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  1. Yes, I think Kent gets a very fortunate break by moving up a spot and getting to play NIU instead of Central.
  2. Yep As I said yesterday. This might not be the preferred matchup, but we do get the advantage of playing them on very short rest.
  3. It's getting out of reach now.
  4. Still a pretty similar margin half way through the 2nd half. Do we start loading the bus for Kalamazoo yet?
  5. When I go look at those projected seedings again, based on the outcome of that game, I see something that's pretty crazy for a final game. If CMU wins, they are #8 and get a home game against a bad BG team that's in an absolute tailspin right now. If they lose, they slip all the way to #11 and have to travel all the way to Kent for a road game. Wow. That's quite a big difference for the outcome on one game. We'll see if that motivates them. WMU's situation might even be nearly as important. They are playing for the chance to not have to play at all on Monday.
  6. White Smoke will come up out of the chimney to indicate that a Zips opponent has been chosen.
  7. My initial search was only pulling up a Northwood University branch school in Detroit.
  8. So, both teams are are packing up and traveling to DETROIT to play this game? How bizarre !!
  9. Thanks for that !! I was hoping to be able to have the possibilities clarified before Saturday. I'd rather play Miami vs. Western. I'd also rather play Miami vs. Western because of the shorter travel. But, I wonder if WMU's game being delayed would give us a little advantage to be able to play them on short rest? On a side note: Buffalo might have just laid down the "We Ain't Messin Around Anymore" gauntlet tonight. It will be interesting to see. I know several people here thought that they were lethargically coasting into the tournament.
  10. You're fine. I just get a kick out of the hilarious "limited tickets still available" announcement when we know now that there was roughly 1,200 left unsold. And certainly there was a lot more than that when the message was sent out earlier in the day. Yes, it was visually the largest crowd of the year too. And it should be. And the students actually made some noticeable noise for the first time this year. So, thanks to them. Maybe we'll get back to sellouts when the circumstances for both teams improve again.
  11. Dude. You're obsession with Tuna is becoming well-known folklore on Zips Nation.
  12. I hadn't seen that OU got their 7th win. So you're right. It can only be a 3 way tie for the last 3 spots. If you're right about the matchup being Miami or WMU, I'll take the shorter trip to Oxford.
  13. Oh boy. So, with NIU's win, there could be a 4 way tie for last place between Akron, NIU, Ohio, and Central. So, how would that shake out? I know we win 2 of those tiebreakers, but what the heck is the tiebreaker for a 4-way tie? I know. This is crazy. I just wish I could make an understandable scenario to see where we play on Monday.
  14. Maybe it's time to start a Kent Thug HOF ? I'm putting Singletary at the MVP spot.
  15. You know I waited (and commented) all year, waiting for this guy to become another true contributor. That isn't going to make me change my "most improved player" award. Because in his case, I expected him to be where he is now. It just took too long.
  16. So, there is really no chance of a Kent/Akron game? A long bus trip to Kalamazoo is certainly the least desired scenario, travel wise. We'd be leaving on Sunday, have to travel back if we pull the upset, then play again in Cleveland a couple days later. As a side note, I'm sure you guys all heard what happened up there today, and why this CMU/WMU game is "postponed"? I guess it's time to add even more drama to this season.
  17. Sorry man. I mistakenly listed Central at the #12, and it's Northern. I fixed it.
  18. If this helps anything, we are now guaranteed the #11 spot. Even if NOrthern wins tomorrow, we own the tiebreaker. So, who wants to do the math for us and tell us what it takes for Kent to be in the #6 spot? Lets get in a third Akron/Kent rivalry war to add a little excitement before this season is over.
  19. Saturday's Game? Did he really say that too?
  20. I'm not trying to be mean, and I don't actually know at this minute where ticket sales stand for tonight. But, please tell me you aren't falling for the oldest ticket-selling advertisement in the book (limited tickets still available).
  21. I've actually grown from thinking how pathetic some of the behavior is (even making fun of his name), to being incredibly entertained by it.
  22. No, I'm telling you that coaches don't give a damn about the 1-5 numbers as much as fans think that they do.
  23. If the measure of "improved" is someone who looked like they might not do much of anything, and then suddenly started being able to produce double-digit efforts, and even carried your team in a victory in that very same season..........then I think you definitely have to give it to Cotton.
  24. I concur on all points. It even goes beyond that. You'll even see 3 or as many as 4 guards on the floor sometimes. After seeing a "3" playing post for us so often this year, I don't know why some people continue to get hung up on plugging guys into each of the traditional 1-5 spots. Not in the MAC. Coaches are going to put the guys on the floor who they think can win basketball games.
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