read the story. It's fantastic. I spoke to the writer this week. His information about Chisholm and the shooting came from that end. If any SID shared that with me over the past three seasons, I would have written about it. My guess is they didn't know because the article clearly states that "he doesn't like to talk about it." I have a good relationship with Jawon and he's never told me about it. You are correct. My coverage will be geared toward the run up to the game. If and when I get an interesting human interest story, I'll jump on it. I always have, but I will not force a story.
  12. I will tell you this as far as hard data: three things drive traffic to our website, UA sports is not one of them. You talk about resources we devote to Ohio State and we don't even have a reporter covering them. The reality of the 21st century encompasses more than technology. Secondly, my coverage will lean toward the end of the week and game day. That's just the reality of my situation. Right now, in the world of sports the reality is this you get to master column writing. You get to master a pro beat. To a degree you get to master a high school beat. You get to master a major college beat and the definition of that over the years has changed, significantly. That NCAA vote regarding autonomy (an issue I wrote about outside of normal UA duties) should be an indicator of that. You write about there being too much Browns coverage as well, but the reality is the NFL is king. Akron doesn't exist on an island outside of Cleveland especially when it comes to Browns fans. It is a priority at a paper. It drives circulation and web traffic. Not to mention that there's a hell of a good, young writer covering the team.
  13. So here is the question. I am now reading sniping regarding the amount of coverage for the Zips. I honestly want to know: WHERE on the list of priorities do the Zips belong? Because this week alone I count 8-10 blog posts, a story in the paper, another running Saturday and another blog post to preview the game online. An effort will be made to provide more video as well. If some of you think the Zips will ever merit the coverage the Browns get, that's a mistake. With LeBron James back in town, the Cavs will even take more priority. Now I ask, what is supposed to be done? The reality is we're in a different news environment. You'll find Zips coverage, but I am elsewhere a couple of times during the week also. And, oh, I'm supposed to take two days off a week. Ask me how many times that happens from August to April. That is the way it is for EVERY ABJ sportswriter. That's the new reality. We work hard because we feel an obligation to do so. If you want late-breaking Zips news, check the blog. The more in-depth stuff will be in the paper. As to the snarky statement and question that insulted the paper and asked whether I was reading? Until today, THIS the first time I've logged in in well over six months. There is one specific reason that for that: while people here - with the exception of a couple of individuals whom I've met in person - criticize and insult under the veil of anonymity, if I read it, I am not allowed to respond in any negative manner. It's easier to just not deal with it. I've always tried to keep and open mind and an open line of communication via email and Twitter. Some - not all - make that extremely difficult to want to do. Somewhere along the way, civility got lost for some. The coverage on the blog will be there. There are three videos with three of the Zips top players that posted today. There will be more videos. There will be more posts and every effort will be made to cover the Zips fully. And FYI: I won't be attending the Penn State game because I am on vacation. With the Zips' bye week is was the best time to schedule it so that I would miss only one game instead of two. For those who take the time to read this, thank you.
  14. Isaiah Williams on his switch to OT: http://www.ohio.com/blogs/ua-zips/university-of-akron-zips-blog-1.277207/zips-spring-football-lt-isaiah-williams-on-switching-sides-video-1.479292 QB Kyle Pohl on goals for spring: http://www.ohio.com/blogs/ua-zips/university-of-akron-zips-blog-1.277207/zips-spring-football-qb-kyle-pohl-on-team-offense-video-1.479289
  15. No significance to it. I worked extensive overtime in part of February and March. I took a few days off, went to see Billy Joel and relaxed. It seemed like the best time before racking up more time to do it, given that the Zips softball and baseball teams have improved and the spring promises to be interesting.
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