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  1. In honor of some of the footwear I've seen recently on the feet of Noah, Diji and some of the players, I think we are up for an "Ugly Shoes Night." No promotion will ever beat the St. Paul Saints "Larry Craig Bobblefoot NIght."
  2. Kwan will be fine. He is being a..................sophomore. That involves growing pains.
  3. I was going on the fact that the upper south stands emptied out at half when the kids were on the floor. Keep bringing those kids back!
  4. I don't mind the band until they delay the game. They may be the only thing that gives a stranger any clue that it is a UA home game, given the fans' lack of enthusiasm. The number of students last night was encouraging until you realized a significant portion of them were members of the other teams there for recognition for being on the Dean's List.
  5. Evans defends harder than anyone on the team. I like him just for his effort. Kwan seems to have lost all confidence and it is really showing. I think everyone in the JAR let out a collective gasp when Pat took the three.
  6. I looked him up during warmups and he is on his 3rd college team- Rhode Island, Indiana of Pennsylvania and now Can't State. The image of him at the end of the bench sitting next to the 5-9 guard was priceless.
  7. Well, for a 6-11 guy he's OK, but I don't think any of us would like a regular diet of Forsythe jumpers.
  8. Pat has a nice short to mid range jumper, but holy smokes does he miss a lot of shots in close! I;ve never seen so many shots ring out on a player. His foul shooting is making me a little crazy too, especially with Dambrot having him in late in games.
  9. Nice win. Probably the most entertaining home game this year. We HAVE to start making free throws. Also, we need to get Pat Forsythe out of the game on offense late. His foul shooting is a real liability. I've never seen a player miss more shots inside of 3 feet than Forsythe.
  10. I've always wished for more area kids. I think it would increase interest and put butts in the seats. In the final analysis though, nothing puts butts in the seats like winning. Hopefully, this class brings some wins.
  11. Kind of an ugly game, especially in the first half. Hard to tell Kwan was even in the building. 11 guys played more than 10 minutes. I love the depth, but in the long run we need to develop a couple of impact players. Classy gesture by Ball State in wearing the purple shirts in warmups. RIP Dan Peters.
  12. I checked his numbers early in the season and he was, well, being Nick Harney. Looked like he was up and down, taking nights off, etc. I just know my blood pressure while in the JAR has dropped significantly since his departure.
  13. Welcome back to the teeth grinding hair pulling foot stomping 2014-15 Zips.
  14. I hope that article is correct that he graduated.
  15. I wonder if between this and his lack of success whether old Geno has any regrets. I would hope that his contract with Bradley puts them on the hook for this. If not, it is another layer of bad lawyering on behalf of Geno. I hope this sends a message to programs about poaching other schools' coaching talent.
  16. What self respecting foam would want the memory of my... Oh, never mind.
  17. The announcements about the season GA passes, listing the same price as before the season started are a nice touch too. Some "Come to the Zips games" billboards would be a nice touch and get the turnstyles spinning!
  18. It's going to be one of those seasons. Our youth at key positions coupled with our reliance on the three are going to add up to a lot of inconsistency and some painful nights. Just when we'll be ready to throw up out hands, we'll get a gem. Welcome to the 2014-15 Zips.
  19. Those footsteps may be the footsteps of underclassmen who may be taking their minutes as they continue to fail to contribute.
  20. Akron just tweeted "Don't let the door hit you in the @$$."
  21. His kid is presently a UA football player.
  22. Jerome Lane was also an Akron kid, having played at St. V-M.
  23. If a renovation would cost $38 million what do you think a brand new arena would cost? I don't think he's that proud.
  24. I get the stats, but please oh please oh please don't let me see another 3 footer passed up for a pass for a three pointer!!!
  25. That little guard from Coppin really tormented him. I was very pleased to see Antino play well, and Malcolm Walters was a pleasant surprise.
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