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  1. PCCC made staying on Kwan a priority. They never left him to double Big Dog, hsi man never played help defense and they always looked for him and found him in transition. It's the first time I've seen a team do that this year. In past years, you'd see Kwan get down on himself when he'd have a rough game, but it appears our young man has grown up this year. As such, I am confident he'll come back. I can't imagine Keith was looking to the tournament and Kwan's confidence in his late playcalling. Quite simply, Kwan's been our best clutch 3 point shooter this season. That doesn't come down to the previous twenty minutes he's played, it's season long. He got a good look and missed the shot. On to the next one.
  2. Thanks for the perspective. We all get caught up in our passion for the team. "Mama said there'd be days like this..."
  3. I don't have a huge problem with the Kwan shot at the end. It wasn't a bad look. I have a bigger problem with how they played the first 39.5 minutes of the game. On to the next one.
  4. Well........that was effing awful. PCCC did a great job at protecting the ball and making plays when they had to, while the Zips couldn't shoot to save their lives and played bad perimeter defense. That's Kwan's worst game in quite a while. I keep waiting for a leader to step forward on this team. Someone with a little fire that steps up in the clutch. Still......waiting.
  5. Okay, time to show we are a second half team again.
  6. Feeling a big night from Jimond. Big early crowd. Band us drowning out the Kent kids. I wasn't aware you could fit that many people in a 1977 Economize van.
  7. The Zips aren't a priority for Cleveland radio or GT.
  8. The word amongst the PCCC faithful is that they'd love to move him along but don't have the money to buy him out of the rest of his contract.
  9. I guess Senderoff tried to send a message Tuesday night by starting 3 sophomores and 2 freshman (putting Hall on the bench).
  10. The early free throw contests that break out when teams get into the bonus early are excitement killers. Here's a thought to combat the late game hacking to get back in the game- give the fouled team the choice to take the shots or inbound the ball.
  11. I'm hoping for the ass whoopin'/crowd noise Jimmy rattling combo.
  12. I really hope this is the game where we break one open. A full volume, packed house, crazy JAR in a rout would be a nice memory to stamp into Jimmy Hall's head.
  13. Jimmy Hall get the one T, getting chippy once he realizes his team's getting it's asses whooped.
  14. Portage County Community College comes to the JAR this Friday to renew the rivalry. The Flushes have had an up and down season and stand at 14-12 and a fresh off of a close win over Miami. Other than 1200 student seats, the JAR is sold out.
  15. Gentlemen, I hate to break this to you, but THE SKY IS FALLING.
  16. It seems to me that 1200 tickets for a disinterested student base is too many, especially after you've sold out to the general public. A promo last night completely took the fans out of a rally. In the midst of the Zips second half run, we had the tired old blindfolded dude floundering for Zippy shtick kill the fans enthusiasm. Someday, when I'm rich, you'll hear "timeout on the floor" and the scoreboard will read "this two minutes of nothingness and game enjoyment brought to you by the Clark W. Griswold Foundation."
  17. The positive trend on defense continued last night. Some lapses in the first half, but by and large a solid defensive outing. Zero minutes for Mike Hughes and Aaron Jackson last night. I expected Jackson's minutes to decrease but when KD said he was going deeper for stronger D, I thought we might see more of him. As for Hughes, he's either still hurting or getting back into shape, or has surprisingly fallen completely out of the rotation. Pogo Stick Poke keeps swatting them out of the sky!
  18. Whew. I guess Dog wasn't sick after all! LOL. His play made me sick for the first 25 minutes of play! Team showed a loto of heart tonight when they could have just let it get away. I'm afraid that at some point Dog's going to get pulled at the end of games.
  19. Anyone else get the impression Big Dog might be sick?
  20. Nice start to the second half-3 points in 5.5 minutes.
  21. Oh well, they're going to have to be a second half team again tonight.
  22. Awful first half. Dog has been exploited on the defensive end.
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