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  1. Didn’t realize the game was three days ago...
  2. On the topic of venting, I’d like to see the corner boards mirror each other diagonally rather than having them the same at each end zone. For those of us that sit in the end zone, we can see team stats or individual stats, but never both at the same time.
  3. For the past several years Northern Illinois was our Kryptonite. This year we beat them by 15. Go figure... Nice win.
  4. I remember the Leaper. Our school had one in the 80's. Hated it...but it worked.
  5. So even when we win, we have to be negative. Give it a rest already!
  6. Announcer, referring to Akron:. "With all these transfers, it's like their own Division 1 team."
  7. Which is more damaging to a team's chances of making the tournament: a loss to Akron or a win over Coppin State?
  8. Dayton has the benefit of being consistently relevant, at least recently. Season ending RPI the last three years is 42-32-21. Taking average RPI over those three years, they rank 21st out of all D1 schools (avg = 31.7).
  9. I had heard that they had 8 mid-majors and 8 majors initially signed up. One of the majors dropped out and the rest followed 1-by-1, until only 8 mid-majors were left. I heard it on the radio (Cincy station?) so I can't quote a source.
  10. A couple of teams getting looks this year that aren't necessarily consistently in the top but are moving in the right direction: South Dakota State (141-93-31) And I believe I heard the announcer say their leading scorer was a freshman Yale (148-63-44) And for what it's worth... Dayton (42-32-21) George Washington (29-83-65)
  11. With all the talk about beating Top 50 RPI schools, I wanted to see what the recent RPI history has been for the schools being suggested here as desirable opponents... Team (2014 RPI - 2015 RPI - 2016 RPI) (Average RPI last 3 years) Northwestern (123-124-111) (119) Hofstra (279-173-56) (169) Columbia (130-198-130) (153) Georgetown (66-25-105) (65) Boston College (201-161-302) (204) Team (2014 RPI - 2015 RPI - 2016 RPI) (Average RPI last 3 years) Murray State (144-64-170) (126) Morehead St. (139-204-128) (157) Austin Peay (305-319-188) (271) Team (2014 RPI - 2015 RPI - 2016 RPI) (Average RPI last 3 years) Houston (143-239-85) (156) Cincinnati (20-41-45) (35) Xavier (47-30-7) (28) Rice (303-247-279) (276) Northern Kentucky (310-265-296) (290)
  12. Review the season-ending RPI rankings for the last 10 years. Generate a list of which teams finished in the Top 50 the most times and rank them from most to least. You can weight more recent years more heavily if desired. Start a the top of the list, eliminating teams like Duke or Kansas that don't make sense for us to play too often, and schedule as many of those teams as you can. I didn't go through the exercise, but I'm sure those who do this for a living could and come up with a schedule that gives us a good number of opportunities to get Top 50 wins without being too ridiculous. Alternatively, just don't bring back Coppin State.
  13. You really should. And should stop posting during games as well.
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