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  1. Is there anyone that went to the game against the Riverhounds yesterday? Any updates?
  2. Didn't we have 15 turnovers against Clemson? I was really pleased to see us improve that so drastically yesterday.
  3. I got mine at the bookstore in the Union. Not sure if they still have them, as this was a few years ago.
  4. Did anyone attend the game @ the Riverhounds yesterday? Despite being local, I was not able to go. I saw the result, but was curious who scored the goals, how we looked, etc.
  5. I don't know if it is the same in European basketball, but I had a friend play professional soccer in Germany, and his league had about a month off starting around thanksgiving for a holiday break of sorts. Like I said, I'm not sure if they do the same in basketball, because I think another part of the reason they did it for soccer is because the weather is bad for the fields/players.
  6. Also, the Penguins have a home game tonight. So traffic will be a little heavier going coming from the west/north and heading past downtown towards Oakland.
  7. They have their own field: Ambrose Urbanic Field in the Petersen Sports Complex.
  8. Quincy Diggs is playing with the Texas Tech alumni. https://www.thetournament.com/teams/matadors-texas-tech-alumni
  9. In the second half lineup for the Riverhounds Brad Ruhaak is starting at outside back. He's listed as a trialist.
  10. Rumors popping up today of Mattocks to Portland. I guess some Jamaican radio station is reporting it. I'm waiting on one of the big American outlets to confirm it, but my fingers are crossed!
  11. Jesse Garcia-Aguilar has transferred to Oregon State. I was hoping he would help fill the Najem void. Hopefully one of these new guys is up to the task.
  12. I was at the game. They are renovating their soccer field so the field this game was played on used to be the intramural field. The lighting wasn't great. Couple funny things during the game: Girl sitting in front of me Fromm UAB basketball team said after UAB tied it at 1: "no way we win this one, Akron has been on offense for 90% of the game." Also, I overheard a girl talking about Fenlason saying: "Did you see LeBron gave him a shoutout on Twitter?"
  13. He is in California somewhere according to his twitter. He is participating in preseason. But I haven't seen anything that said which school he is playing for. His twitter bio still says UA.
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